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  1. I’m returning to update my status from Princess website. In the main account page it still shows an expiry of 12-31-21.....BUT I took another look at the OBC for a future cruise after that date and Military OBC has now been added. So I guess it worked?
  2. I’ll have to let you know...it says it takes about 7 days to update in the Captains Circle account. Which is still listing 12/31/2021.
  3. Thanks for this thread. A while back, amidst all the cancellations, we noticed the expiration changed from 2099 to 2021. Assumed it was due to cash flow and Covid. Had no idea it was just a renewal issue. Just updated the authorization and will look forward to continuing with this benefit. Thanks to all.
  4. Many third-party insurance companies will allow you to cancel the existing policy and transfer it to a future trip. Especially if the trip cancellation is due to Covid.
  5. Suzy, no idea if they are using the same hotels as three years ago, but post #5 in this thread gives more info: https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2293257-princess-europe-cruisetours/?tab=comments#comment-49222371
  6. It’s going to be a lot simpler to do what you want if you cancel before the FCD expiry date is reached. If you cancel before the FCD expires it will be returned to your CC account and you can then ask for an extension. if you cancel after it expires it will be refunded via your cancelled card. If you have a new account with the same bank, it is linked to your old account and the refund will show up on the new account. If you no longer have a relationship with that bank, they will reject the refund and at some point you will receive a check in the mail.
  7. And just to close this out; the refund made it to the credit card today. Three weeks start to finish.
  8. No small part of the confusion seems to be whether FCCs are now fully returnable (or refundable). This is new territory for most of us, as past FCCs were “use ‘em or lose ‘em” with no cash value. Covid FCCs are a mix of refundable (cash value) and non-refundable (no cash value) depending on what Option was offered and what each passenger chose. From what is posted above, it seems that Aon is considering them all to be ‘just like cash’ and refundable, yet has not changed their policy DOC to reflect that they are a covered method of payment. Given the recent history of major disconnects between what the cruiseline says vs. what actually happens, I would have to recommend that anyone purchasing travel insurance do so with the help of an independent qualified broker who can explain what is being purchased. The final result will be that any insurance company will only pay for what is specifically mentioned in their DOC. What anybody at Princess or Aon says on the phone is useless.
  9. I agree it makes sense to speak with an independent broker like Steve. There appears to be some sort of missing bit of information from the DOC document about what is or is not covered by Aon and whether FCCs are returnable and/or insurable by them.
  10. If I read this correctly, AON wants Princess to calculate the insurance cost based on the full fare price even when that price is paid via FCC...yet AON will not include the value of FCC used for payment in any reimbursement claim. If that’s the case I can think of a few state insurance commissioners who would be Very interested in that sort of behavior. As a consumer, I would also stop purchasing AON insurance if using FCC; third party insurance would cost significantly less for the same coverage.
  11. Just an update; FCDs are now off My Princess, but nothing has yet appeared on the credit card.
  12. Bollycats, we should both come back and post here when the refunds actually happen. Requested mine 10 days ago and they all still show on my account....unlike years past when they were gone almost as soon as I got off the phone requesting a refund.
  13. I have 6 FCDs that will expire throughout 2021. When I called last week to ask about refunding them now instead of in dribs and drabs I was told they could ‘fill out the form for that; management has to review it and it will take a bit of time to process.’ When I asked what ‘a bit of time‘ meant - days, weeks or months - the CSR could not say. I asked for the refunds; we shall see how many are processed before they expire.
  14. Voljeep yes, I accidentally posted before I finished and had to edit while you were replying.
  15. Yes. If Princess continued with the last refund/FCC plan you would get a refund of $100 (or return of your FCD if unexpired) OR you could opt for double deposit FCC=$200 FCC. But yesterday’s announcement cut it down to just $125 FCC or $100 refund.
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