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  1. Thank you! That is a very good idea. She did mention wanting some type of technological solution that could alert us and authorities if something happened. I'll look into this. Everything technology wise has to be super simple for her. She still has a flip phone and doesn't even have email. Fil was the tech geek in their house so after he passed very unexpectedly we had a horrible time weeding through everything and all these years later we still can't access one of his computers. I am thankful my mom embraced tech like smart phones, tablets, and has been at least moderately computer literate for decades now. I joke with dh that many in our generation (Gen Xers) taught both our parents and kids how to use computers.
  2. Oh thank you dear. Yes and no. Kids and dh are good. Dh job gets more and more Covid complex everyday. But he is doing well. Toddler is a hand full but so much fun. She got a new set of "fairy wings" yesterday and oh my, she was so adorable if I do say so myself. She is a very girly girl. Ds is enjoying that PAYCHECK and enjoying his job too. His trade school registration is next week and that will be interesting to see how they deal with classes and Covid. But life has been stressful too. My mil took a fall down her concrete garage steps. Thankfully!!! she did not break anything and the scans came up good but she laid in her garage for 18 hours unable to get up the steps and get help. Absolutely horrifying but dh had told her he knew he was going to get this call one day, and that day came. Dh had a long talk with her when he picked her up from the hospital. We are so hoping this will wake her up to her vulnerability despite her need to stay independent, which tbh we have harped on this need for logical precautions and adjustments ever since my father in law died. We want her independent as long as possible but she has been very averse to ramps, hand rails, shower hand holds, a mobility device, or even moving into a single level no stairs senior condo community (my mom lives in one and loves it and I love it for her, gives me great peace of mind). So, maybe now she will listen to these conversations, maybe. I love my mil but sometimes she is as hardheaded as the toddler! Otherwise, life here in TN is hot, sticky, rainy, and full of mosquitoes everyday (wash rinse repeat) for the past couple of weeks!! Florida can have it's weather back tyvm. 😛
  3. Thanks Rich! As for the days, I won't be walking around in the all together (for which my neighbors will breathe a sigh of relief) and certainly hope there is no more craziness than normal here on the homestead. Happy Bastille Day to those who are French or claim French ancestory. Is it Hot Chicken as in temperature or spicy heat? Hot Chicken as in spicy is a Nashville original and folks do make chicken salad out of it, hot temperature wise as well as spicy out of necessity since it is traditionally breaded and fried. Not being a spicy food person, I leave the burning mouth and sweat covered forehead to dh and ds who both enjoy it and take my fried chicken as the Colonel intended. I do have a recipe from Ina Garten for Curry Chicken Salad with Major Greys Chutney, sultanas, and cashews however that is a favorite. I have made it for many parties and get togethers and it never fails to disappear. I love Ina's recipes. They are well crafted and usually fairly simple to follow. I think tonight will be chicken fried rice. The toddler loves to pick out all the veggies and chicken and then bedeck herself in the rice. Should make bath time especially fun.
  4. You are so right cat, Summer is busy. Toddler keeps me hopping and ds started his job today. That plus the yard and family and other stuff and I never feel like there is never enough time. Probably like many of us, I pop in here a bit but not anything like I used to, usually hoping for some good news. One day. Thanks Rich for the update. You are so faithful. We had a celebratory steak dinner tonight for ds. Good first day. Proud of him. He jokingly said "Today was my first step toward being a responsible, upstanding, taxpaying citizen." LOL. Nashville is actually home to the Barbershop Harmony Society, and is usually host to their nationwide convention every few years. Pretty neat. Everyone knows us for Country music but Music City really does have everything.. even Barbershop. 😀
  5. It has been rescheduled: PLEASE NOTE OUR NEW DATE OF JULY 28, 2020 10:00 -13:30 (EDT) 14:00 – 17:30 (GMT) You can register at: https://covidsciencesummit.com/
  6. Hello all!! Thanks Rich. Quite the HAL ship reunion from the look of that map. Chocolate, yum. Strawberry Sundays, yum yum. We are having some boneless ribeyes with Hasselback potatoes and creamy garlic spinach tonight as dh got some for a great deal over the weekend. I haven't had a good ribeye in ages. @DeeniEncinitas Paisley is adorable!!! We had a golden Cocker Spaniel when I was a child. We were great buddies and combed the hills and hollers together. Glad to hear Allen's surgery went well @Seasick Sailor Speedy recovery!! Checked prices on our booked cruises this morning, and just generally spent some of my coffee time dreaming on the HAL website, and found the 3rd person rate for the toddler on our March 2021 cruise had dropped from $849 to $350. PCC fixed it for me in a flash. Whether it will sail or not is not in my hands but I am determined to keep up hope and get the best deal I can manage. I guess that is my coping mechanism for cruise withdrawl 😛
  7. Happy 4th of July!
  8. Happy surprise while walking tbis am. We hadn't been to the park to walk in about a week so we were happy to see the blackberry brambles that line the trails full of both unripe and RIPE berries. We picked a handful and enjoyed them while walking. Toddler thought it was great fun. Brings back fond memories of summer time fun as a kid.
  9. Thanks Rich for the update and the cute quote. Up early for our walk. Gotta get out before the great outdoors turns into a miserable combination of sauna and surface of the sun. Ah, summer in the South. And much to my consternation and despite avoiding it personally, the virus has certainly had the unfortunate side effect of shrinking all my clothes!! 😛 Shepherds Pie seems a good option for us tonight. With meat shortages and crazy prices, I am having to pull out every ground beef recipe I have ever cooked in over 20 years of marriage it seems. The kids like most of them so yay!
  10. Thanks cat!! Yeah, we are fine here at the FatCat house. Had some allergies since the rain started. Mold is my nemesis. But hey, at least it cooled down. Getting ready for July 4th with the grandmas. Woo hoo!! Subdued obviously this year but we can still cook, eat, watch fireworks, and be safe. Thanks for your continued updates Rich. Sigh, I miss the ships. Happy Birthday Canada!! Jaeger Schnitzel with egg noodles tonight.
  11. You and your nation have been very fortunate. Nursing home deaths from Covid have been a big problem in Europe as well from what I have read. The percentages are heartbreaking. I know many families here who only recently were able to see loved ones in nursing homes again after months. Very frightening for them. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-eu-casualties-idUSKBN22V1VI https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/16/across-the-world-figures-reveal-horrific-covid-19-toll-of-care-home-deaths
  12. @StrathedenI can't speak out of direct knowledge about Massachusetts as I don't live there but here are some numbers. Their average age of Covid fatality is 81 and 98% of those that died had underlying health conditions. Of the 7963 deaths, 5023 (63%) were in nursing homes or long term care facilities. You will find those kinds of nursing home percentages in a few hard hit places and some even less densely populated places outside the Northeast. Nursing home deaths have been a huge issue in many places. I think they are now saying 25% of US deaths have been patients in long term care facilities and nursing homes. Really make me want to keep my very senior but active and feisty momma home as long as humanly possible. My own home state of Tennessee as of today.. Population: approx 7 million Tests: 727,268 Positives: 44,202 Recovered: 25,280 Deaths: 567 Nursing Home deaths: 142 (25%) Numbers for counties with 500,000+ population: Co names and city/Cases/Positive tests/Negative tests/Recovered/Deaths Shelby (Memphis) 8,643, 10,383, 113,047, 5,900, 175 Davidson (Nashville) 8,258, 9,767, 64,945 , 5,597, 103 Death rate is presently at 1.3% of positives and .0081% of the general population of the state. In my county Davidson, the average age of those who have died is 72, with an age range of 41-101, most with underlying health conditions. Our local health department and our state give daily press conferences and send out all the new stats every single day. I have been tracking them for months. Our local health department releases heat maps that keep track of hot spots in our county and they have a very good contact tracing program. We are having a surge here in certain parts of town. I am not surprised as things have been slowly opening up and we had anticipated a surge in cases. Most cases have been in the 20-40 age groups. We did have 10k plus folks march in protest in Nashville a couple weeks back and several days of protests that had at least 1000 participants so.. yeah maybe that might have also contributed to it to some degree. The mayor encouraged everyone who attended a protest to go get tested as testing is free and open to anyone. He attended one and he got tested.
  13. I always enjoyed his very unreserved attitude about life. So sad he is gone. “If I’m an advocate for anything, it’s to move. As far as you can, as much as you can. Across the ocean, or simply across the river. Walk in someone else’s shoes or at least eat their food. It’s a plus for everybody.” — Anthony Bourdain
  14. Yes, this came across my news feed this am. Coronavirus panic in EUROPE as cases surge after lockdown eased - 30 states on ALERT EUROPE is bracing itself for a second wave of coronavirus after 30 countries were put on alert following a surge in COVID-19 cases. https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1300892/coronavirus-europe-second-wave-uk-EU-cases-germany-covid19-latest-WHO
  15. Thanks Rich! Being a Southerner I think it is technically illegal for me to not like catfish but there it is, yuck!! Much prefer our local rainbow trout. Fried pork chops on the other hand.. yes please with gravy!! Looks like today will be a yard work day for me and a running around like a wild child in the sprinkler day for toddler. To have 1/10th her energy.
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