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  1. I think you have to call, which is what I did to make the purchase. I was just curious to see if it did appear on my account. Being told my cruise today had already sailed certainly gave me pause!
  2. As usual, wide awake in my hotel room, so thought I’d check the HAL website to see if a perk I bought yesterday morning had shown up. System first said I had no booking, then when I typed in the booking number it said that cruise had already sailed! Particularly amusing since no one is going anywhere on the Koningsdam til 2pm. Going to be some very long lines!
  3. For the first time I just bought my thermal suite pass online. Sailing on the Koningsdam this Sunday. A ten day single pass was $199. Will let you know if I find out this is the better way to do it. Many years ago I bought my pass by calling HAL. When I got onboard, I was given a discounted price. So usually I wait to sail before purchasing. Every bit of savings helps, eh? Especially for a solo passenger.
  4. Thank you everyone. My second time doing this route. This time I get to introduce two dear friends to Bonaire. They recently became certified divers so, weather permitting, they are in for a great day. As for me, I am looking forward to four days at sea (counting HMC, cause I don’t bother with those tenders...).
  5. Thank you so much chengkp75. I have heard of shared circuits, but now I know my tool would not be regarded as too powerful.
  6. Thanks! I thought I remembered something about wattage limitations. After years of trying, I finally found a hair tool that works for me. Would hate to have it wind up in the naughty room...
  7. Somewhere I know there is info about wattage/power allowed for curling irons and other hair tools, but have misplaced the link. Would someone please point me in the right direction? First time on the Koningsdam getting close! Sailing February 2. Doing my best to go with an open mind, but am very sure I will miss my late night walks on the Promenade Deck!
  8. Thanks for the thorough review! Going on the Koningsdam this February, and will think twice if offered Club Orange. Hoping ship movement was not typical!
  9. What is meant by the “exclusive spa treatments”? “These ocean-view staterooms offer spa amenities such as yoga mats and exclusive spa treatments from the nearby Greenhouse Spa and Salon.”
  10. My flight out of FLL is at 12:50, so hoping I can once again use the service. And I agree that the money is well-spent. I use it every year, but usually for a much later flight.
  11. I have forgotten the allowed times for using Luggage Direct so that I don’t have to struggle with bags and customs when I arrive back in Ft Lauderdale. So nice to put out backs the night before and forget ‘em! Is a flight that leaves at 12:50pm too early? I can’t find my receipt from last year, giving the rules. This is the first time I have ever had the option of an early afternoon flight. Thanks for any help you can give.
  12. I will be on the 10 day Southern C. Cruise. Koningsdam Feb. 2-12, 2020 Returning to Hal after a couple of years, and was so delighted to see you have kept this listing going. Many thanks! Mary
  13. I don’t have good air connections out of Dayton OH and will start looking for flights in September. Think I should buy earlier? Superbowl changes everything.
  14. Happy to report that The Riverside had rooms available today. $40 more than I usually pay at the Hilton Marina, but no price gouging going on. thank you all for the information!
  15. I love the Riverside, but could not get thru on the website. One room in the Hilton Beach at $560!!
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