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  1. April 2021? Cruises should be going to the carribean this year. Probably in less than 3 months.
  2. maybe not all the bells and whistles as the ocean liners . but looks like a cruise to me.
  3. im not trying to bait anyone, but i really think ppl around here are way too pessimistic, this covid will pass and and we have to move on with our lives. sure it may not hit zero cases, but hey you can get the flu or noro. there is always a risk.
  4. i would go on a cruise in a month. many ppl would. they will use precautions and have some vetting and rules. Things are opening all over, slowly, but some are not looking around them.
  5. You blocked me because things are opening up , and now you have egg on your face. https://abc7.com/morongo-casino-resort--spa-is-open-riverside-county/6205122/ https://ktar.com/story/3160764/some-arizona-casinos-begin-reopening-after-closing-due-to-coronavirus/ https://www.foxnews.com/us/las-vegas-to-reopen-casinos-with-restrictions https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/coronavirus/tribal-casinos-announce-reopenings-coronavirus/2365450/ Florida and NJ are close to reopening casinos. by june 1st.
  6. right and then you will tell me a bahama cruise is not comparable to a ncl and if carnival goes in august its not comparable to the anthem of seas ect. a cruise is a cruise, on the ocean hugging the coast, or on the river. I dont think its as good because i like going to caribbean ports. and i like a little bigger ship. but its still a cruise.
  7. The point is cruises are starting up next month , not whether i am on board or not. i agree it might not be as good as before, but ill get off at ports and such.
  8. its just not as good imo. still traveling in a boat. Still the same type of things onboard. Next when carnival goes in august you will tell me its not the same as the biggest ship on ncl, so it doesnt count. 🙄
  9. So what do you have to say about the news river cruises will start up next month?
  10. Above my pay grade? haha I own my own business. listen, all of a sudden no one said "not this summer" it must be amazing that no one said 2021 and not this summer. its like a miracle, but yet were throwing shots for months.
  11. They have casinos,dining rooms , fitness centers, and entertainment lounge. ect...
  12. i replied to all these , you could not be bothered to read it or passed it off. getting crew home during the pandemic was the hard part, getting crew once airports and ports are fully operational, not as hard. and also with less pax on board they will need much less staff. with cruises anticipated in august they have plenty of time to get ready. they have 10 weeks. and what about AC? i am booked june 8th . many casinos are open already and some more will be open june 1st. why ppl think the world will stop and nothing will get going, is beyond me. i guess too much negative news .
  13. It wasnt entirely your fault, we were lied to of the severity of this virus. Also we don't you caught it on board or before that.
  14. be honest, you did not think any type of cruising was going to happen this summer. no i did not book, im not fond of river cruises.
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