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  1. Agree ... I believe many don't see the destination until they are there ... the small things along the way often go unnoticed or viewed as insignificant or that doesn't matter to me. That's all great and there is always justification, get what you pay for, things change, not that big a deal ... and sometimes that is true. Bottom line, this is not a good sign and one more thing that sucks and we can be sure this is just a continuation of more of the same to come. I guess it's like anything, when ready to 'purchase', we have to view the product as a whole and consider the best for our wants and needs, and this has to be done anew every time due to the rapidly changing product. Marketing 101, supply and demand, personal experience, etc. sign of the times.
  2. Me do think you are asking too much from them ... bwahahahahahahaha 🙂 Lost in a sea of smoke and mirrors, and I think that includes their own staff who have to answer to it all LOL I don't think anyone would argue with marketing strategy to make more money but 100% agree with you ... stop messing with us so much!
  3. And I bet the drinks were cheaper too. Marketing has altered what everyone expects and ultimately alters what many start thinking they 'need'. I like my drinks and the package is great but it is creeping into being a very expensive convenience, as is buying a drink one by one on board (more so on Celebrity). Edited to add that the 'free' perk is what drew me to Celebrity for the first time some years back. And the perk really was free as I was watching prices and when the perk was offered it did not change the price at all, so we selected the Beverage Package and loved it, we were hooked. So looking back, that was smart of them as I continued to sail with them and obviously paid the hidden cost of the 'free' perk along the way so they gained a customer. Today I am at the point of bailing as I think it has run it's course, though I have no plans to sail for a while, Princess is looking inviting ... if I don't totally bail the industry and do a land vacation.
  4. I don't think you are missing anything, I have done similar cruise costing and it is alarming the difference in picking the 'perks'. Crazy. They are becoming comparable to NCL with their 'free' items, but at least NCL is smart to identify the extra cost as tax LOL The biggest deception in my mind is the label 'complimentary' as this is clearly not what it is, nor is it a perk as one identifies a perk as a bonus (ie free or minimal cost.) Adding these to the cruise should not be called a perk during the booking process and should instead be identified as add ins ... except in the case where it really is included (hidden :)) within the base price and not a clearly separated price cost. This really is minimally false labeling but as others have said the customer has to know what they are buying and decide accordingly. Celebrity is slowly out pricing itself for me, I could opt not to get the drink package (even though it is one of the good things I love) but the drinks are also priced really high on Celebrity so one pays dearly either way. $10 for a Stella ...ugh! I think Celebrity has to come up with better ways to market their fares ... really sad.
  5. Sounds like me ... black licorice tastes disgusting to me ... to each their own 🙂
  6. Did not get offered to us on Equinox Caribbean in July. We got offer of 50% off specialty restaurant first night. However, when we went to guest services to verify our credit card was still on file I asked if any deal on packages and he said let me check and placed a call and then told us we could get premium alcohol package and get second one 50% off. Not as good as BOGO but still nice offer and we would never have been told or known if we had not asked.
  7. This was my memory too, as I posted prior but others have chimed in to say they did not experience this so I began to wonder if my recall was wrong or I was crazy (maybe both) or if instead it has changed since I sailed them. Hmmmm
  8. ... and repetitive announcement content from Captain and CD. Captain Kate does riddles each day to be answered the next day and they repeated second week as did some other jokes and sayings. Cruise Director same thing, during his announcements there was one joke he made about his car and his mother (stood out to me for some reason) and it was told the second week same way. I realize it must be hard to come up with different 'material' but perhaps have a three week cycle 🙂 Thought it was funny. As others have said, shows menus and such are going to repeat. I didn't care since the shows don't change much even over a 6 month or a year time frame and even without changing menus I eat more varied on a cruise ship than I do at home and there is always more than one option on them anyway so week 2 means choosing an alternative. Happy sailing!
  9. Just did this two weeks ago for first time, but to save words this thread will tell you a lot for sure. Another Similar Recent B2B Question My experience was similar to others in same room. Was out of FLL and did not have to move anything and met at certain time on debarkation day and walked off as group, sat in a little area in terminal away from others, they handed out our new seapass card and we were led back on the ship. Done and done.
  10. Oh I'm sure none of use would mind 😉 ... It's all relevant ... carry on.
  11. You have captured the spirit of why I love cruising. I can (and do) plan plan plan plan ... say I am going to do all kinds of things on the ship 'this' time, diligently read the dailies and think that looks good, that looks good, oh and that .... and then fizzle ... the day and night typically turns into lazy stroll of nothingness LOL Like you I am perfectly fine with that but with lingering thoughts that I've missed something 🙂 I have yet to make it to the Silent Disco ... maybe next time hahahahaha!
  12. I have all my dailies for my recent Equinox B2B 7 day Eastern/Western but not sure if posting that here would help you much since your cruise is not going to match it exactly given yours has to be either 6 or 11 day. I used the Celebrity App before (and during) my sailing and it was pretty useless with stuff and felt very clunky to use, just isn't user friendly in my opinion and I have worked in IT for over 20 years so I am not new to technology. It feels like a game of find and seek and when I found something I would not remember where it was when I went looking again. Oh and if you use it on the ship, make sure you connect to the WIFI (and validate it is connected each time you go to use the App), otherwise you will be in the App wondering why it seems limited. I was looking for menus and the option that my friend could see in her app was not appearing in mine and I thought it was an Android vs iOS difference but after being challenged for a while I checked my WIFI again and had to select to connect 'again' and viola ... the App will not complain to you so just thought I'd mention. Have a great cruise!
  13. I agree and thought the same thing as I read responses ... ouch ... but that happens a lot here and tone in written words sting more than verbal. I personally appreciate information like this too. One could challenge the 'rip off' language but what is the purpose of saying you could walk .... wow why didn't the OP think of that... or that basic research would help? Even with research, the cost is the cost and a word to others about such costs is appreciated (perhaps with better subject title). Responses to say the Celebrity cost was actually return was of great value though as that definitely paints a different picture though perhaps I am reading it wrong but it sounds like the taxi was total $10 for the 4 people and not $10 pp so that would make the difference more than $2-$4 as some have noted?
  14. Sad to see this come to an end. Thank you for taking us along on your trip and, having never sailed the Mediterranean myself, I've learned some tidbits along the way. I am surprised by the heat they had in June, wow!
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