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  1. We're waiting to disembark after a wonderful cruise. Being away for 15 days is so different, we really got to relax and enjoy each day, including some really lazy ones. I'm coming home with Mark's cold, which is no fun, but at least it waited until the last day to appear! Can't wait to see my kitty. ❤️
  2. We had an amazing eclipse day on the Emerald Princess with her sister Discovery within sight to our aft as well. Weather couldn't have been better and our captain did an amazing job of keeping the decks as steady as possible for photos. What a great day! We're already setting our sights on 2026 and have booked Queen Anne out of Southampton to see the eclipse from northern Spain. Princess will be adding eclipse cruises on the Sky, but I've heard the itineraries won't be available until May. Time to start an eclipse 2026 thread...
  3. Had a fabulous eclipse day! Calm seas and clear skies. Lots of corona activity and solar prominences (flares). Got to watch from the shade of our balcony.
  4. We arrived in LA yesterday afternoon and are glad we missed the earthquake in NY. Flights will be disrupted from there for several day as they play catchup. I checked our house camera and we can see it stop and restart a few times during the quake but otherwise everything looks fine. We're waiting for boarding to begin. So excited to be on the water again! We are birthed next to Sapphire Princess which we will be on in the fall.
  5. Laurie, I do! I have black and tan ankle pants with matching sweaters to go with my pretty tops for dinners. I find the dining rooms and theaters can be chilly at times so I like to have a cardigan handy. Our boarding day is looking to be rainy and in the 60's. We leave here the day before and it may be raining then too, and cold. For the flight I'm wearing my black cardi with leggings and a long sleeved top, and my sneakers. I'll wear my rain jacket to the airport but stow it on the plane.
  6. Wishing everyone day of peace and hope tomorrow. ❤️
  7. The last of my clothes are lounging/workout shorts and Ts. The three shorts are along the top, blue and black bike shorts and one pair of lightweight khakis. One of the things I really like about Princess is Zumba on sea days. I have three quick dry workout tops, which will also work well for the very hot days we'll have during the middle of the cruise. On port days we have plans for snorkeling, sailing, an elevated suspension forest canopy hike, a historic city walk, and a beach day with snorkeling. We have two scenic cruising days, for the solar eclipse and for the Panama Canal. For the first time we have matching shirts for embarkation day photos!
  8. Where in the app are they? We cruise Friday and the list of events doesn't have MUTS listed at all.
  9. I'm bringing 2 pairs of pants with matching sweaters, black or tan, and these are the tops I will wear with them for dinner. They also go with my black, tan, or navy shorts for daytime (except for the two satiny ones). A nice bonus is that all of these can be washed in the sink and hang dry quickly. I'll wear my pearl earrings with the middle one. Then l-r here are my choices for jewelry. Melody, there's definitely a celestial theme happening...
  10. Laurie, I hope you feel better soon. I'll wear my sneakers, and then I'm good at nesting my shoes in the bottom of my suitcase and filling them with stuff. But, since we're also bringing snorkel gear, I'll probably have to bring my small roll-aboard in addition to a checked bag. I'll see how it goes when I start packing, and what I'm willing to give up, before I make that call. I just spent two weeks in Michigan with one suitcase and bulky cold weather clothes, and our fall cruise was a cold weather one, so it's in my wheelhouse to do, but I just don't want to for this cruise. I look forward to dressing up, and wearing my nicer clothes, and taking what we need for the activities we've chosen.
  11. These 4 dresses are for evening, but will also be daywear on the ship later in the cruise by changing shoes and jewelry. For the navy dress: I got this lapis set in Peru and it goes so well with the second dress. Just earrings with the green dress. Orange fun!
  12. After a crazy couple of months, I'm finally able to work on my cruise wardrobe for April... very last-minute for me! We leave from LA and cruise the Mexican Riviera, see the solar eclipse, go through the Panama Canal, and end in Fort Lauderdale, total 15 days. We will have a mix of weather from low 70s to 100s. So, I have a bit of a mix, with a couple sweaters and a couple tank tops for the extremes, but mostly comfortable favorites that you've probably seen before. We have 3 formal nights, and I'm limited to what fits right now, and what shoes I'm bringing... so, black it is. The first dress I've worn a lot, with my red suede pumps and some sparkly jewelry. The middle sheath has a gold zipper in the back, so I'll wear my citrine earrings and black sandals. The last one is a fun swing dress. I'll wear my grandma's necklace and the black sandals again.
  13. Oh my word Melody, you both can't catch a break. Hoping it goes well today, keep us posted.
  14. Melody, best of luck tomorrow with Les's surgery, we'll be thinking of you.
  15. I like Covergirl Lash Blast waterproof in black brown. I snorkel whenever I can and it lasts all day at the beach. If I don't take it off at night it's good for the next day too. I use a lash comb if I happen to put too much on.
  16. I do Zumba and I find the Princess classes to be at a moderate level, with little of the jumping or squats you may find in a real fitness center class. It is easy to adjust your activity level up or down and there are plenty of folks who do so.
  17. We have been on a sister ship of both the Coral and the Jade; we sailed the Island and the Gem. For us, the size and variety of venues of the Gem felt like a Princess Grand class ship. We were quite comfortable on her and if we decide to sail on NCL again, that is the class ship we would choose as being most Princess-like to us. We are not so interested in lots of bells and whistles like water slides etc. While we liked our cruise on the Island just fine (mostly the great itinerary), it has its issues and we would have preferred the Coral, being the original ship design with more public space (it has a lot of devoted fans). I would jump on the Coral in a heartbeat if it had a better itinerary, but I prefer the second one with more ports. As someone else mentioned, keep in mind that Acapulco and San Juan del Sur have been nixed from many itineraries this year. SJdS was nixed from ours this coming April and we do not have a replacement port, just another sea day. Something to keep in mind.
  18. For Android users, the app Skymap is very easy to use. Its good for helping beginners to identify the brightest objects in their night sky and the constellations. It can point you to the Perseids in summer and Leonids in winter. We often refer to it when trying to decide whether to take our telescope out for the evening. The only successful cruise ship stargazing we had was on a small ship when we were anchored. It was by no means an advanced experience but the captain did turn the upper deck lights off, and we enjoyed it. Edited to add that we have enjoyed stargazing from our aft balcony when we have one, though the section of sky to study is rather limited. Seeing Orion hanging over the wake is a treat though.
  19. Laurie I'm glad you got that green dress, I like it a lot and I bet it looks really good on you. My favorite earrings for it are either the long dangle ones for evening or the green stone ones if you want a step down in formality. Not a fan of the matchy match green ones. They are pretty but maybe a bit too subtle for me. The flower ones are fun. Our next cruise is in April from LA. We have a few ports in Mexico, the solar eclipse at sea, Panama Canal, Cartagena, and Grand Cayman. We end in Fort Lauderdale. It's a unique itinerary for Princess because of the solar eclipse.
  20. Thank you so much for your reply. I recently learned "the aquarium" is more properly called the Coral Garden. It is difficult to find a good snorkel tour that doesn't include lots of other stuff we don't want to do (like touching the sealife). I am still looking around for a good fit for us. We cruise in April.
  21. When I open the app, all I get is a message that says: This is taking too long try again or contact support make sure your internet connection is stable (trust me, it is very stable) I'm an Android user.
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