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  1. I am getting ready to dispute my charge for Princess. I know there was information that says refunds would be 30 days. I have the one that says 60 days and I am past that. Can someone upload the document that Princess says which originally said 30 days? I appreciate it.
  2. This is correct. I cancelled shore excursions in April and they have not been refunded.
  3. Not fair since I don't think cruises will sail this year.
  4. I feel sorry for the travel agents on this.
  5. My agent is one of Princess's top agents. She indicated the only clients who are getting refunds are those who contested it with their credit cards. She has not seen any refunds come through from Princess. This says a lot. She is constantly in contact with Princess inquiring about her clients and is not getting any answers. She is as frustrated as we are.
  6. My travel agent who easily sells millions with Princess is not seeing any refunds either. She is probably a better indicator than CC and it is not happening yet. Even Princess just posted that they "just started the process of refunds 2 days ago". This speaks volumes.
  7. I miss those ships. I hope they start sailing soon.
  8. I am hoping for a Christmas Markets cruise at the end of the year but haven't booked anything yet. Hopeful.
  9. @MartiniBarhooked Viking has had a very strict policy regarding their deposit and final payment schedule. My TA hates working with them verses other river cruise companies.
  10. We see it for our British Isles cruise. Thanks Princess! Saved $800 today.
  11. We go to Sabatini's instead. We stay away from the beef on Princess because it is not great. I don't think that is extreme - why waste calories on it if we are not going to enjoy it. Their Italian food can be pretty good.
  12. Yes - we got to Sabatini's.
  13. I am in the camp that Crown Grill is not worth the $29 even with the BOGO free coupon. The quality has gone down so bad lately that we no longer attend. When we sail in Suites, we don't use our free night to go there.
  14. I like the Sea Princess better because it has the pizzeria. Sun has Share. Both great ships.
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