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  1. Oh no. I'm booked on the reposition from Hong Kong on the 5th October. Might hold off booking flights for now
  2. Thanks for the reply, I got to the point when it was asking for card details so didn't go any further. I guess booking with an Aussie online travel agent might be an option.
  3. Hi I am looking at booking a cruise for the end of 2020, Hong Kong to Sydney. Looking on the Australian Royal website I can get a Balcony cabin cheaper than an internal on the UK site. Am I likely to experience any problems if I book on the Aussie website? I would guess I could just link the booking reference to my C&A account. The other thing I noticed was that the dining option is called E Sea dining, has anyone come across this? It says you select 1st or 2nd dining and are then seated on a first come first served basis, which doesn't really make sense . Is this just for the Australian Market or something they are spreading across the fleet? Thank you for your help. Regards
  4. Hi I did this cruise a few weeks ago. The train station is just over a mile away, really easy to find. The trains run regularly and it takes about 25mins to the furthest village, stopping at the other 4 on the way. We did a boat trip to monterosso so we could see the villages from the sea. it took about 2 hours and then got the train back (4 euros)
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