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  1. As underlined. The price P&O quoted for me sole occupancy of the cabin was about twice the fare per person which they would have charged for two people sharing that cabin. Hope that this makes it clearer.
  2. In days of yore P&O used to publish single supplements which were typically of the order of 50%, sometimes less for cruises in the school holidays. They have not done so for some years, and as a single traveller I have suspected that the supplements have gradually been increased during that time. This was confirmed when I costed a cruise to the Canary Islands on Ventura in the Spring of 2022; the fare quoted for sole use of a twin balcony cabin was almost exactly double that for a couple sharing, making it expensive in P&O terms. Is this typical nowadays? PS I also costed a simila
  3. That is my understanding. That the resumption of international travel on (not before) 17 May is subject to a review to be published on 12 April, which will also specifically consider ocean cruises.
  4. A special travel report in todays paper stated that cruises were regarded as a special issue and would be covered by the 12 April review. If given the go ahead it would take 6 weeks approx. for ships to be made ready to recieve passengers, giving an optimistic restart date of late May if ports of call were willing to accept cruise ship visits.
  5. My understanding from today's paper is that the authorities consider ocean cruises as being a special subsection of international travel which will be considered specifically in the review due on 12 April. The current FCO guidance will then be amended if appropriate. Given that it will take most companies 6 weeks to get ships ready to sail with passengers, it suggests that given a favourable outcome cruises could recommence from late May. So the OPs cruise in June could well be on provided that the ports of call are willing to accept them.
  6. Agree. But back to basics and the specific issue of ocean cruises, this was amongst those considered in a special travel section in my daily paper. The upshot was that cruises are considered by the authorities as a special subsection of travel and will be covered separately in the review due to be published on 12 April, after which the current guidance not to cruise may be amended if appropriate. Should the go ahead be given it will take most companies (at least) 6 weeks to be ready to sail, and that cruising may recommence from late May provided that ports of call are prepared to accept cuise
  7. That is correct on my understanding, but dependant upon a review due to be published on 12 April. So we will not know with any certainty when we will be permitted to travel abroad for holidays until the latter date.
  8. I suspect that the dissappearance of overnight stays may be another (hopefully short term) side effect of Covid19. The selling point of them was that you could do more ashore - perhaps take a tour one day and explore independently on the other - and enjoy a night on the town. The ship's tour only policy will put paid to the latter two options, and organised socially distanced tours may be limited. So better to stay only one day and avoid having everyone confined to the ship unable to go ashore for most of the stay. In a way it makes sense.
  9. The problem with this type of solution is that it assumes that everyone has a "smartphone". Many people, especially the elderly do not, having only a basic mobile phone or none at all.
  10. First pic. Star Flyer or Star Clipper? Were you on her?
  11. On the way back to the ship in Barcelona, I always stop off at the Placa Reial - perhaps the city's most perfect square, lamposts by Gaudi - for a beer at Bar Glaciar, which has a big selection of bottled beers.
  12. The question is not whether the UK can stop unvaccinated people travelling, but whether other countries will let them in. Consider Yellow Fever. There are countries which require a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate as a condition of entry; no certificate, no admission. Whilst Covid19 is nowhere near as deadly as Yellow Fever, the same could apply in some countries in respect of it.
  13. I had my first vaccination last Saturday at a local health centre. On the way out I was given a NHS vaccination card as described above but without any of my personal details entered. I entered these myself after I got home, but could have easily entered someone else's should I have been so inclined. Not very secure, to say the least.
  14. I was/am booked on a Saga cruise on 6 May, now rearranged for 2 June. Someone from Saga rang me a few days after I was notified by letter to check if the new date was acceptable and to answer any questions. I asked how I would be required to prove that I had been vaccinated, and was told that I would need to show the NHS vaccination card.
  15. For the benefit of anyone who does not know, Vistafjord was later renamed Caronia then sold to Saga, with whom she sailed as Saga Rose.
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