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  1. Just looking at our cruise for January 2021 and there are no dining packages showing. Strangely there are first night discounts showing for Murano and Tuscan ( Equinox) but nothing else. I have always been able to book a package early on using our OBC and first night discounts usually show just before sailing. Does anyone know if packages are being discontinued? I really hope not.
  2. We have done this many times. Firstly be prepared for the long immigration queues at Miami. In January we celebrated only queuing for 55 minutes but sometimes it has been over two hours. We always book Larrys Limos to take us to Fort Lauderdale. It's easy to book either on their website or simply just send them an email. We paid $90 last time and to have a driver waiting for you when you finally exit the airport after the long flight is worth it believe me. I know you can take shuttle services but you have to drop off at other hotels and often there is a wait before you leave the airport. Some people recommend using Uber but of course UK mobiles are very expensive to use in the US. We like to stay in Fort Lauderdale preferably not too far from the port. There are loads of hotels to choose from depending on how much you want to pay but some are quite expensive. Bear in mind it will be early evening when you check in and you'll be tired anyway. The trip takes around an hour. Next morning the hotel will get you a taxi to the port.
  3. Safari on my iPad is now working fine and I didn't clear my history or anything else.
  4. I agree there are some huge price rises at the minute. I also wonder what will happen to future pricing when the Company counts the cost of all the cruises cancelled because of Coronavirus ?
  5. Make sure you take your invoice with you. We had a problem on our last cruise when our classic package was not showing on our sea pass card. We had to go to guest relations and show them the invoice and it took a while to sort out as they had to call the head office. Initially they had no record either but it was eventually honoured because I had the invoice to prove it. Not the best start to a cruise but it was quickly forgotten after a couple of drinks!
  6. As we're off on Reflection next week , I thought I would price up a couple of Caribbean cruises for January 2022 ( I already have 2021 booked ! ) as we usually book onboard for the extra OBC. The Celebrity UK website only offers the 'lowest rate ' and alongside is a rate including $200 OBC. No sign of any drinks packages on offer. The lowest rates are crazy prices and the extra OBC would cost £300 more ! Now I'm no mathematician but the current pound to dollar rate here is around $1.29 to £1 so why would anyone want to buy at that price ? When I moved to the payment page just to see what else might be on offer I got the 'NO RISK DEPOSIT ' banner, except that applies until 8th Jan 2020, a whole four days away ! I gave up on the website then. I somehow think we'll be looking elsewhere.
  7. Yes you can bring your own hairdryer if you wish. I find the ones supplied in the cabin aren't very powerful and pretty useless for my long, thick hair. You cannot bring irons onboard. Hair straighteners are also allowed.
  8. I bring my dyson hairdryer. It will not work on the US voltage but there is a European socket so bring a European adapter and all will be fine !
  9. So funny and so true ! Not so long ago they said you couldn't have cans of soda on the classic package even though they cost around $4-$5. We never had a problem getting cans as I think the bartenders ignored this. I hope it's still the case now.
  10. Thank you. The new pricing structure and the extra $14 a day is certainly making us think whether the 'perk ' of a drinks package will be worth having in future. I remember seeing one particular family at the elite evening drinks event last cruise. Every night they left the event holding two glasses of wine each. I know they request you don't take drinks out but there is nobody to say otherwise after the event finishes. I think we may be joining them soon !
  11. I see from Celebrity website that complimentary coffees, latte. Espresso etc are listed as a perk at elite plus level. Does this mean I can get these from Cafe Baccio ? We have always had a drinks package since reaching this level and haven't had reason to use this but given the new price structures we might consider forgoing the drinks package in future.
  12. I received this email yesterday. Very disappointed with the pricing. We usually do a Caribbean cruise every January but the 2022 prices are very high with no perks attached. Basically the same price, same ship ( Equinox ) as our 2021 booking where we got drinks package,gratuities & $500 OBC. Not impressed at all !
  13. Well at least I know that I'm not alone in feeling that prices are a rip off ! Having worked in sales and marketing for many years I know that it is much harder and more expensive in advertising etc to attract new customers and all the companies I have worked with have recognised that keeping existing customers is essential . They form a vital core of your customer base with new customers being a welcome addition. The current strategy seems to be alienating some existing customers and in my view is very risky. It might work short term but long term is another matter.
  14. Apart from cruises out of Southampton there will not be a kettle in your cabin but you can always ask your room steward when he/she introduces themself at the start of the cruise. Works for us ! One thing I would suggest is bringing your own tea bags. I don't like the cheap ones that Celebrity use in the Ocean View cafe. We usually collect a mug of milk from there and pop it in the cooler. I know you can get tea via room service but it is usually not very hot.
  15. Today I received an email from Celebrity announcing their new ( to the UK ) pricing structure. It's now called 'Sail', Sail Plus ( includes 2 perks ) and Sail All Included (includes 4 perks ). We have a fully paid up cruise for Jan 2020 and a reservation made onboard in January this year for January 2021 being 12 nights on the Equinox in the Caribbean. I thought I would look to see what the prices were now. We currently have a balcony cabin priced at £1858 pp including drinks package, gratuities and $500 OBC between us. The new 'better' pricing structure is priced at £2619 pp, same level of cabin, including drinks and grats but not OBC. The drinks package includes £10 pp per day extra charge. Even without any perks the starting price was just over £2100 ! Now we do love Celebrity and have taken many cruises ( elite plus level now ) but this is just going too far and 2021 may well be our last one with Celebrity. Are these levels of price increases happening across the pond or are we just unlucky here in the UK ?
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