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  1. I usually gain about a quarter of a stone on a two week cruise, and lose it within a couple of weeks of returning home. Put it down to eating proper breakfasts - at home its a pot of yoghurt and a coffee - and more puddings. Beer might have something to do with it as well!
  2. I went on a Strictly Come Dancing theme cruise on Britannia last April. I am not a fan of the show, but went despite it and hoped that it would not be too intrusive. In the event, I found that most of the Strictly events took place in the theatre in lieu of normal theatre productions, with the rest of the ship largely unaffected. As someone who rarely attends shows, this had no negative effect on my enjoyment of the cruise. Some other passengers of a similar ilk however, were dissappointed at the restricted number of normal shows - although it is fair to say that Strictly fans were delighted.
  3. Two separate but related issues here. Royal Clipper's visit to St Kitts is described as "Bassterre and beach". I assumed that this would mean a morning in Bassterre followed by an afternoon at a beach, but this was not so. The vist to Bassterre was early morning and lasted barely an hour. It was mainly to land passengers on excursions, who would be picked up from the beach later. I was personally dissappointed, as I would have prefered more time in town. It is a general requirement of cruise ships to account for all passengers before sailing, designed to prevent illegal immigration etc. If passengers are staying ashore, this and the reason for it must be cleared with the local immigration authorities. This will be done as a matter of course for those going on ships tours but not for other passengers, who must notify the ships authorities of their intentions for the latter to get clearance to set sail without them.
  4. Extremely tacky indeed. It is time P&O's so called entertainment staff got it into their thick heads that WW2 ended 75 years ago and that no one, British or German, under the age of 90 could have fought in it.
  5. I have however, grave doubts about the wisdom of continuing to offer cruises in this area for the next winter season, given recent developments and the general volatility of the region. If I were P&O I would be inclined to cancel these now giving plenty of notice, and deploy Oceana elsewhere. This would avoid possible last minute dissappointment to passengers, and avoid P&O having to offer the revised itineries at knock down prices to fill the ship at short notice.
  6. And it's a win win situation. Solo travellers get to eat in Sindu etc without having to dine on their own, whilst P&O get select dining charges from people who would otherwise dined in the MDR. Can't understand why no one at P&O have ever thought of this.
  7. Shared tables in select restaurants in the evening, for solo passengers wishing to eat there in company. As a solo traveller, I would like to eat in Sindu etc but do not wish to do so in splendid isolation. I suspect that others feel the same way. I would like to see a shared table available every evening at which solo travellers could book a seat. I accept that for practical reasons this would probably have to be at a fixed time.
  8. I first sailed with P&O in 1997 and could make a long list of things which have dissappeared or been cut back in the intervening years. If however, I asked myself whether I expected to get those things on that first cruise I would in all honesty have to answer no. You don't miss what you aint never had. So back to the present, long standing cruisers like me miss things we once had, but many (most?) new cruisers do not, because they did not expect them. And if asked to pay more to get them, they would probably decline.
  9. Denarius


    The Pussers Store in Road Town was certainly open when I called there last January, although the upper storey was still being repaired and access was limited to the ground floor. Was dissappointed to see that the local authorities had erected a sign on the way from the cruise dock directing visitors to the "town centre" and away from the Pussers Store and the small market on the other side of the road. Not a good way to promote the towns best hostelry!
  10. Having sailed on Oceana as recently as October, I can confirm that there are no adults only deck areas or pools onboard. The area at the stern is open to all. Oceana is my favourite P&O ship, I am sure that you will have a great time onboard her.
  11. Or Sea Clipper/Flying Cloud?
  12. All references to her have been removed from the Star Clippers website, so it looks very much as though she will not be joining their fleet. . Can't think of any obvious purchaser though.
  13. Internet (ie, online) radio is very popular, with a choice of (literally) thousands of stations from all over the world, some very specialised.
  14. This is regretfully a matter of personal concern. I like Oceana, she is my favourite P&O ship. I have seen a cruise on her in April 2021 I quite fancy, and would in the past have made an early booking to ensure a good choice of cabin. However, I do not have confidence in P&O to honour their bookings and fear that they will "do an Adonia" and sell the ship, leaving me in the lurch and having to book an alternative cruise at short notice. So I am inclined to look for alternatives now and if I find one, book that instead. I suspect that I am not the only P&O regular thinking along these lines.
  15. One man's meat as they say, is another man's poison. I do not sunbathe. I have a fair skin and do not do brown, I do red and freckles. So I prefer to sit in open shade, and the new canopies would suit me to a tee. I am sure that I am not alone in this. So whilst sun lovers may in future avoid these cabins, shade lovers will seek them out. It's a matter of horses for courses. I can understand however, the dissappointment of those who booked these cabins for the open aspect; I would have been similarly dissappointed had I booked one for the shade and found that the canopy had been removed!
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