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  1. NCL Star's summer itineraries between May and September are listed now without any gap. -May 03, 17: 14 nights British Isles -May 31, June 28, Jul 12 & 26, Aug 09, 2020: 14 nights to Iceland and North Sea (GB and/or Norway) -June 14: 14 nights to Norway/North Cape -Aug 23, Sep 04 & 16: 12 nights British Isles All cruises are starting from Southampton. Hopefully the Jade itineraries will be released soon.
  2. What? Where did you read that?! I didn't see any announcement like that...
  3. No, not really yet, the two NCL Jade itineraries to the Baltic and British Isles in May/June 2020 were the last ones that have been uploaded, and there's no itineraries for NCL Star right now. ANd those ships you can even book for winter 2020/21?! I also don't know what the hell NCL is doing... 😕
  4. I've seen that as well, on loyaltoyoualways.com/deployment, the Canada/Ne sailings on Vision are removed either. But since Vision's TA is ending in Bayonne in fall 2020, she seems to do Canada/NE in fall 2020, but there might be itinerary changes - for whatever reason...
  5. You have a source for that? and which one sails from Amsterdam? Vision?
  6. So do you have a rough overview which ships are deployed at Bermuda, Canada/NE and Northeast between spring and fall 2020? Does Adventure do the itineraries between Cape Liberty and Québec, or will she do the 9 night round trips from Cape Liberty, that Anthem does in 2019 again? How about the Oasis rumor? Which ship will sail from Boston? Are there any cruises between Québec City and Cape Liberty? Thank you. 🙂
  7. Can you please tell on which site you have seen this? If Brilliance switches to Copenhagen I am sure Jewel will sail out of Amsterdam.
  8. On Koningsdam there was a small buffet with Fingerfood in the Billboard Lounge, l believe. Does Nieuw Statendam feature it as well in one of the lounges? I know the layout is slightly different regarding the bars.
  9. Thanks for the great trip report! you take a lot of photos that are amazing. We are considering her for next year. Will you also have some dinners in main dining room? That’s what is interesting for me, I don’t care at all about those upcharge eateries...
  10. Okay, this deployment is not interesting at all for me. Next week is going to be more interesting with "Caribbean Phase 1", Canada/New England and Bermuda. Most interesting will be in two weeks with Europe. 🙂
  11. Found that in a Royal Caribbean Facebook group. Could be a very clear hint on Quantum 5 sailing from Fort Lauderdale.
  12. Could well be, yes. But I am wondering that no cruises after September 2020 are available on her. I actually thought she would still make her way to Australia/Asia via Hawaii and Transpacific. Apparently not, but I cannot imagine she sails empty overthere...
  13. She's going on a Hawaii cruise after her final Alaska sailing in September 2020 - so I think she is really likely to be deployed in Australia in 2020/2021. Maybe Radiance is taking over her initially planned itineraires in 2020/2021 - she does not return to Hawaii in Sep. 2020 and seems to be deployed elsewhere - I think in American waters somewhere...
  14. According to some cruise call lists in the Med, Jewel is likely to come to Mediterranean in fall 2020 as well. I'd reckon Jewel otS will do the Holy Land cruises again, when she comes to Med in September 2020 or so.
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