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  1. They also offer this at Mr. Sanchos. Never done it so I cannot comment on the price.
  2. Other than the beach and the island I don't find both similar at all. Sanchos is lively, more crowded, offers water toys and many other options. Nachi is quiet, relaxing, never croded, has no water toys, etc. When we cruise with my daughter's we wind up at Sanchos; when it is just the wife and I we usually wind up at Nachi IMHO the food and drinks are better at Nachi. That said, on our last visit our friends did not want AI so we had a GREAT visit to Paradise Beach. Good facilities, HUGE pool, nice beach, great service and we loved their taco truck!
  3. Larry's Limos is often suggested on this board for service in the Miami/FLL area. We were very happy when we used them a couple of years ago. Or you can use Uber or Lyft for a lot less.
  4. When they have the Heineken virus or the Sam Adams Boston Lager virus I will start to worry, but I have not had a Corona in years! 😁
  5. Sort of in between, in Hollywood, there is the Margaritaville resort. 😎
  6. If you have a late flight and are looking to store bags and spend the day there are a few options. Besides day rates at hotels (www.between9and5.com is one source to check) you can: Uber/taxi to South Beach, pay to store your bags at The Luggage Lounge, and then you are free to explore - beach, boozy brunch, people watching, beach, hop-on/off bus tour, are deco architecture, etc. When you are ready, collect your bags and then ride the Airport Flyer bus to MIA for about $3 each - or taxi for about $35+ Check out www.resortpass.com for large hotels and resorts offering day passes to their pool/spa/beach facilities. Tip them to store your bags. Have a great cruise! 😎
  7. Only hotels out near the MIA airport offer cruise parking deals - downtown hotels charge guests $25-30+ per day for parking during your stay. 😲 The three options most often suggested on this board are La Quinta East, MIA Embassy Suites and the Hampton Inn Blue Lagoon. None includes a ride back to your car post cruise, so plan on a $30+ taxi or $20+ Uber. Your other option is to stay cheap outside of south FLA, then drive to POM and park there - covered, convenient and secure. West Palm, straight up I-95 is only about 90+ minutes from the port, and we have even left Orlando early and made it onto the ship in time for lunch.
  8. For the beach you will need to stay in Miami Beach - South Beach is the most popular and closest to the port. Not many Miami hotels will not have a pool, so anywhere downtown will work. Besides the above suggestion check out the Intercontinental, Doubletree, next door Marriott and the Holiday Inn - all offer some rooms with a view of the port. The pool at the Doubletree is amazing. If you are flying into FLL and choose to stay in that area pre-cruise check out www.sunny.org for lots of hotel and tourist info.
  9. It is doable as long as nothing goes wrong. Delayed arrivel; customs or immigration hold up; traffic accident on 528 What is your back up plan? Do you want to spend your cruise worried about making your flight home? 🤔 I would choose a flight leaving at noon or later, but it is your call.
  10. If you look at Google maps you will see that Coral Gables and Coconut Grove are farther away from the port than downtown, and at least as far or farther than the MIA airport. A taxi from POM to MIA runs $28+, so you can get an idea of the fare to that hotel and other spots, or check a site like "taxi fare finder". Whatever the cab fare you can roughly estimate that the UberX or standard Lyft fare will be about 40% less. So if the cab fare is $40 then UberX will be about $24. The Pullman hotel, near MIA used to offer day rooms and a free shuttle to the airport and nearby shopping and dining options. There is a hotel inside the MIA airport, cleverly called the Miami Airport Hotel, that offers short term rooms but does not have a pool. What exactly are you looking for? When? Budget? A little more information will help the suggestions from the board to be closer to your target.
  11. Downtown Miami. The Mary Brickell area is very popular in downtown, and the Hampton Inn there is often suggested
  12. Great reviews on Trip Advisor (had to check because I had never seen it mentioned in this board) and a good location. Have a great cruise! 😎
  13. Doral is West of the MIA airport, so probably $35-40+ from POM to your hotel. UberX will be about 50-60% of that fare.
  14. The downtown locations often are overwhelmed with cruisers leading to long delays, even if you have a reservation. Better off, IMHO to all shuttle to MIA to pick up the rental. For just the driver to go and try to come back to pick up the rest of your party can take about an hour.
  15. No need for a rental car if you are staying downtown, especially in the Brickell area. Hampton Inn there is often suggested on this board. With just 2 travelling you might find better deals at some of the small, boutique hotels in South Beach. Feb is peak tourist season - you are not the only one looking to escape the winter. Book something ASAP that you can cancel, and then keep shopping. 😉
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