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  1. You are limited to what is normally stocked in your minibar but if one of those selections is one you really enjoy, yes indeed you can ask to have more of that stocked. We have done that with both sodas and beers in the past.
  2. Just looked at excursions for our upcoming cruise in January and HMC cabanas have gone up in price. We thankfully booked ours the day we booked the cruise way back in February so we got the old rate of $299.95 plus the butler service supplement for $270. Now the cabana is $399.95 to $449.95. 😮 It seems some of the 4 person cabanas cost more than other 4 person cabanas as well. "Gray" cabana was listed at $449.95 while "peach" was listed at the cut rate of $399.95 but with $449.95 next to it struck through like it is on sale. ?? Butler service is still $270.00.
  3. Same prices it seemed to me but the menu is more limited (I don't remember seeing a HMC bar menu posted anywhere online tbh) and they run out of some wines. We however have never gone thirsty. 😁
  4. 2 year old says Zaandam is "pretty blue boat." I agree. Lovely blue skies and peaceful seas to all cruising on her.
  5. We made it in time, me and dd 2 who loves watching boats (we live very near a river). I put the cam up on our big screen tv and have the sound piped through the big speakers. She is entranced by all the little boats and the planes on the cam too. Hope we get some happy toot toots today. She will probably dance a jig of glee!!
  6. The FatCat family will once again be on N Amsterdam for 7 nights starting Jan 4, 2020. That promises to be a very busy sail away weekend. And thanks again for creating and maintaining this list.
  7. Backing in.. all pretty and lit up. Well I'm off to grab my coffee early birds. Have a great day!!!
  8. Got here just in time. So pretty with all her lights.
  9. With such a short distance to go I wonder when she will be cruising into Port Everglades. Dh is up super early tomorrow so he will be tickled to spot a blue hulled beauty with his morning coffee. Woo hoo. I love it when Port Everglades port cam season starts!!
  10. Foosball, air hockey, skeeball, I didn't hear about table tops, consoles, or arcades style games. We can hope. Family friendly gaming pubs are popular where we live now.
  11. We will use the family game room for sure. Sounds like fun. It will probably be near Club Hal I would assume.
  12. I see that. Hmmmm... I'd like to be excited but I'm a little scared too.
  13. We are blessed to have some of both refundable and non this upcoming cruise. Does HAL deduct the non-refundable first just in case? I would be shocked speechless if we walked off the ship without some charges but we pay for so much ahead of time and have comped gratuities plus obc this time around so who knows.
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