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  1. I go to the gift shop the day before the end of the cruise and get nice, but overpriced, stuff that I can use. I got a $30 insulated mug (very nice) for myself and a $12 key chain with the ship on it for my grandson. You can always get a couple of tee shirts for working or painting around the house.
  2. I do all of my own research but always use the same travel agent. We usually get some OBC from her but the main reason I use her is to take care of problems and make reservations that are a pain for me to deal with. A good agent will handle your on board reservations for you and help solve any issues you have with the cruise line without your having to spend time on hold waiting to get, what you hope, is the correct information on any issue.
  3. When researching ships for a cruise I look for consistent complains or praises. One of two complaints is meaningless and only reflects the opinion of one individual. Sometimes a consistent complaint or praise is about something that I don't care about one way or the other like the casinos. I go to relax and see the ocean going by, not to be cooped up in a casino with not windows. I can do that at home without paying for a cruise. The only thing I miss about the review page is that you can no longer 'click' on the number of reviews of a member and see if they always love or hate every cruise so I can decide whether they may or may not be biased. Read as many of the reviews as possible to make an informed decision.
  4. One of my favorite BBQs is The Shed in Mississippi. Not fancy, just good food.
  5. We are going to Alaska on the Bliss this coming summer and when I go to my reservations it shows that it is 'too early to book' for those restaurants that accept reservations. But, it seems puzzling to me that two of the restaurants; Cagneys and La Cucina, have to header 'reservations not available'. Does this mean that when reservations open up at about 120 day out that those two will not be accepting reservations??
  6. I once purchased a chair at a furniture store that I loved. When the advertised a 'Midnight Madness' sale with everything marked down 50% we stood in line outside the store till they opened and went right to the chair I wanted. The store was closed all day so that they could 'mark everything down'. Well, here is how they did it. First they removed the old tags, then, marked a price on the new tags with a 100% mark up from the old tags, then crossed that figure off and put in the price that was on the items originally. When I called the salesman on it, his reply was "I guess you caught us". Maybe your experience is the same just crossing off the word 'furniture' and replace it with 'cruise'.
  7. No, when I did my on line check in they notified me that that card was rejected because it's expiration date was less than six months from the cruise date.
  8. As might have been said in Space Balls; 'red is only one step from going plaid'.
  9. Since when does making sense have anything to do with a cruise lines policies??
  10. Another problem with expiration dates also apply to credit cards; unless they have changed the rules. If your credit card expires less than six month after the completion date of your cruise it will not be allowed to be used for the cruise.
  11. I have never see 'Ruby' level except on Princess; enlighten me, I am always in for a little education. Thanks, in advance.
  12. We never book AM flights; one glitch and you are in big trouble both inconvenience and cost of a last minute flight because you missed your scheduled flight. That being said, at FLL you cannot check in more than three hours before your flight. There is nowhere to sit, except the floor when you get there early because you booked a PM flight. I will be avoiding FLL in the future.
  13. If the 'free' seven day cruise is for any seven day cruise of your choice; go for a 7 day Alaska in July. That is one expensive cruise and if all you had to pay were port fees and taxes, it is still quite a perk. And, if you take the cruise out of Seattle instead of Vancouver, you say quite a bit on air fare.
  14. I am a retired plumbing contractor. I never advertised after about my fifth year as almost all of my business was by referral. I always advised my customers to get recommendations from friends, coworkers or family for any type of service. It has served me well. Get a referral and ask why they like their particular travel agent and go from there. It does not have to be someone local; I am in Michigan and my travel agent is in Florida; she has even returned my calls from her own vacations; now, that is a great travel agent. Best of luck.
  15. The seven day if you like to snorkel. In the 16 cruises I have taken, with the exception of Alaska, I have snorkeled on all of them and Cayman has the best, hands down.
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