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  1. Just off the Apex on Feb 10th. On embarkation, we had a card in our rooms with a 'suggested dining room' and time. Seems most people got the same dining room and time as it was mass chaos on the first night. Lots of frustrated people not understand why there was a huge line and extremely long wait given that we had arrived at our appointed time. Staff didn't handle confusion and chaos well. After the first night, we sampled each of the dining rooms at whatever time we wanted and didn't have to wait more than a few minutes. If one dining room told us the wait was an hour, we simply went across to another dining room. Agree with others here that Celebrity needs to correctly communicate this unusual dining experience. It would save a lot of frustration for both guests and staff!
  2. Both. D+ on RCCL using reciprocal Elite benefits.
  3. Wish they would stop calling this "Coffee House Style" -- as an X newbie, I was shamed by the CC Host when I tried to stop in for just coffee. I was told it's only full breakfast service -- and she was NOT kind about it. I've never been to a coffee house where you couldn't order just coffee. It's put me off even wanting to try Elite breakfast on a different ship with a different host. (Constellation in the Med last summer)
  4. Not sure why this is posted? This simply illustrates again the point of this entire thread and others like it...
  5. I received my phone call from the Executive Office late last week. "Selected itineraries for selected dates on selected ships will have a limited number of single supplements available." The list of sailings is not available and will not be provided. He rattled off the list of ships -- not surprising, no newer ships. A mock inquiry of "ABC Islands in Q1 2025" shows no single availability; closest is three sailings to ABC Islands all in Nov 2024, all leaving within a three day time span. It's your bad luck if that week doesn't work with your schedule. Was told that the 2025 "single supplements" were focused on Asia and New Zealand. When I ask who determined that solo travelers wanted to travel to Asia and NZ in 2025, the answer was "Revenue Manager." He tried desperately to redirect by telling me that the 'butler issue' and the 'wine issue' were being resolved. As a shareholder, I seriously hope that someone at RCI has their eye on all these changes-then immediate rollbacks that are happening inside the Celebrity brand. Management is clearly not doing their homework. Maybe I just haven't seen it yet, but I'm surprised that no one is talking class action yet regarding unfair pricing practices. Lots of choices when it comes to cruising, and like others here, I will vote with my travel dollars.
  6. Thank you! HAL newbie here -- didn't see that as an option while on board. Will def use this for my next cruise.
  7. Was on the Dec 5th Konigsdam sailing and a new bar menu had just been rolled out. Very few drinks/wine at or under $11. B2B cruisers were saying that their drinks had gone up $1-2 for this sailing. No comprehensive drink list so that you could see what your favorite spirit would cost before ordering. Although policy is that you only pay difference, on four different occasions I had to go to Guest Services because I was charged full price and not incremental cost. Others in my party had the same experience. Guest Services line was usually crazy long -- suspect many were having this issue. Watch your online statement closely if you have HIA package. The servers bring a receipt with the full drink price and there was no way to tell when signing if they had put it through correctly against the package.
  8. posh crew: Did X provide any shuttles or transportation into Venice on Day 2? My August sailing is only showing Ravenna shore excursions. Understand that it's 2+ hours each way and would make for a long day, but would love to get to Venice without relying on public transportation.
  9. On QOS in May 2022, light fleece blankets were available for check out at the towel station. Same process -- check out as many as you want against your Sea Pass, return before end of cruise.
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