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  1. Appears that the Zaandam is running quite a bit late into Quebec City today. A ship tracking site shows her as arriving in Quebec City at 11:06. She was due in at 07:00.
  2. And, I would agree, but only if there is a concern about cabin location. I have been doing this cruising thing for 25 years or so now. When my wife was alive, we always chose the cabin we wanted. Location meant a lot to her for a few reasons. However, since her passing and lately when single supplements have become harder to find, I will occasionally opt for a guarantee. Location means very little to me as I can block out noise fairly easily and having been a Navy man for almost 30 years prior to cruising the "motion of the ocean" has little to no effect on me.
  3. Watching the webcam. Zaandam is getting ready to sail after 3 days in port. Weather looks gorgeous. Sunny and 64F.
  4. Thanks for all the well wishes and bon voyage's. I look forward to this cruise. Hopefully will run into Sedband Mom sometime during the cruise to say hello. Sedband Mom - usually sit at the Crow's Nest for a drink during Happy Hour or sail-away's. I would describe myself as an old guy with gray hair and mostly bald, but this would not narrow it down at all. 😂😂
  5. sullyd - I will certainly try to do so. Please keep in mind that the folks on this last cruise did not learn of the problem until the day before they were to arrive in Montreal. I suspect it won't/can't be much different on our cruise. Additionally, the day before is basically an "at sea" day and I do not use ship's wifi/internet.
  6. sully - I will be onboard when you arrive and will be sharing the ship with you. I leave out of Boston on 5/11.
  7. I was just PM'ing with a friend on the Zaandam. Apparently the Seaway is to high for the ship to clear "the" bridge. Apparently all the recent rains in Canada have caused this ( water needs someplace to go). They are docked in Quebec City and will be there through Sunday. A live view of the Zaandam in Quebec can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zaCBS29E30
  8. Great picture! I am positive I will not only enjoy my trip, but also my cabin.
  9. Just a quick follow-up. Happened to do my nightly check on my documents status and discovered that I had received my cabin assignment. And, in a rather nice surprise, I was upgraded from and inside guarantee to an Ocean View. Pretty much all the way forward on the Dolphin Deck, port side (1806) (only a Handicap Ocean View forward of me). I believe from deck plans it has 2 portholes vice a window, but I will take it and am glad to get it. So, for me, the answer to my original question is room assignment was 10 days out. Again, thanks to all who responded to my OP.
  10. Thanks to all who have responded. No assignment yet, but not terribly worried about it. As I alluded to in my OP my main concern is "luggage tags". Once on another line, I had purchased the cruise about 10 days prior to a cruise in a guaranteed inside. Got to the pier and the guy collecting luggage looked at a list and said OK here it is and filled out 3 tags. He was either in a hurry or possibly dyslexic. Didn't get the luggage until almost 10:30 and a few trips trips to the guest relations. The porter had transposed numbers and the luggage actually sat outside two different staterooms. Hopefully that will not happen this time. (Besides I now know to walk the passageways looking if it does).
  11. I just may be getting close. We'll see.
  12. First, the search function on this site is miserable and I have indeed tried the "search" function. Second, as can be seen, I am not a newbie here on cruise critic - but I still think the search function is miserable. So now, the question. What is the current feeling amongst posters as to when "guaranteed" cabin assignments will be made by HAL. I have a "guaranteed" inside cabin and leave in 12 days on the Zaandam. On Saturday, I received the "Your cruise documents are now ready" email, but no cabin assignment, ergo, no luggage tag availability. Hopefully, not pier side. Thoughts would be appreciated.
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