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  1. I am in a similar situation. My April 2020 cruise was cancelled and my next P&O cruises are Jan 2021 (Caribbean) and May 2021 (Canaries). I am reasonably optimistic that the May 2021 cruise will go ahead, not as optimistic about the Jan 2021 but still hopeful. Both were booked onboard with a £50 deposit. In each case I will see how the land lies before I pay the balance, and P&Os attitude to refunds will be an important factor in coming to a decision on whether to pay it or lose my £50.
  2. I suspect that the truth is that they are well aware of this but could not cope with the admin of dealing with refunds etc if they cancelled more. Cancelling cruises in batches enables them to deal with all refunds reasonably promptly without being overwhelmed.
  3. This is a local shop for local people. there's nothing for you here. Did I see Edward and Tubbs behind the counter? 🙂
  4. I have a cruise booked for early July (not P&O), Rome to Venice. Not yet formally cancelled, but final instalment due April. There is no way that I am paying this without a guarantee that I will get 100% refund should the cruise be cancelled. The same goes for all other cruise I have booked including P&O in Jan and May next year. FCC in lieu of a refund is not acceptable.
  5. I recall that Oceana (Ocean Princess) and Adonia (Sea Princess) were transferred to P&O at the same time and were dubbed by P&O as the White Sisters. Adonia was P&Os first adult only ship. I believe that she was later transferred back to Princess and became the Sea Princess once more. I cannot quite remember the circumstances but suspect that it coincided with the arrival of Arcadia.
  6. Thanks for that info. Living in the UK I use the UK website www.starclippers.co.uk . The page to which you refer does not appear on the UK site. I am due to sail in early July Rome to Venice. I am monitoring the situation with some concern as my final balance is due for payment in a few weeks time and communication from Star Clippers is notable by its absence.
  7. Which would only be of any interest if you want to buy one. But looking at the wider picture, in recent years the cruising market has grown and grown. Big players like Carnival and RCI have ordered more and ever bigger ships. But now for totally unforseen reasons cruising has come to a temporary halt. It will start again eventually, but whether it will ever regain its previous size or how long it will take to do so is anyone's guess. But the aforesaid companies have already ordered new ships in anticipation of continued expansion, and will either have to take delivery of ships they may no longer need or cancel them and pay cancellation penalties; they are truly between a rock and a hard place. Smaller operators like Fred Olsen however, who tend not to go for new builds but instead buy second hand ships from the bigger operators will not have the same problem. Indeed, they may well find themselves in a buyers market as the bigger operators try to reduce capacity; but only if they are confident enough to buy and increase theirs.
  8. Have Star Clippers cancelled or revised itineraries of cruises on account of coronavirus? Nothing on their website but no cruises to the Med listed before May.
  9. Back on topic. My next cruise would have been P&O Ventura April 4 - cancelled. I am booked to sail with Star Clippers in early July, Rome to Venice. I doubt if I will! In September I am due to go small ship island hopping in Northern Croatia with Saga. Very much in the balance methinks. Which then leads to P&O Azura in the Caribbean next January. Realistically, this is the first which I have any confidence will go ahead.
  10. Probably in the same boat as me. I cancelled my 4 April cruise last week after P&O started offering FCC. Got 25% refund plus 75% FCC. My cruise has now been cancelled, so my travel agent asked P&O if I would now get 100% refund. No way, they replied. When you cancelled the cruise was still going to proceed. They are obviously legally entitled to take that attitude, but I will remember ...........
  11. Denarius


    You could order a food delivery online, and get a delivery slot in 2 weeks time. 🙂
  12. I think they will struggle in that most countries now seem to be closing their ports to cruise ships, and Iona's fuel requirements severely limit where she can go.
  13. In the light of the advice given by the Prime Minister this afternoon, I believe that it is almost inevitable that cruising in general will be suspended indefinately pretty soon. If fit and healthy people are being advised not to socialise in pubs, restaurants etc and not to attend mass gatherings, going on a cruise ship and doing all these things is an obvious no no.
  14. Denarius


    Am I the only one who believes that it is time the authorities all started singing from the same hymn sheet? Otherwise, who do we believe? The Scottish government bans large gatherings, the UK says there is no need to then changes its mind. The UK says over 70s may be asked to isolate, the Scots say they will not but will only be asked to "social distance". One expert says don't go out in case you pass an infected person, another says you need to be within a few feet of an infected person for 15 mins or so to stand any significant risk of contation. I could go on, but the detail is not the point. It is the general principle that unless the various authorities agree amongst themselves and then communicate a united front, people will never know who to believe and may well decide who they do on the basis of wishful thinking. Get your act together! Rant over.
  15. Denarius


    Two days before St Patricks day; it must be serious. Time to stockpile Guinness? 🙂
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