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  1. Sorry you had a bad experience. We had a great time at Tropicante last month, with great service, good nachos, and cheap beers (6 for $15). No admission fee!
  2. Welcome to the boards! 😎 www.sunny.org is a good place to start your search. Does and budget will help the suggestions to be closer to your target. Do not focus on shuttles as taxis and Uber are easy and the distances are not far.
  3. Hard to beat the HUGE pool and great facilities at PB. Food and drinks there are also good. It all depends upon how important the Playa Mia splash area for toddlers is to you.
  4. Easier is to ask your cab or Uber driver to stop on the way to the port - they sell water everywhere.
  5. We always pay the balance in cash when we arrive.
  6. Each agency runs there own shuttle which will take you from the port straight to their office. We typically rent from Avi s and have been happy.
  7. If you stay on the downtown/17th street area there's many dining and shopping options within walking distance - no need to shuttle.
  8. 4 ships is a slow day for Cozumel. You will have no issues.
  9. There will be a line of taxis waiting. You may need to wait a couple of minutes for a van or SUV taxi big enough for your party to get to the front of the line. Insist that the driver use the meter - some lie about a flat rate fare and will overcharge you. If any of this helps you owe me a pint! Whatever bitter your local pours will be fine.
  10. Taxi van should be able to accommodate all of your bags and passengers. Fare should be about $15+ on the meter.
  11. Lots of positive reviews on this board, and some rooms offer a view of the port. 😎
  12. Best is a stretch limo with a stocked bar! 😎 Most would choose UberX or Lift for about $35-40, depending upon where your hotel is in in the PE/FLL area.
  13. Tri Rail train takes you to the MIA airport, leaving you a $30+ can ride from the port. Better get is to stay near FLL and use a shared shuttle to POM (about $15 per person) as suggested above, or use UBER XL or a van taxi for about $70+ for the car/cab.
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