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  1. We have been quarantined since we got home from Symphony of The Seas last Sunday. We live in Nova Scotia, & I work at a hospital pharmacy, that only supplies medications for inpatients, and my supervisor dropped off laptops for me to be able to enter prescriptions from home. Definitely different times! Everyone stay safe and wash your hands, wash your hands, and wash your hands!
  2. This is hilarious! I love it!!! When I read the headline, I thought, that cruise date was cancelled, maybe the date is wrong, LOL! Thanks for this :)
  3. I sent an email to Michael Bayley last night asking if the free frozen virgin drinks would be available in the Diamond Lounge on Symphony in March. I received a phone call this afternoon from one of Mr. Bayley's executive, and he confirmed that they would be available πŸ™‚
  4. Does anyone REALLY know how much stateroom attendants actually make? I have read several different stories, but it seems that there is never a clear answer. In one article I read, stateroom attendants make as much money per month as my wage. We all have a job to do, and most of us don't have the opportunity to receive tips. I've worked in the service industry, but I also received an hourly wage, if we got a tip, it was a bonus, not an expectation or part of a "top up" to make my hourly wage. If you think about it, it's kind of funny who we tip and who we don't tip as a society. We tip the people who give us our coffee at a drive thru, or people on a cruise ship, or anyone else that works in the service industry, yet, we DON'T tip our Doctor, Surgeon, Pharmacist, or Paramedics, and these people save our lives in some cases. I'm not looking to stir the "tip pot" discussion, but, I just don't understand how we, as consumers, have to cover someone else's wages, or feel like we have to do this. And YES, we do tip. OK, I'm off my pedestal lol.
  5. Great thread! My husband I are cruising March 2020 on Symphony with our daughter & son-in-law, this will be his first cruise and we are excited to see the look on his face when he boards this ship πŸ™‚
  6. Here is what it says in my cruise documents that just came this morning. I am unsure if we are allowed or not allowed, seems to be conflicting information, I guess I better call Royal Caribbean. Guests are not allowed to bring beer, hard liquor, fortified wines (vermouth, sherry, sake, and port wines) or nonalcoholic beverages onboard for consumption or any other use. Guests may bring personal wine or champagne onboard only on embarkation day, limited to two (2) bottles (no boxes) of 750 ml each per stateroom. Wine should be brought onboard via carry on if possible. Luggage containing wine or champagne will not be delivered to the stateroom and guests will need to retrieve their luggage from security once the ship has set sail.
  7. Choice 1 to 2499 Points Prime 2500 to 24999 Points Signature 25000 to 99999 Points Masters 100000 Plus
  8. Hey John, I know this isn't the proper location, and I tried searching, when is President's Cruise 2020? Thanks πŸ™‚
  9. IMHO, a Central Park Balcony is definitely better than an Interior or an Oceanview. We have stayed in 2 Central Park Balcony cabins and a Boardwalk cabin. They are 2 different environments, Central Park is peaceful and serene, whereas Boardwalk cabins are louder and livelier.
  10. I didn't realize you could request unopened cans πŸ™‚
  11. Can you clarify the onboard credit, I have an MLife number, but not sure this is the same thing. Thanks πŸ™‚
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