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  1. Thanks that is the advice I needed! I will look into Florence for a couple of nights, Pisa for a night prior to flight. Wed Florence Thu Florence Fri leave in the afternoon for Pisa Sat catch an early flight from Pisa, Milan departures I will look into as well Many thanks!
  2. Hi - This is what we are thinking.... Wed - cruise ends in Genoa, spend 1 night Thu - train to Pisa 2 nights Fri - train to Florence for day trip returning to Pisa sat - flight home departs at 10am from Pisa this seemed like the most efficient... but open to advice. thanks!
  3. Thanks for your responses. I hadn’t even realized there was a similar situation for Houston passengers. I would have thought the logistics would be handled better in PR if the cruise line had just gone through a similar situation in Houston. I guess if customers continue to book, the results will be the same. We will be canceling our February cruise with RCCL. Wishing all safe travels.
  4. i have been following the handling of the PR cruises. Seems the cruise line is playing a game of chicken with passengers. If you cancel now you get this if you wait you may get that, but the house holds all the cards. If passenger claims insurance for questionable upcoming cruises does rccl keep the funds paid and let the insurance companies payout? If you were to purchase cruise insurance now for an upcoming cruise - would you be covered, as PR is no longer a viable destination? We do not have cruise booked until Feb, but considering canceling in favor of another line with different ports. The situation being created by RCCL seems to be greedy and putting current passengers in a position of traveling to a destination that is not ready to adequately receive them. If booked without insurance - having no recourse must be even more frustrating. I am not sure the revenue really outweighs the line’s reputation to provide a great experience. I understand the risks of sailing this time of year, as do the cruise lines. If the current handling is the contingency plan, I am not sure the passengers are even given thought.
  5. We are on the same cruise and also booked with Havana Jouneys! See you on the ship and probably meeting at the same statue :D
  6. Reserved a 5 night sailing with a stop in Havana. Any tips on Havana - stick with ship excursions or go with independent tour? Any tips on the ship? Booked FWD deck 8 ov - hoping made the right choice. Thanks in advance!
  7. I had the premium booked for an upcoming December cruise, but found the latest pricing promo for the deluxe was slightly less expensive. Might be worth taking a look at.
  8. I was pleasantly surprised to see the $$$ available. Only the $$$ from RC, not the TA OBC. Purchase the multi night dining package to take advantage of the discount. Nice feature to be able to utilize the credits in advance since everything is prepurchase driven. Hope they keep it going.
  9. Interesting post. We have done both with and without. Without on cruise knowing we would be spending less time on the ship, and did not regret it. Sailing on oasis in December the ultimate was offered at $808 for 2, some quick math put our possible bill @ $900. Not a huge savings, and will probably be closer to break even in the end. We will go into Cozumel, but rest of the time is on the ship. We considered it all inclusive expense. Received a much lower than anticipated cabin rate with gratuities and some obc included that will cover Several speciality meals and spa treatments. All in for a ov balcony $2500 was within reason, heck just about the cost of our usual Disney cruises without the extras.
  10. Went ahead and booked the ultimate. Sailing on the Oasis in December and had planned on not really doing much at the ports.
  11. Saw this offer on cruise personalizer, should we jump on it? We had been thinking about adding drink package, but usually wait till boarding. 7 nights, $200 savings for 2.
  12. I felt the same way as you about winter clothes. Dress in layers, and pack a bathing suit we had a warm day and hit the pool/hot tub. It is an amazing vacation.
  13. Reading these posts makes me want to go again. We too are from Florida. We went the SB route on the Coral. We went early June 2015, and had amazing weather. We spent a couple of nights in Anchorage pre-cruise and really enjoyed our time there. We took the train to the Whittier port (this was a nice ride). Do all of your research 1st. Decide what you really want to see and do. These boards were a great source for me.
  14. Chaperonemom please send address. Atlanta.david@gmail.com
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