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  1. EXACTLY !!!!!!!! The other thing with cruising right now is the cruise lines are reporting it themselves, other 'traveling contracted' cases are mostly under the radar and not being pinpointed in the same way the cruising world is now. Flying right now is a total gamble too but how many positive cases occur without any link back to that.
  2. Speaking of plans ... yet another example of how even the best plans can be short lived. https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/alaska-s-first-cruise-of-the-season-cut-short-after-passenger-contracts-covid-19-1.5052733 "The company said the guest took a five-day testing option before leaving home and received a negative result, as required to get on board the ship. However, the person took another test when arriving at the Juneau airport, which came back positive." The problem is they didn't have the results from the second test until three days later AFTER the person was on board all that time. Ummmmm ... why bother if you aren't going to have results to deny boarding. Then consider, what if he passed the second but the virus was sitting in wait and he was a day or two later unknowingly positive while into the cruise, total crap shoot. There are so many scenarios to consider I don't know how they could foolproof this unless they have their own 14 day isolation area(s) near embarkation port(s) then test (and get results) and only then allow positive tests to board. Not feasible at all so the decision makers have to be getting more and more discouraged as time passes.
  3. They ARE doing short term 'plans', it would seem you are hoping for longer term plans beyond a month or so at a time and that is very unlikely to happen. Everyone, including cruise lines, are making decisions day by day and while some decisions may already be made 'in theory' there would be many reasons why they only commit in small chunks.
  4. I don't think any of us could comprehend all the constantly changing details the cruise lines are having to balance, the obvious day by day evolution of COVID, the rules/policies etc different by Country/Port, decisions that are out of their hands, the fear of making wrong choices where lives are concerned, and all that having to be balanced with decisions that will impact the industry today/tomorrow and for some time to come. And then mix that all up and imagine trying to keep the travel industry current on the constant decision changes, even those working in-house. Customer service is difficult enough with typical company/industry changes, the current events are beyond; I applaud anyone currently working in the travel industry in any capacity! 👏 I don't envy your situation as you are clearly somewhat held hostage with so many cruises coming up but one always has to remember this is unprecedented times with so many lives being lost and of course of equal importance to the cruise lines is their need to keep afloat through this (pardon the pun :)) And like paulh84 said, they have a flowchart of plans that depend on many things beyond their control. Even the recent Norway cruise line cases (and others since) ... are for sure to be another impact to the 'plans'. 😞
  5. There would still need to be a captain so if not her then it would need to be someone, they couldn't leave a ship floating around without someone filling that role. It doesn't necessarily mean Captain Kate is leaving the ship with these crew (maybe she is) but clearly the ship is doing a harder pause while this nightmare continues.
  6. Maybe others have noticed, but I see they now have a statement on their website: Please note that the earning period has been extended an additional 6 months, through December 31, 2021. Some people have received email notices with this information but many never have (myself included) so good to see something like this. I wish it was clear that it applied to both earning AND current status, I want to assume it does but one never knows. I have sent the question to them to inquire on this. The statement is here Blue Chip Casino Club in the last line under Welcome to the Club for those interested to see for themselves.
  7. Thank you for coming here to share your experience.
  8. I am not convinced nagging them changes anything.
  9. Not sure what you mean by 'willing to let them', I would never consider people 'trying' to trust the system and being somewhat patient as being willing and permissive. But yes eventually the wait gets ridiculous, though I know I would never have considered a lawyer.
  10. The fact that I am still here reading CC shows that I still feel the pull, the addiction is real! That said, I do feel myself letting go of any reality of a cruise for me personally for a very long time. 2022 or beyond. The obstacles of the cruise industry itself and the adapting that will have to happen to sail, in the absence of a vaccine, are not attractive to me. Add to that, having to fly internationally to any cruise port just adds more to the mix. I certainly don't rule out future cruising but it is not appealing to me at all right now. Crossing borders adds another layer that makes it an even less of a consideration than for some living near a cruise port. As some have mentioned, however, this is not just a cruising challenge, this is travel in general. An all inclusive resort or even an AirBNB somewhere, will face the same reality having to isolate and be 6 feet apart, there is no escaping the current hold COVID has on us all. Cruising (travel) is just too expensive when one has to fly, do pre-hotels, etc (CAD to US ouch) to even consider for the near future. I imagine a very regimented experience with me constantly thinking about 6 feet, sounds like fun. And wearing a mask on a cruise is not happening for me.
  11. Yep ... but I don't like it. And here I am taking what we can get LOL
  12. Well if you are an idiot, then there seems to be many of us 🙂
  13. Another one here that keeps email, I even have email folders created with saved ones for trips I've cancelled/altered. If I don't have the email I have the reservation invoice saved off somewhere. I even go one step further and have a physical folder with print outs of all my trip docs (stored with my 'Today' dailies from the trip) and the invoice is along with them. Love looking back at details over time to see how cost among other things has 'evolved'. As others also said, it takes no room so what harm. Glad to hear the OP was able to get the room number! The Celebrity agent was likely happy to have a call like that among all the others asking about refunds 🙂
  14. That is my expectation 😞 I looked yesterday at a promotion I reached from somewhere on their main page ... I thought under 'deals' (I could not repeat it later in the day) and it offered 2 perks but the base price was literally $500 CAD more pp than mine that included 1 perk... hmmm. I thought later, let me look at that again and I could not get there again ... I could only get to the 'lower' price one I seen day earlier and all along that was similar to what I paid ... what the ??? I was thinking okay they upped prices day before the 3 'free' perks offer but it would seem it was very temporary ... I really have to get a better hobby LOL EDITED TO ADD ... I see the 5 day flash sale on the main page now. AND the price is the higher one I seen yesterday so SHOCKER (not). I can pay $1,200 CAD more for two people (10 day) to get 2 perks FREE LOL.
  15. I am not seeing this 'sale' on the website yet? Maybe slow putting it up on their site or maybe won't be starting till late in the day?
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