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  1. Thank you so much...We are going January 2021...so hopefully it will be open by then!
  2. Does anyone know if Blackbeards castle will be open again? Are they working on repairs...or is it just closed permanently?
  3. Ok...sounds like I don't have to go! Thank you all so much...my granddaughter will be super excited...
  4. Ok thank you...I thought I read you had to buy a coupon book available at the shopping talk...if I don't...YAY me!
  5. So this isn't something that I really care to go to...but I know my 8 year old granddaughter would like to get the free charms/bracelet at Diamond International.....so how long is the shopping talk that we have to go to? How much is the coupon book and what else is included in the coupon book? Is it worth it? Thanks a bunch!
  6. My work email is linked to gmail...can we try that? It is buymaine@sargentre.com Welcome back to Maine next year...it is beautiful here...Bar Harbor is just about in my back yard!
  7. Would you mind sending one to robinb1972@hotmail.com? Thanks in advance for your time!
  8. Thank you...If I remember right...we had to go to the shopping talk on the other cruise line...
  9. Thanks for the review. My granddaughter would like to get one of the bracelets/charms from Diamond International. I remember doing this with y daughter back on our first cruise in 2006...but that was on a royal ship. Do you have to go to one of the shopping talks to get a coupon...or can you just walk into the store and ask for them?
  10. This sounds perfect for what we want...thanks for the info! The taxi stays there while you are doing the falls...correct?
  11. Ok...thank you very much...I guess we will find something else to do!
  12. Does anyone have a map of a good walking tour in St. Thomas. We are on Carnival Magic so not sure where we dock
  13. Thank you all! Great ideas!
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