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  1. i think there is lack of revenue in florida because of no cruising , it is definitely effecting them. jobs at the ports , food and fuel sales every week loaded on to ships, hotel stays for guests the day before .air travel through ect ect.
  2. Have they been cancelled yet or is there hope the cdc will not extend the no sail?
  3. i had this happen on norweigian . i took fcc but they canceled the next two , so i did a charge back and won the final decision for full refund . since they can say when they could sale again.
  4. Not for us citizens because we cant behave ourselves long enough for this to pass . trimone.
  5. Well in europe at least . things are heating up for more ships to launch in the next few months.
  6. offering it free like some countries are doing, will increase bookings,
  7. I hear you , however many people dont want to tell ppl they have or had it. because there is a stigma attached, i have some friends that contracted it last month and they have not told many ppl outside our circle , not posted it on social media, ect.
  8. Well i agree with you , Texas and florida handled this very poorly in may. Possible would have seen a few start already there. However the good news is the cases are decreasing.
  9. Places like dubai , and the dominican republic, have an incentive to travel there by covering all corona related expenses that could come up. perhaps the ports could do the same to encourage cruise passengers to book, https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23438-dominican-republic-to-pay-for-travel-assistance-for-international-visitors.html
  10. i have no issue with this , ppl that misbehave and risk crew and pax health and future cruises need to be kicked off .
  11. yes we all know that . i think ppl are talking about oct-december . but now seems oct is out .
  12. im glad i pulled out . washed my hands with them. i was very insulted by the way ncl handled things . started making the extra fcc worthless.
  13. so now a," how does november look? " thread is needed
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