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  1. Your best bet if travelling down to Southampton on the day is to use the official P&O coach service. They will get you onboard if humanly possible. A few years ago on Oceana, a coach was delayed for several hours and the ship had to set sail without them. They diverted the coach down the coast to another port (cannot recall which) and loaded the passengers and their luggage onto a small boat. The ship hove to offshore and they were transferred at sea, whilst we onboard lined the ship's rails to watch. Must have been a memorable start to their cruise.
  2. Sadly not. There is no equivalent of Le Club on Azura or Ventura. I understand that on Princess ships the bar at the top rear of the ship, the equivalent of Metropolis/Manhattan on Ventura/Azura, is a nightclub called Skywalkers (?) and fulfills this purpose. P&O apparently took the view that a lounge bar would be more to their customers tastes.
  3. When a Star Clippers ship raises its sails on leaving port, it does so to Vangelis' soundtrack from Conquest of Paradise. Much more emotional than watching the entertainments team dancing to some cheesey pop.
  4. As I recall it from being present, the first Great British sailaway took place in Gibraltar in particular circumstances. The Spanish authorities had closed or resticted access to and from Spain in persuance of their sovereignty claim, and the people of Gibraltar had responded by flying or posting union jacks on every available space. All you could see from the ship was a sea of red white and blue. The pariotic sailaway was P&Os way of showing solidarity.
  5. The Thread "Royal Clipper Disaster" does not auger well. Just what is going on?
  6. For something completely different in the Caribbean you could consider the sailing ships of Star Clippers. Their clientelle is international but includes a fair number of we Brits. They usually have two ships there during the winter season sailing out of Barbados or St Maarten.
  7. I suspect that the number of people taking a world cruise will reduce, but the number of people taking a segment of a world cruise will increase. The former because future generations may not have the money to do it, the latter because people weaned on mass market cruises will be looking for something different. There is a limit on the number of times you want to go to Livorno and Civitavechio.
  8. I believe that P&O have cancelled all their Dubai cruises on account of the tensions in that area - see thread "Oceana Dubai 2019/20 no longer...."
  9. And in some ways things will have gone a full circle and P&O will have caught up with itself. Those who have been cruising with P&O since the last century will remember that in the early years of this P&O announced the introducion in tandem of (the present) Oceana and (the then) Adonia, identical former Princess ships which they dubbed the White Sisters. Adonia was to be their first adult only ship and was to offer a different type of cruise experience. In particular, she was to dispense with the three dress code system common on most cruise lines including P&O. Instead of casual, informal and formal she was to feature only two codes, casual and Dress to Impress. The P&O faithfull were not happy and made their views known, and P&O backtracked. So when Adonia was eventually introduced, she featured the same dress codes as all their other ships. P&O were chastened by their experience and have never since been in the vanguard of change. It is ironic that most other lines are now making the changes P&O sought to make nearly 20 years ago. If they had stuck to their guns, they could have been leading the field rather than following it.
  10. I agree. You cannot do Rome justice in a few hours. You need imo at least 4 days. One day for ancient Rome, the colliseum and the forum. One for central "classical" Rome, Spanish steps, Trevi fountan et al. One for the Vatican, St Peters and the museum/Sistine Chapel.. And one for general relaxation and retail therapy.
  11. Slightly off topic, but how things have changed. I first visited the USA in 1982, before the visa waiver scheme was introduced. I had to apply for a visa, which in those days was a relatively painless process done entirely by post and involved completing a form and sending it with your passport to the US embassy. The passport was returned with a visa stamped therein; in my case a permanent tourist visa valid indefinately and valid even after the passport containing it has expired as long as it was produced as well as a current passport. Then came 9:11 and all existing visas were cancelled. But by then the visa waiver scheme had been introduced, so all that was needed was the completion of a form in transit. Then came ESTAs, which have become more and more complex. The Land of the Free has become the Land of the Paranoid.
  12. Not recent, but in the 1990s I attended a classical music festival on Cunard (Vistafjord) which featured a New York chamber orchestra. Concerts were performed daily in one of the lounges. More recently, I was on a P&O ship in the Caribbean docked next to a Holland America ship which was featuring a blues festival. An excellent band was playing on the open deck. I believe that they also offer country music cruises.
  13. I suspect that the reason for the changes in terminology is that cruises are now marketed as a holiday in a mobile resort hotel with a keel rather than as a voyage to interesting ports. Many passsengers (sorry, guests) are more interested in the entertainment and dining facilities onboard than the ports to be visited, which are viewed as a mere distraction. Or am I being too cynical?
  14. Celebrity ships have gelataria like this, all ice cream etc at no extra charge. It will be interesting to see if P&O follow suite.
  15. It does not make sense. The only reason I can think of is that it is regarded as being hotter in the Caribbean than in the Mediterranean, but this is not necessarily so. I have sailed in both a number of times. I have found that in the winter cruising season the max temperature in the Caribbean rarely exceeds 30c, making it generally pleasant. Not so the Med, particularly the eastern part where temperatures are often much higher.
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