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  1. Another excellent question.
  2. I travel solo and tend to be a hermit anyway, so I don't think it would make much difference to me.
  3. I would jump on that itinerary, since I have been wishing for a Grand Med, if only it were HAL.
  4. What happens when an FCC is applied to a booking, but the passenger cancels the booking for whatever reason?
  5. I actually inquired BEFORE the cruise, in case I had to cancel for some reason. USAA told me that a refund check would be issued for the credit balance. A friend had the same answer from AMEX.
  6. I don't have a check in hand yet, but I had an email asking if I wanted a check or FCC. I asked for check.
  7. I booked an inside on the 2020GWV because it was all I could afford as a solo. I had worried because I am slightly claustrophobic; however, since I was on the lower promenade and could always find a door from which to look outside, it was not as much of a problem as I had anticipated. I have to admit, though, once I started reading about passengers quarantined in inside cabins, I definitely had the heebeejeebies. Bottom line for me, my Future Cruise request for 2022 is a D or C on lower promenade.
  8. Re: Latest luggage letter: I packed in such a hurry that I threw things into my duffels with no rhyme or reason. How should I know how many of what is in there??? Furthermore, I emptied a safe of cash and jewelry for a friend who was caught on the overland excursion and flown directly to the USA almost a week earlier. I don't know exactly what was in there either because I just stuck her stuff in a duffle; I did not inventory it. And speaking of those folks, someone else has packed and boxed their belongings, including the almost two months of gifts left in their cabins, so how can they give an accurate inventory. I have not been upset about luggage until now. This requirement, I think, is the last straw.
  9. My ideal itinerary would include the west coast of South America, southern Australia, and AFRICA, all areas we missed in 2020.
  10. I wish we knew the "proposed" itinerary for GWV 2022, so that I would at least have something to daydream about.
  11. My kids have suggested having me microchipped so they would always know where I am.
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