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  1. That wasnt my point , to the poster, i agree 95% is very good, my point was its not a virus blocker.
  2. Depends on the weather, if is great weather, yes, great few hours on the beach
  3. I have 0 booked cruises, seems a bit less stress this way.
  4. This is very depressing. Its as if the cruise industry would rather fold then , try to test cruise and get going again slowly.
  5. No it is not false. Smh you still get the virus inside you if around you. Your body just fights it off a lot better and you may not feel you have it at all. Vaccines help build up antibodies to fight it off. It is not a magic blocker.
  6. A vaccine does not block you from getting a virus at all. it only helps you fight it off better.
  7. The vaccine cards seems pretty easy to fake , its hand written. Also you could still have it and spread it to others with the vaccine.
  8. Carnival has been trying to get me to take one from Australia. Thats a bit far .
  9. seems cruising has been vilified, they dont seem to care if we go by air. i get thousands are not on the plane but you are indeed confined to a small place with hundreds. the way Canada is talking it mat be 2022. smh. i wanted to believe common sense would prevail. on slowly opening things cruise wise back up. Remember last spring florida and texas had a mere 200 cases per day . now i think the cdc would kill for that.
  10. do a chargeback, they cant offer back an fcc if they dont know when they can sail again and they have an expire date on the original fcc. took me 2 months but i got a final letter of siding with me. they really cant fight it with no guaranteed date of sailing.
  11. Maybe i will try may for Caribbean out of florida. Alaska not looking good for the summer.
  12. What i meant was, give up on everyone following protocols 100 percent and let's get back to sailing!!!
  13. It doesnt look good. My dads complex was having a bug no mask 100ppl or more new years party. In Texas. Smh ppl are selfish and in denial. But what im saying is we must give up. Because these ppl will never listen. We cant go on for years waiting for it to happen. Half wont take the vaccine either.
  14. This really sucks. This virus is going nowhere soon it seems. So let cruises go on and have ppl sign waivers. There is always a risk to catch any virus .
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