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  1. I wonder if the date for the Star is a typo. 29-Nov-21
  2. Thanks for your explanation, but Hellesylt is listed in the morning. Maybe a typo .
  3. Just booked a cruise to Norway and Iceland and noticed that we are scheduled to visit two ports in one day. How does that work? It says that we will be in one port for one hour.
  4. Can you please elaborate, if possible, on how you were able to upgrade the drink package for only one person in the cabin?
  5. Thanks Bea for posting. Is it just me or are the prices higher in the YC than outside the YC. For example, Hendricks is more expensive in the YC. Also are you able to purchase/try the premium plus package for one day before purchasing for the entire cruise. I think that someone suggested that approach in an earlier post.
  6. The worst part about this is that the majority of guests don’t know about this change. Imagine booking a cruise two months ago when Grey Goose (a relatively cheap vodka) was included. Now board the ship to find out that you have to $6 extra dollars per drink. I wonder if those who actually paid for the UBP, can argue that they purchased a package that included XYZ, and that now they are only getting X. NCL pricing is ridiculous. I cannot believe that they dare to charge $27.95 for a glass of wine.
  7. NCL has ruined a great product. They are only able to market the Haven at those prices because of the biding process.
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