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  1. Excuse me , you are correct 50% have had at least 1 shot which are about 80% effective . However what im speaking on is moving the home port to take the cdc out of the equation. We dont need to be better informed . Its up to Carnival to realize the cdc will stall because they like canada would like to play it safe.
  2. Well that doesnt help Americans cruise. the demand is there 50 percent of all adults are now vaccinated fully in the US. Other businesses are open . lets get this going. but ok CDC wants to play it slow, so move on to a close home port already, the other lines have done so.
  3. Seems silly to keep waiting on the cdc imo. They are too scared to take any blame if something goes wrong. What do you think they are waiting for?
  4. IAD airport, its a bit expensive here . dulles VA near DC
  5. I should have booked sooner, but Carnival and Nor were dragging their feet on moving the home port outside the US, smh
  6. Im not liking what i am seeing on Airfare so far. still i have some time to decide.
  7. I was waiting to see what Carnival does. i have some credits with them, but probably ill book soon.
  8. I am fully Vaccinated and full of Vitamins, Im ready to go. Id also like to cruise 😝
  9. no kids jumping in my hottub , sounds great.
  10. the cards can be bought online, and many are hand written, im guessing the paper i got with the immunization record will be what they need.
  11. yesterday i received the johnson and johnson vaccine, i feel fine no side effects but thirst. i am ready to go , one and done.
  12. Im also ready for my first shot , i think enough time has gone by and id like to get the pfizer one (though i may not have a choice) Im ready to sail either way as i have been already traveling following protocols and no issues.
  13. iv been traveling, i think the cdc recommended not to, now they are recommending its ok with vaccine.
  14. Open up the cruises in florida, its time, yes there are covid cases but many have been vaccinated already with 2mill a day being added.
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