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  1. We booked through our credit card agent and are supposed to get a voucher which, like a gift card, can be used any time, in any amounts, no expiry date and can even be given to our children. (or anyone else!). We were told it would take 6 weeks, but I think it is more than that. If we don't get it by the end of August, I will again contact the credit card agent.
  2. Yes, Lindsay Hamilton. I couldn't remember her first name. The first time we saw her she was pregnant with her first child. The second time she had older kids!
  3. Does anyone remember Pearl Kaufman? A pianist who played background music for the movies. Her playing was fabulous and her stories even better!
  4. The next time I cruise I am definitely going to appreciate "normal" life.
  5. We are allowed max 2 people in our elevators and there is a sign reminding people to respect others who wish to be alone (or with spouse only). Everyone wears a mask indoors, but I find the problem is social distancing. People come too close. I feel like I have become antisocial since I began to go grocery shopping, etc, but all I want is for people to keep away. That wouldn't work too well on a cruise!!!
  6. We have b2b Jan and Feb. If a mask in necessary, that means that all is not well, in which case we will not sail. Very disappointing as we look forward to our winter escape. But many people with condos in Florida won't be going either. It will be a long winter.
  7. Sorry to read you were disappointed with Ashley Amber. We first saw her as a member of the cast. Then we saw the Whitney show on two different cruises. I think she has a beautiful voice and a lot of potential. I am glad to hear she is starting to do her own thing. Hopefully, it will improve with experience.
  8. Thank you. I got side-tracked with the US Constitution and the state laws!
  9. I don't know much about state laws. Where I live in Canada, wearing a mask in indoor public places is now a law.
  10. According to your definition, it is no more a matter of liberty than being told to wear a seat belt or a uniform. Responsible people do what is necessary.
  11. We get that here too, but not as much. I don't get it. What does wearing a mask have to do with liberty? What about seat belts? What about drinking and driving? What about uniforms? Some people like to be contrarians. That's about it. And they are selfish and don't care about others.
  12. I think the Mayo Clinic is a very reliable source.
  13. No offense, but this is nonsense. The only reason people from the US are banned is because others are trying to protect themselves from getting a new surge of Coronavirus. Why would anyone want to vacation in another country right now? Why would anyone want to get on a plane unless it is for something VERY Important? As long as there are people who refuse to be careful and refuse to wear a mask, we will all have to suffer.
  14. What do you have against Park West? Did they rip you off? Over the years I have received a whole bunch of free prints from them. No idea what I ever did with them! Thanks to Park West, you can get free bubbly, Lots of mail at your cabin in case you need recognition! Oh, look, we got mail! Kidding aside, the best thing about Park West is they have an intro video of the history of art, which is worth watching. They don't bother me. I can never guess the price of their contest article. ( Neither can I guess the weight of the Tanzanite
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