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  1. like they WERE going to cruise in August, October, and now November? Ah please!!!!!!!!!
  2. Is that the way to keep the name of the second person cruising with you flexible or can you just leave it blank and fill it in last minute? yes! When I booked it they only needed 72 or 48 hours prior the departure for the 2nd name.. After confirming the name you cannot change the name again unless you pay...
  3. We are talking about US based cruises! Thank goodness that we have CDC because they know cruises will be unsafe for now, look at the outbreaks already, and there will be MORE cases
  4. So TBA will 2nd person.. I didn't named the 2nd person. just TBA and my last name. I paid for both in full.
  5. I have a question. I'm planning to take Option 1 FCC and $600 and wait later to rebook like in mid 2021 or late 2021 after they start to cruise for 3 to 6 months. My 2nd person is TBA do I need to select the Accept the option on behalf of all guests in the original booking and the new booking if applicable?
  6. Newer tests' results come back within a few hours or less than 30 minutes.....
  7. Clearly October cruises are not happening now...... if you still believe Carnival's old-line excuse "sold out" or hit "cap" for ALL cruises keep on drinking that whatever you are drinking... :0) October cruises are GRAYED OUT!! it means they are going to cancel!!!
  8. Hey better yet realisticruzboy20 😁😄
  9. I was not surprised at all!! I was thinking last night how they would start an Oct 1st cruise *8 weeks out* they can't!! tHEY HAVE TO get an approval from the CDC, reposition the ships, pick up crew, train for new protocols, AND etc..
  10. Click throughout the booking before choosing a stateroom you will get an error
  11. expect an announcement by tomorrow!!
  12. I have 2 browsers on my phone. Fire no selection to select and other one I get this
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