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  1. After reading all through this thread, I am half expecting someone to say that their first cruise was on The Ark, and that Noah was a wonderful captain. There were a lot of sea days however, and the weather was not particularly good; it rained most of the time. And the other passengers! Most of them behaved like animals. And they did not adhere to the dress code on black tie nights!
  2. Sadly I agree, unless the situation improves dramatically before October. I am due to sail on Azura in January and in my own mind I have cut the chances of it going ahead from evens to one in three. And as I have paid only £50 deposit I am not inclined to pay the balance due early October unless I know for certain that she is to sail for Barbados on the 16th
  3. The CLIA ruling applies to ocean cruises from US ports. P&O are not directly affected as they do not sail from the USA. But as a US owned company they may feel morally obliged to fall in line in respect of cruises from other ports. Watch this space!
  4. As I understand it, the assumption is that every empolyer will undertake a formal health and safety risk assesment as to whether staff undertaking specific roles in specific circumstances should wear masks. In a shop for example, they may conclude that those circulating amongst customers should wear them, but those sitting permanently behind perspex screens need not. The problem of course is that some will not do so and will just leave it to what individual employees feel comfortable with.
  5. It may be premature to assume that the Winter fly cruise programme is cancelled in its entirety. It could for example, mean that the ship will reposition without passengers. The risk of an outbreak in mid Atlantic hundreds of miles from the nearest land may not be one which P&O is prepared to contemplate. Or it could mean that the start of the season is delayed until December or even January. Or of course it could just mean that they are not taking any more bookings because the ship will sail with a reduced capacity and that capacity has already been reached. Time will tell.
  6. I understand that all ocean cruises from US ports have been cancelled until 31 October.
  7. The more I read the more I become of the opinion that cruising, on large ships at least, will not recommence until next Spring. 😷
  8. Sadly I agree. Most of the big cruise lines like Carnival/P&O are overseas companies. If they went bust their doing so would not reflect on the UK. Whilst they employ many people, principally on their ships, the majority of these are neither UK citizens nor residents. The loss of the latter's jobs would not impact on UK unemployment figures. Their would of course be indirect job losses in the UK but these rarely make the headlines. So the cruise industry is unlikely to be the goverment's top priority.
  9. I read your post with interest. I cancelled an April 2020 cruise on Ventura after balance due date and was promised 25% refund (promptly received) and 75% FCC which my travel agent was told would be credited within 72 hours. My May 2021 cruise on Oceana was then cancelled and I was given by default a FCC for my deposit. Last week I saw my travel agent to book a Jan 2022 cruise. He accessed my P&O account and found no cruise credit in respect of either cancellation, an issue which he is now pursuing with them. Has this happened to anyone else?
  10. IMO the issue is not one of interest earned but of cash flow. Carnival needs money coming in now to pay bills due now. What it is effectively doing is taking an interest free loan from customers.
  11. The worrying thing is that this has happened on such a small ship. If the rate of infection is say 10 in 100,000 then the odds on at least one passenger or crew member being infected on a ship with a total of 300 people on board is 3 in 100. For 1500 this rises to 1 in 7, for 7000 to 1 in 2. Not much hope for big ships!
  12. Not cynical but perceptive. I am firmly of the opinion that P&O leave cancellation announcements as late as possible to bounce customers into paying for a cruise they know is unlikely to go ahead so they can bolster their cash flow. Those customers then have to wait much longer for refunds than the 14 days stipulated by law.
  13. In the light of this development and of today's government announcements I fear that the likelyhood of any UK cruises this year is steadily sailing into the sunset.
  14. Interesting report from Germancruiser. The only proceedure which would greatly concern me is check in. One and a half hours is a long time to queue, considering that there were only 1000 passengers onboard. Imagine what it would have been like had the ship been operating at anything like full capacity. The weather aspect is also an issue. The author states that the queue snaked out of the terminal and into areas were there was no cover; not too bad on a fine day but you could (literally) be soaked to the skin in heavy rain. There is however, a possible solution to the latter problem. In Walt Disney World in Florida several years ago, when it started to rain Disney employees handed out free plastic ponchos. Cruise lines please take note!
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