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  1. If you buy online prior to sailing, your key card will have your beverage package listed on it. I think if you buy onboard you can go have your key card remade at the front desk to signify your beverage package. If you don't do that, I am sure they have some way of knowing. We have bought our beverage packages online before but I'll be able to tell you more about buying onboard in a few weeks as we will be using onboard credit to pay for our beverage packages.
  2. From US ports at least this is what HAL says concerning both having the same package when prepurchasing online. In the US, the age is 21. If a Signature Beverage Package or Elite Beverage Package is purchased before your cruise, each guest over 21 years of age who is booked in the same stateroom must also purchase the same package. If this package is not purchased for each guest prior to the cruise, the stateroom account will be charged for the guests who have not purchased the package
  3. Well, that was some tooting! I was just playing Santa Paws for the kitties' stockings on Amazon when I heard it. Wow!!
  4. Yikes 5pm is very early for this central time zone tummy. I wonder if that is the fleet wide Caribbean standard this year. Ugh. After your cruise, I look forward to your thoughts on and opinion of CO, especially on a Pinnacle class ship.
  5. Even better, if you can carry it on yourself, you can bring on unlimited wine just paying the $18 corkage per bottle past the one no corkage charged bottle per 21+ adult. All bottles on which corkage has been paid may be consumed anywhere on the ship, any restaurant or lounge, anywhere. The 1 non-corkage bottle can only be consumed in your cabin. We generally bring on a few bottle of our favorites via the handy little 6 pack bag most wine shops sell or give away. It is a nice perk of Holland America. There is often a booth near the embarkation security area where you can register your bottles and pay your corkage. They will put a sticker on your bottle showing you paid your corkage or alternatively, when we didn't know which bottles would be consumed in cabin or out, we just ask for the stickers themselves and put them on later. Once that sticker is applied, that bottle can be taken anywhere on the ship to be enjoyed. Edit: and if for some reason there is no wine corkage table at embarkation (there have been reports that sometimes this is missing), any lounge or restaurant can charge corkage for you.
  6. Thanks for checking for me. We usually bring on a couple bottles of bubbles of our choice but may not be able to this next trip due to luggage and time restraints so was curious what our options are within the EBP price range.
  7. I checked the terms and conditions and it is the Signature Beverage Pkg.
  8. This mom here agrees. A must for our family vacations. So much less laundry to do when we get home.
  9. It loaded slow but it loaded. Maybe it hasn't had its coffee yet. I got us checked in last night without an interwebz hiccup so glad to get that done.
  10. We will be back on Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam in less than a month with our then 27 month old daughter so if anyone has any questions, feel free to post them and I will do my best to get the answers.
  11. Thank you Roger for all you do. The information you gather and post has helped so many of us. One quick question, what sparkling wines are presently available for those on the Elite Bev Pkg? I know they have been making some changes. Last February they still had Nicolas F. available on NA but it wasn't on the official menu and the lido bartender I talked to said to just ask for it specifically. I assumed it was being phased out which is a shame.
  12. Thank you OP for the review. We will be on her in just a few weeks now. She was so great last year, we booked her again this year! 🍾🥂
  13. We were on this last February (and will be back on next month) in a balcony cabin on deck 4 and there was a USB port by each nightstand and the TV was a lovely big flat screen. The outlets however were still limited to those on the desk as before.
  14. The Loft was the teen area and it was always no check in since it was 13+. And the Loft had a lot of self determined programming.. the teens themselves would kinda come up with a schedule. So maybe that is why it was not mentioned. The little kids were always parent check in and out and the tweens were offered the parent waver for self check in and out.
  15. I sent a detailed email to our PCC yesterday. She emailed back that she is sending it up the food chain and will let me know what she finds out. I appreciate her time and energy. She is a gem. The dissonance between what is said online, in emails, by phone reps, and what actually materializes on the ships has been an issue for years. The right hand and left hand are total strangers. HAL however doesn't seemed bothered by these inconsistencies as the simple fixes like regularly proofing and correcting their website and automatic emails for up to date info have never materialized. It can be infuriating though if you run up against one of these inconsistencies and have to trot down to the front desk a few times to get it fixed while on vacation.
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