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  1. While on the whole, the SHOULD be gentler and a bit warmer than later in the year, they can still fall within Jim's quote of, "The northern crossing have all been rough and cold.".
  2. Except for the mysterious gin/tonic drinker. A ghost perhaps?😂😂
  3. I was able to see folks waving on deck 11. The only problem - seems like most folks were waving. If one of you were wearing green shorts, or a green shirt (on a different guy), then for sure, I saw you. Otherwise it would only be a swag. Have a great cruise. I look forward to your posts.
  4. Looks like Majesty of the Seas won today's coin toss. Where will you be waving from?
  5. Jim, First off, I am really enjoying this blog. I came late to your "table" as I only found this yesterday afternoon. Finished reading up until this morning's post LATE last night. Great pictures. As to the above quote: It appears that the "regular" attendants" are paid $3.59 - 4.09. When I was on the Reflection in February, I only had one attendant (no helper). I think this dollar amount has pretty much stayed the same the "automatic gratuity" was initiated a few years back. I believe he told me he service 18 rooms a day. If I am not mistaken, the gratuity is in "addition" to the "pittance" they receive as a wage. The figure that surprised me is the "housekeeping service personnel". I am not even sure who these people are. Now, I see on the PTZ (Fort Lauderdale) webcam that y'all are berthed at 19(?). As long as PTZ is working later on and my BHG (Brain Housing Group) remains intact, I will be viewing your sail-away this afternoon. The port info has y'all departing at 16:00. Is that what the ship is saying? If I miss sail-away, Bon Voyage and hope you enjoy fair winds and following seas.
  6. Copper, Thanks for posting that incredible video. The guys who fly these missions (CG, AF and some others) are not only incredibly brave, they are incredibly trained and talented.
  7. I received the Bronze medallion on my last HAL cruise last spring on the Volendam.
  8. Whoa boy! That was hilarious! Thanks for brightening my day! Åh de svenska männen. Vilket lustigt gäng. Which I am told translates (roughly) to, "Oh those Swedish men. They are always such kind gentlemen"
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