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  1. Cocoa Beach shuttle is one popular option. If your flight is later in the day (after 2:00) a one way car rental is an option. Uber is an option, but it is over an hour drive from PC to Sanford airport.
  2. With Uber and Lyft there is an electronic record of your request, pickup, etc. Safer and better service and cheaper than a taxi! 😎
  3. If a dinosaur like me can figure out Uber and Lyft, so can you. Watch a few YouTube videos, download the app, set up your account, and give it a local test drive (an excuse to go out for dinner!) before your cruise. Request your ride after you have bags and have cleared immigration. Drivers will be waiting nearby because the port is where they can make money. Typical wait times are usually about 5 or so minutes.
  4. Not familiar with "The Key" - maybe check the RCI board?
  5. If you have a better rate to return the car to MIA, an Uber or Lyft to PIN should be just under $20
  6. Sounds like the perfect excuse to buy new clubs and a bag!
  7. For an 1130 flight you need to be at MCO by about 9:30, which translates into off the ship and clear of customs and immigration by about 8:15-30. You will need a low number or might want to consider carrying your bags off the ship.
  8. Howdy neighbor! You have eliminated the two most popular options, car rental and Uber, but for $200 or less should be able to use taxi. Shuttle to MCO and AS A transportation from there will be MUCH cheaper but much less efficient. Your call!
  9. No problems with using Uber or Lyft at either MIA, FLL, POM, or PE.
  10. With 6 passengers private transport makes more sense. 2 cabs would cost about $70-75+ each, and shuttles at $15+ per person will work it to about $100+ including the tip. Good luck with your search and please report back to the boards after your cruise to let us know what option you chose and how it worked out.
  11. I would check with Go Airport, SAS, QLS, MJS, and other popular shuttles. How many travelling besides you? Private transport from Larry's Limos or Go Airport might be an option.
  12. Why wouldn't they fit in your state room? Should be room under the bed. You might even want to hold during a port stop. There are options to store bags at both FLL & MIA for a fee. Not sure about golf clubs for that long. Maybe ask the pro wherever you are playing per cruise if they can store them?
  13. Depending upon traffic about 10-15+ minutes in a and or Uber/Lyft.
  14. About 10-15+ minutes in a cab and the posted fare for up to 4 passengers sharing the cab should be about $17 each way.
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