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  1. Thank you so much!!! It sounds like a blast!
  2. Thanks for that info.....But...I'm sorry...I should have explained...if this is on the "80's" day...I was wondering if people dressed up from the 80's....or if there were any parties for that....
  3. Thank you all for your input...At the glow party, do a lot of people dress up? I think a few of us in my group would like to...and then there are a couple of party poopers..haha
  4. My cruise has been switched from a 7 day western to a 9 day exotic eastern journey cruise. Do I understand right that this is an 80s theme now? Who has done a journey crusie...and what can we expect? Thanks in advance!
  5. We did Paradise Beach in Cozumel (by taxi) Captain Marvins in Grand Cayman and Phil Lafayette to Dunns River Falls and river tubing in Ocho Rios...I recommend all of them. On a side note...if you like to bake...make sure to stop at Los Sincos Sol in Cozumel and grab a bottle of vanilla....It is amazing!!!! They also have other great gifts...but this is my favorite thing to grab there!
  6. We have stayed at the Marriott and the Holiday Inn....Would recommend both...they are close to the port...and you can see the ships in the morning...Have a wonderful trip!
  7. How much are the photographers?
  8. That wasn't my intention....I just wanted to know if there was a way to get extra back without it going on a gift card...My last cruise was in 2011...and not cruising until 2021....so don't want money sitting on a gift card that I don't use....I don't even care if I get the extra 10%... Can I use it to apply to another rooms account who is traveling with me if I have extra?
  9. No signature required. I think I ordered it, then a day or two later shipped, and about 4 days shipping...so all together about a week
  10. Can you still get $$$ out from the casino? Maybe if I have a bunch leftover on the last night?
  11. Thank you...I guess I'll have to spend it...because who knows when I will be on another cruise!
  12. I have only ordered the $100 ones and they ship by usps. I have them in just about a week....Not sure about the higher value ones though
  13. I have started buying these to pay for my cruise...once the cruise is paid off...can I continue to add them to my account...or do I need to wait until I get to the port to add them?
  14. I ended up calling Tortuga and they said that I could buy bottles of rum in St. Thomas and St. Marteen...but did not have the name of the shops to buy it. I guess I'll be looking around when I get there...Thank you for your help.
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