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  1. Always recieve an email receipt within minutes of making my partial payments. Check your email junk folder. Maybe they are going there.
  2. I have a portable TENS machine. Do you know if the Cruise Line would have a problem with me bringing it?
  3. My family and I sailed on the Breakaway in the Haven. My sister and her husband were not in the haven. I sent a request to the pre concierge in advance asking if they could check in with us. They pre approved it. They had to check in then were allowed to join us in the haven area. Their names and cabin numbers were on the pre approved list. We did see another family that tried it at the pier and didn't get pre approval get denied. So I suggest you seek the pre approval. We were told if they chose to eat in the haven restraurant there would be a fee. However we felt uncomfortable and decided to head to the buffet. The only other time they came in the haven area was when I asked the concierge if he could show them around. I believe as long as you ask permission and they can do it they will accommodate it.
  4. If the non Haven guests are a small party you might be lucky. I would request it with the concierge prior to your cruise so they can pre approve it. I did it that way when I stayed in the haven with my family and my sister and husband were non haven guests. They checked in and then joined us in the haven waiting room as they were on the list the employee had. I did see a family try and do it that day and were denied. This was at the NY Pier. Hope this helps. We didn't eat in the haven restraurant when we boarded. We instead went to the buffet as I felt uncomfortable even bringing them in even though they would be paying for their lunch.
  5. I was able to use mine that expires in July 2019 for my November 2019. However I also was told if I cancel or rebook and don't use it by that date I lose it.
  6. Thank you for the responses. I am arriving on Amtrak two days prior to the cruise and will leave the afternoon after the cruise. I plan on getting a roomette on Amtrak.
  7. Has anyone ever stayed at Homewood Suites by Hilton Miami Downtown/Brickell either pre or post cruise? What are your thoughts of this hotel?
  8. Has anyone ever taken Amtrak? What transportation did you use to get to and from the Port?
  9. Always had my diet soda for breakfast. Not a coffee or tea person either. Never had a problem getting it.
  10. One time I attended one of these feedback meetings and to our surprise they made a representive that was on that sailing from the Coroporate office also attend. I wouldn't expect it because we all were surprised but it was a good surprise. They will at least take good notes to pass on.
  11. My wife took my children on two different cruises without me as I had work. On one they didn't ask for anything. On the other she had to show them a notarized letter from me and a copy of my drivers license. So I guess it depends on who checks you in.
  12. My family and I are suppose to sail in November on the Breakaway for my daughters Sweet 16. We were thinking of upgrading to a Haven. However now we are actually looking at other lines because of this new liquor price increase. There goes another Plantinum Family Guests that will be leaving NCL over there nickel and dime
  13. Yeah been happening off and on for a few weeks now.
  14. Seats are not assigned. You take any open seat. There is a stand by line for people that didn't reserve seats. They normally seat them about 5-10 minutes before the show for the no shows.
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