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  1. We did a couple of walking tours last November with a company called Paris city vision. Small group and the guide was funny and knowledgeable. If you have time one evening check out the Dark Side of Paris tour they do, if you don't mind that they talk about some of the more gruesome aspects of the city's history. We enjoyed hearing the stories related to some of the famous buildings and neighborhoods. https://www.pariscityvision.com/en/activities
  2. Just off Breeze and had the the Cheers program. My wife bought a fishbowl in the Red Frog Pub and was charged separately on S&S. I bought a pitcher of margaritas from a poolside waiter for a friend and was charged on S&S.
  3. I have carts reserved with Omar in a couple of weeks. I contacted him at morrisomar23@gmail.com and he responded in a day and also provided a phone number 1-649-346-2450. If you can't get a response with these, maybe try a DM on IG: @grandturkadventures
  4. I reserved through the website on about 8/4. I received confirmation for the Teppanyaki early last week. Just received email confirming the steakhouse yesterday. This is simply a guess on my part but it seems that they changed the front end user interface for making reservations, but the back end is still requiring manual input from the restaurant manager or team. I wonder why they didn't simply automate the entire process?
  5. The Loft 19 area is exclusive to the Mardi Gras, a new Excel class ship under construction. The Horizon does not have this area.
  6. In Barcelona their is a duty free liquor and beer store between the check in area and the boarding area so you can stock up there and carry it right on. I carried on alcohol on the Horizon in Barcelona, Dubrovnik, and Naples, no hassle, I placed 2 six packs on the x-ray scanner while re boarding in Dubrovnik and no one batted an eye.
  7. I have used both Blackboard and Canvas successfully onboard in the last few years. I would be sure to have her download and save a local copy of any spreadsheets, media, or other documents that she needs in advance just in case. That way in the worst case she can complete her assignments and and connect long enough to upload them. My experience with this is on Horizon and Vista and I had a solid connection the entire cruise both times, but of course they are newer ships. If she is able, I strongly encourage her to work ahead and leave plenty of time to account for tech glitches and periods of low/no connectivity. If the materials are available (some instructors give you access to only the coming week's assignments), I usually sacrifice a few sleepless nights prior to my trips to work ahead so I can enjoy the trip, but have done a lot of work in airports and hotels as well. I would be a little concerned about math courses only because in my experience many of them require timed testing or video proctoring which would be difficult to achieve at sea or in port. If these are not concerns, then it is solely dependent on the ship, and the timing of your port stops. Good luck!
  8. It looks like Carnival Breeze will switch to match local time in Bermuda for my cruise in September. According to the Port schedule, the times in port (in local time) match exactly the times posted on Carnival's booking page.http://www.marineandports.bm/Documents/Shipping_schedules/YR 2019 Cruise Ship Schedule pdf.pdf
  9. Yes this is the inaugural sailing, but some people consider the first cruise from the new home port of Port Canaveral to be the "inaugural" and so a thread of that title was already created for that sailing which caused a little confusion. By just using the date and itinerary I hoped to alleviate any confusion that might happen by having similar thread titles to the other sailing's roll call.
  10. Come check out the roll call we have for this cruise. It's going to be a fun trip! https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2629536-mardi-gras-europe-9-day-august-31-2020/
  11. Those look cool. There are a lot of really neat looking cabin choices that are different from the norm on this ship. Will be interesting to see how it all comes together.
  12. Hey Awesome! Hope you were able to get that limoncello back to the States without breaking!
  13. We booked in the Havana as well. We are a bit nervous about the layout after having been on the Vista and Horizon and have been spoiled by the Havana on those ships. Hopefully as more information comes out I'll see some things that eases the worry of that large pool area and two hot tubs being reduced to a single pool/hot tub. Either way we are super excited about the new ship and itinerary.
  14. Probably direct to Copenhagen for us, but it depends on award availability. Since the ship leaves on Monday we will need to get lucky to find a late Friday flight so we can have the weekend in Copenhagen. Since we are arriving in Southampton on a Wednesday we are looking forward to extending our trip for a few days before we have to come back to reality on the following Monday. Maybe up to Scotland or over to Ireland for a few days before heading home. Of course if the schedules line up right we might stick around England and try to catch a football match at Old Trafford (Manchester).
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