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  1. cherylandtk

    Is Princess really worth this cost?

    Which Princess cruise ship? Enchantment of the Seas is a RCCL ship. Enchanted Princess won’t set sail until 2020, and while new ships usually command. Premium price, they really are not worth it. Check out the current ships sailing on the same itineraries to compare.
  2. cherylandtk

    Insurance policies for diff cruise fares

    I agree with discussing this with a broker. But one thing that can be done is to put the two youngest adults as the first two occupants in the suite. It won’t change the price of the cruise but the lower age will result in a cheaper insurance cost for the two high fares. And yes, if people live in different states you will need separate policies.
  3. cherylandtk

    Serious incident on Royal

    Yes, it sounds serious. Likely a death of a suspicious nature if forensics and police are involved. Nobody here will have better information than someone on the ship. An announcement or formal statement by Princess will be days away. Thank you for posting; and welcome to the community. There has been a very active Roll Call for this cruise with a few posts made since sailing. I would think when there is something to report that the Roll Call members will do so.
  4. cherylandtk

    Balcony access

    Usually not locked, but when underway, it is quite a windy location. For the most part, you would not want to sit out there and read or chat. It’s great when the ship slows down and is headed into port or is docked, however.
  5. cherylandtk

    My TA went out of business!

    Lots of folks do, for various reasons. The email addy is Agencychanges@RCCL.com just explain that the TA is out of business and RCCL will take over the booking. You can access your booking the website just as if you booked it directly with them.
  6. Travel Guard Gold, under their listed reasons for cancelation, says “Inclement Weather causing delay or cancellation of travel” I dont know if this means you can give up, cancel and go home (since the ship is not canceled) But it might be worth discussing with a broker under your exact scenario to find out.
  7. cherylandtk

    Lesson learned I hope

    What also seems to have been missed thus far is that insurance would NOT have covered this event. Documented car accident, yes. Mechanical breakdown, probably not unless somehow documented with a police report. As for the timing...Splendor departs Long Beach at 4 pm. Cutoff time is 3 pm. When you make your own arrangements to get to the port, you really do have to get to the port before the cutoff time.
  8. cherylandtk

    Id question

    In their state, do they get to keep the current ID card and the piece of paper is technically an extension of that ID?
  9. cherylandtk

    Confused about trip insur...

    Boy, do I wish it could all be straightforward and simple, but the answers to your questions are varied and possibly complex. Insurance is a case where one really needs to research, or speak with a qualified individual to answer the specific question that apply to you. Any of the oft-mentioned brokers can help you. As a quick start, you will need to ask/research your current medical insurance if it will cover you at all out of the country, and for what events. If not, any insurance you purchase will become primary payer, although it could still be a secondary policy, meaning you may have to submit a claim to your primary insurance to be denied first. Clear as mud, right? Also, be aware that there are sometimes good reasons to choose a secondary policy over a primary policy (when you have high expenses and a deductible on your primary paying policy). As to pre-existing conditions (PEC) each policy defines this with individual time limits and parameters, so you would need to compare specific coverages to determine which policy is best for you and your husband’s situation. Sorry I could not be more specific in answering, but everyone has different needs and desires. There is likely a perfect policy out there to meet your needs, it just takes a bit of research and reading to find the right one.
  10. cherylandtk

    2020 Deployment Caribbean Summer

    Thanks Coral
  11. cherylandtk

    Cruise wedding question

    Yes to both questions. On Carnival, all weddings are performed in the ports, not at sea, using a local officiant. You may have non-sailing guests attend. https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5070/~/wedding-package-faqs There is also a cruise wedding forum on this board that has much helpful information.
  12. cherylandtk

    Wondering about the "3 For Free" Promotion

    When you book under a promotion such as 3/Free you are buying a package deal, regardless of how your TA prices it relative to the same cruise without the promotion. You do not receive a refund for part of the package if you don’t care for it. If that’s what you want, then book each item separately.
  13. cherylandtk

    Q: July 2019 cruiser with new Breast Cancer

    Sadly, buying trip insurance won’t do you any good at this point. Until you know what your treatment will be and how long it might take, you probably should not plan on anything non-refundable for the next 8-10 months. A lot will depend on what stage and histotype you have, and it will take a lot of tests over the next month to determine that answer. If you still have several months before your final payment, you could wait until a week or so before and make a decision then. Lastly, there are a lot of us out there that used to be in your position...medicine has made great strides in treating this, so keep up the positive attitude!
  14. cherylandtk

    Cruise Cancellation

    You are ~95 days to the cruise. Per AU cancellation rules, you will lose your deposit if you cancel now. Final payment due date is 75 days prior, at which point the penalty to cancel is 25%. https://www.carnival.com.au/au-legal-notice/ticket-contract.aspx
  15. I think Princess might have instituted a new flight time guide; the website basically now says don’t book anything before 12:30. I am pretty sure it used to be earlier.