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  1. Grills was great on our last visit - yummy and fun! 😎
  2. PC is about a 45-55 minute drive from the Orlando airport - do not expect a hotel shuttle for free. Check out goportcanaveral.com for package deals including hotel and transport. Or book your own hotel and transport - we like the Homewood Suites, with nearby dining options, but there are several hotels nearby to choose from. Cocoa Beach Shuttle or Cortrans will get you from MCO to PC for about $20+ per person (same fare gats you back to MCO after the cruise), or rent a car one-way and then stay, dine and shop where you want.
  3. Those cruise line excursions tend to drop you at the airport at about 1:00 or so. If your flight is not until 10:30 I would look at an option that keeps you away from the airport longer. Your other option is to search for hotels near MCO that offer day rates - store your bags in the room, hit the pool, boozy brunch, nap, etc. Then check out and head to MCO for your flight. www.between9and5.com and other sites can help you to find hotels offering day rates.
  4. You can definitely spend a full day there if you have a late flight. Check the hours - I think it used to close about 5:00 or so. The ship tours will give you just a few hours there before heading to MCO; a one way car rental and a late flight at 10:30 😨 gives you lots of time to explore.
  5. Most cruise lines offer a KSC tour with airport dropoff, or you can rent a car one way and do the tour on your own.
  6. Or split into two UberX/Lyfts for under $20 per car - easy, door to door transport.
  7. We have a repositioning cruise (Montreal to Miami) in October and I am wondering the same thing.
  8. Save all of this information for when you can reschedule your cruise. Nachi is one of our favorite spots on Cozumel. 😎
  9. I had to look it up in Urban dictionary.
  10. Several hotels in the Rocky Point area offer packages that include airport and port shuttles. Check Chase Suites, Hilton Garden Inn, etc. Or stay in the Westshore area near the airport and then use Uber/Lyft or a taxi to the port. Can fare will run about $28 and Uber will be under $20
  11. Don't focus on "free" shuttles. Taxis and Uber/Lyft are easy and cheap and the distances are short. $10 or so for the car from FLL to hotels in the downtown/17th street area. Same fare will get you to the port the next day.
  12. Ratchet? 🤔 Did you mean "retched"? I can see crowded, overrun with tourists, expensive, etc. but all of SB being retched?
  13. Not sure about FLA but pre-virus in DC and VA we were allowed to take a partially consumed bottle of wine home from a restaurant, under the theory that you are better off taking it home to finish. I recall FLA back in the 70's had drive through liquor stores that would sell drinks to go - and provide a straw! 😨 Hopefully we are not going back to those days.
  14. I spoke with someone who works in Total Wine HQ who told me business nationwide was running double their normal volume. At least here in NOVA and DC area they have suspended on line ordering and delivery because of labor shortages (some caused by not wanting to work with customers, some caused by childcare issues related to schools being closed). I hope I have enough booze to last 45 days! 😎
  15. With the excerpt China, where the virus originated, it is "imported" everywhere .
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