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  1. When we were there last August, we were docked starboard.
  2. I vacation in Aruba every year and have never done these tours, but I have done the kukoo kunuku wine tour, and it was a blast. This is a party bus, so if you're looking for something a little more sedate, this probably won't be for you. The natural bridge fell down years ago. Some tours still stop there. I haven't been there in a couple of years, but there was a snack bar there and a pay bathroom, so tour buses probably still stop there. There is a baby bridge and a place called 3 bridges on the island that are pretty cool. We've toured Aruba many times with Bully. I've mentioned him a lot on this board. He gives excellent private tours. His email is bullytaxi79@hotmail.com. His response will come under the name Amador Lacle, and often goes to your spam folder. He is a great guy, and I highly recommend him.
  3. Hatteras51

    2nd visit Aruba

    Check out Trikes Aruba. It's a great tour, and you get to drive the trikes. It's lots of fun. I was on Summit in August. The renovation is gorgeous and the crew is fantastic.
  4. Definitely do not go to the Natural Pool. The ride is extremely bumpy and jarring. You have to make your way (walking) down over slippery rocks to enter. Sometimes, the water us too rough to enter. Being Dec 24th, your options will probably be extremely limited. Most of the taxi drivers will be off, and probably some of the tour group operators won't be working. There might be some working in the morning, but most will stop working early. Your best bet would be to look for another tour, but probably most will go to places that you've already been. Don't do any tours that require a 4 wheel drive vehicle because they will be doing a lot of off roading.
  5. The rate is $50.00 per hour, which is the standard rate, set by the government. Bully gives 3 and 4 hour tours. He goes to most of the sites that people want to see, but you can ask him for a particular site that you are interested in. He was born and raised in Aruba, and is a wonderful man. If you'd like to book with him, contact him asap because he books up quickly.
  6. I don't have any recent information on Madi's tours. I don't know anyone who's used her in a while. If you do decide to book with her, I strongly suggest that you do not take your parents to the natural pool. The ride is very bumpy and jarring, and not recommended for anyone with back or neck issues. . It is not for the faint of heart. We've toured Aruba many times with Bully. He has a nice van and can take up to 5 people. I highly recommend him. His email is bullytaxi79@hotmail.com. His reply will come under the name Amador Lacle. Be sure to check your spam because a lot of emails from Aruba go there.
  7. Kim, I'm glad to hear that you got some good news, although you still have a long ways to go. I broke my ankle right before Christmas two years ago. I had a plate and a ton of pins put in. I had to start PT just a few weeks after surgery because my heel was getting stiff. I didn't have any of your complications, but I wanted to let you know that I had numbness and tingling in that foot for months. It finally went away on it's own. Thanks so much for keeping us updated. Please let us know how things go with the workers comp situation. I'm still praying for you. Dianne
  8. We love Tuscan, and have dined there on several ships. We especially love their steaks. I just had their lasagna for the first time a few weeks ago on Summit, and it was delicious. My favorite dish on Tuscan is the carbonara. We try to dine there several times, each cruise.
  9. I've posted this to your replies before. I vacation in Aruba every year. We are beach people. We get to the beach before breakfast and often stay on the beach until sunset. Just about everyone at our resort does the same. If you wear sunscreen and sit most of the day in the shade, there is no reason to assume that everyone will only want to spend just a couple hours at the beach. For many people, the beach is their destination for the day.
  10. All taxis in Aruba can only take 5 people. It doesn't matter how large their vehicle is. It is the law. As mentioned, make sure that you are dry because they won't take you if anyone has wet clothes on.
  11. We had lobster on the last evening chic night on Summit, just a few weeks ago.
  12. Wow, Kim. I check this board every day for updates from you, hoping to see that things are finally improving. I'm at a loss for words. Just know that I'm praying for you, along with many of your CC friends, and I'll definitely be praying for you tomorrow. Hopefully, this will rid you of all of the infection, and you can continue to heal. Dianne
  13. There are lots of good jewelers in Aruba. My favorite is Gold Palace. They have their own in house workshop, and can get things sized and ready for you while you are in port. The owner, K.P., has designed several pieces for me over the years. I had them appraised at home, and they appraised for more than I paid. When you walk out of the port, turn right, and his store will be one of the first ones that you come to, on the right. They don't advertise in any of the ship brochures. He has a lot of regular customers, who return to him year after year. Other good stores are Kay's ( not affiliated with the ones in the U.S.), Gandlemans, and Royal. They all sell the usual stones, nothing in particular stands out in Aruba. I have purchased Tanzanite, Sapphires, and Larimar there.
  14. You might want to look at snorkeling with Black Pearl/ Blue Melody in Aruba. They only go out late in the afternoon, so I don't know if that works in your schedule. That is our favorite snorkel tour in Aruba. It is small, with very few, if any, kids. Your husband could relax on their nice loungers while we you snorkel. In Bonaire, we like Spice Beach Club. You can snorkel right there and again, he can relax on the beach.
  15. There are several Chinese markets in the port area. The Chinese own most of the grocery stores in Aruba. None of them are on the main drag, and not easy to find. There is also a small convenience store at the Renaissance Marketplace, which is next to the marina. It also has lots of restaurants, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, ice cream, and a few shops.
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