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  1. I can see your pic, looking forward to your review!
  2. We used this company this past winter and would highly recommend them! We saw sting rays, octopus, lots of fish as well as many sea turtles. They even take pictures for you and send them via email, which is included in the tour price. http://www.stthomasadventuretours.com/?fbclid=IwAR1ffctvGC4JGGhbsFfC8SjqIOceGG2nBG5BA-Fc-voQNeMeLT8P3rEat9s
  3. Yes that is what I meant! I could not for the life of me figure out how to delete it!
  4. We have done 9 Caribbean cruises, 8 on Ncl, and one on carnival. We’ve absolutely loved them all but are looking for something different, and more budget friendly. Pricing has gone crazy for cruising since we started 10 years ago. Looking at going to Punta Cana next winter (cheaper then a cruise) for a week instead of cruising, I’m thinking if we skip 2 years of cruising we would do an Alaska cruise for something different. My question is have you done cruising and all inclusives? I know the food and entertainment is no where near the quality of cruising. The only way I can sell it to my family is if I can find some interesting excursions to do, any suggestions?
  5. I am Interested in ideas as well. Looking at booking the Encore that stops here, but seems like weird hours for a port.
  6. Thanks for your review, it certainly helps pass the time as we wait for our turn in February!
  7. Awesome! Thanks so much. Do you know if you can make the reservations for others in a group, (not in the same cabin), or if they have to all be there with their key cards?
  8. Where did you book the unlimited pass? thanks!
  9. Can you get the unlimited package on the screens?
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