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  1. Where is the mega store in Cozumel? My family is arriving at the carnival pier...just wondering if we will have time to fit this in
  2. richbum


    On our first trip to Cozumel, DH tried a creamy tequila that he really enjoyed. Is there a place near the pier that sells this? We are cruising Carnival this time (Royal when he tried it so different pier).
  3. We have been to Cozumel twice, and getting ready to go again. First time we just shopped downtown. Second time we did paradise beach. This time I am trying to decide between Chankanaab, Xcaret, and safe tours for a private tour. We have 2 granddaughters going with us this time (ages 3 and 8 ) so want to do something enjoyable for everyone....Can you help me figure out which would be best for us....ages 50, 49, 31, 29, 8 and 3.
  4. richbum


    I agree with the poster above...Los Cincos Sol sells amazing vanilla. I can't wait to go back for more!
  5. We went to Paradise Beach. They had inflatables for kids (or adults), a fake palm tree to climb, jet ski rentals, and great food/drink. They also have a pool. Our family had a blast. We snorkled, relaxed, and ate/drank most of the day. Also, it wasn't very expensive.
  6. richbum

    Island Tour

    Is the bus a hop on/hop off? How much is a taxi to do something like this....This is what we are thinking about doing too! It will be our 2nd time in Grand Cayman.
  7. We did the tour with Captain Marvin! Had a blast too...Highly recommended!
  8. Thank you very much...emailing them now!
  9. Is there any place to hold sloths? We are also going to Roatan...but ship doesn't dock until 10, and you can't hold them after 11
  10. I just read an article online saying that Carnival is cancelling all stops to Antiqua. The other lines owned by Carnival haven't cancelled yet, but will probably follow according to the article. https://cruisefever.net/carnival-cancels-all-stops-at-southern-caribbean-cruise-port/?fbclid=IwAR07soyEC5dOFFS2yTbehfD9pio0K47YH2-ztJ90T0hvKw5FVF6w1vRCHZk
  11. Thank you for the info...It looks beautiful....We will look into this!
  12. Thank you...I will look into this!
  13. We are a group of 15 people cruising on the Magic Jan 2021. My granddaughters (ages 3 and 8 will be with us....Can anyone recommend some fun excursions that they can do? Thanks a bunch!
  14. Is there any plan for this to be refurbished in the near future?
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