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  1. United Airlines has a similar procedure available for those coming into the US. Telemed test taking, seems pretty easy. Makes sense if you are flying from an airport that does not have testing facilities available.
  2. We cancelled a cruise 2.5 months ago and yes it took all of 2 months for the deposit to get back on our credit card.
  3. Assuming they also stop sending all those endless advertisements for the jewelry store or the liquor store or the spa too. Talk about waste! Everything should be accessible via phone or stateroom tv. As to OP, Carnival's age demographic averages in the 40s and most of us have to have cell phones for work so I think you are just running up against the inevitable march of "progress." That said, I get what you are saying and have spent many happy cruises with my electronic slave driver secured in my stateroom safe. I'm sure they will have disposable paper menus if you ask. They will probably also have a printed daily bulletin at the front desk. As for the Covid stuff, I know for our upcoming flights to Europe, we have to input and scan in all that stuff online during a pre-check in process to give them time to confirm the info. I am guessing that is probably what the cruise lines are doing too. They seem to be doing more and more stuff long before you get to the pier. Some cruise lines even have you take your picture and upload it from home for your ship card ID. Should speed up embarkation.
  4. I follow these guys. They are a hoot and do a great job vlogging.
  5. Yes! We too think it is a good Plan B. Luckily for those able to go, it was not cancelled. 100% vaccinated though so dd is not able to go. But thankfully Europe is opening up now and since dh and I are vaccinated, she can be in our travel group without issue.
  6. Dh has had a Mr Clean hairdo for a decade now and loves it in all seasons. He was hesitant at first but I can't imagine him with hair now. He does maintain a fine beard and mustache as well though so not quite "clean" shaven. He says once he hits retirement he is gonna go full on ZZ Top with the beard just for fun. Maybe he will let me braid it 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  7. Well looky there! I am sure she was celebrating in her own way. She has a few sets of fairy wings (thank you Amazon) that she wears continuously.
  8. Yes, we are doing Normandy(6 days), the Loire Valley (5 days), and Paris(6 days). I am a firm believer in not cramming too much into a trip. Quality over quantity.
  9. Well, speaking as a parent, I won't critique their thinking as many of us families have been cooped up with no vacations and no breaks for a long long time. Plus, our kids have been out and about here in the States for a while now. Our son (an older teen) has been in inperson trade school on and off since last Fall and has been working weekends as an essential worker since July of last year. And things being so open as they are for most of us, it just doesn't cross your mind until you are faced with it. As I said, I am thankful to now see the reality and how it all works out in real time which was kind of the point of these initial cruises. I can imagine I am not the only parent looking at this with more informed eyes and making changes to plans. 👍
  10. Howdy Dailyites! I've been so missing. I pretty much check in on my roll calls and check out various stuff here and there but haven't done a ton on CC otherwise. Hope everyone is well and looking forwards to being back on cruise ships hopefully within the next 6-9 months. Happy Birthday @mamaofami!!! Thoughts and prayers to all those on Roy's care list. Congrats to all those celebrating! We got (or are in the process of) cancelled off the Rotterdam TA as dd can not be vaccinated yet, "too widdle" as she says. Soooo lemons from lemonade and yes indeed there is a pony under that pile of manure... we are doing a road trip through France for 2.5 weeks to use up some of dh's vacation time and finally satiate our wanderlust deprived souls. Should be a fun adventure. I will sure miss meeting the extraordinary bunch of folks on the TA roll call though. It will end up being a huge group. Life has been going on as it does. Summer is in full swing and the flowers and the garden are glorious. The mosquitos, not so much. I suppose they feed the bats, of which we have loads. Otherwise the unofficial TN State Bird can take a flying leap! We already have an abundance of green tomatoes just waiting for that July heat to turn into that most sublime of Southern US delicacies, home grown tomatoes fresh picked, sliced, salted and peppered. My mouth is watering. Dh has finally gotten much of his sense of smell and taste back after Covid in January. Woohoo!! Our moms health has not weathered as well through all this but they keep chugging along and are both still independent. Ds is almost done with school and will be choosing which HVAC company he does his paid apprenticeship with very soon. He is so happy. Dd is her delightful rambunctious self, presently enamored of all things fairies and unicorns and anything purple. Cheers to you all and hope you have a fantastic day!
  11. Oh I remember that drink well. It was sooo good. But just look at what's in it. How can it not be?! Hope they still have it when (if!) we get on Eurodam next year. 🤞
  12. Sure sure. That was just my guess as Celebrity flew back it's + folks back too. Maybe RCCL and Celebrity have made a deal where they essentially can repatriate US citizens via private flight under these circumstances? Regardless, I think it was bang up of them to do that so that the folks can quarantine at home and keep everyone safe at the same time. Very classy. And in all honesty, I am very thankful for those brave souls on cruise ships now testing this all out. It is good to see how everything is working in real time, not just the endless conjecture and assumptions of months and months we have all read. That said, this has changed our thinking on cruising with our daughter who is too little for a vaccine. It just isn't a good idea yet for multiple reasons.
  13. Private jet... not commercial. I mean I can go across the US Mexico border in my private car without a negative test.
  14. Having recently had a serious snafu with cancelling and rebooking via FlightEase, I'd call. It took about 30 mins on the phone to even figure out how the system had messed things up. My PCC said I had done everything right but the computer system glitched out.
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