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  1. The first cruise with this itinerary isn’t until October, so we won’t know for sure until then. However, on the Roll Call a passenger asked the captain earlier this year and the response was that they would indeed reduce lighting and make additional accommodations in order to see the lights.
  2. Probably because people who cruise often underestimate the cost of treatment and medical evac. While the example was a hike in Illinois, the same sort of medical situation can occur in many ports and excursions.
  3. This is a very individualized decision. Over the years, we have kept track of our onboard spending and we know what our typical drink costs/volume are. Our numbers do not match our travel friend’s numbers; everyone has different habits. For us, it works out to around $30/person/day at current prices. That’s nowhere near the Princess cost of $70 per day for the PBP but it is what we use as our ‘value’ when considering price drops and which promo is the better bargain. One of our friends uses the cost of two bottles of water and a large specialty coffee (~$10 per day) as her number, because that is what she drinks.
  4. Yes. When bookings first open all cabins are available. As specific categories begin to fill, you will see both specific cabin and guarantee options. As availability gets very limited you will only see guarantee options and then eventually it may show Sold Out for those categories.
  5. You probably can store it in the open position under the bed.
  6. Our S&S results: Oct 2019 cruise-Sale does not apply Jan 2020-price of cruise has steadily increased since we booked, now up by $495 per person. S&S pricing did not change from price checked a few weeks ago, but our booked price is better. May 2020 Alaska cruisetour. S&S price the same as our booked price. OBC/grats on booking $25 less than what we value the drink package. Not changing for that, as we don’t drink as much on an Alaska itinerary, and we think 3/F might work better for us. Jan 2021 Caribbean B2B2B. S&S pricing is up $160 pp, but for a 21 day cruise it is worth it for us to switch, so we did.
  7. Here is a video of that cabin on the sister ship Regal:
  8. I just want to thank you for posting your experience in such great detail. It is valuable for people like me who might consider credit card insurance—or not.
  9. Most people I know of Medicare age or older opt for cruiseline insurance since its cost is not based on age as third party insurance is. Depending on the cruiseline, several include CFAR coverage as a cruise credit, which can be invaluable to anyone who has to cancel unexpectedly. The drawback to the cruiseline policies is that their medical coverage is usually too low and has a PEC lookback. To supplement that, many people also buy an annual travel medical only policy such as Geo Blue to cover them while out of the country in addition to the cruiseline limited policy. There are many other individual situations that apply, some of which could include: -using premium credit card cancel coverage -self insuring cancelation costs and just purchasing medical coverage -partially insuring cancel costs -some Medicare supplement policies include international coverage
  10. Just as an FYI, the next paragraph in that document discusses extensions; one of them (c) is an unavoidable delay in return of the ship. So you would still have been covered for the extra days had something happened.
  11. The value of the FCC ($100 ea.) is supposed to be refunded to the credit card used to purchase them. Again IF the deposit was refundable for your bookings, which you state they were. Once you book with them, they are ‘converted’ to cash, subject to the deposit rules of the booking. So while you may lose the freebies that come with an FCC, you should not lose the deposit ‘cash’ itself.
  12. Yes, there is. Lots of silliness, think bedsheet togas, whipped cream and fruit tossed over the volunteer pollywogs by Neptune. Certificates of the crossing for everyone, plus they toot the horn as the bow and stern cross the exact 0 latitude mark.
  13. Even with insurance, your reason for cancelling is not covered. So no, there is no way to recoup the nonrefundable deposit costs for any of your group. If this concern of yours merits the deposit loss, then you should consider cancelling while that is your only expense. Otherwise, if you make final payment and then cancel , or go on the cruise and are further disappointed beyond the experience you just had, your groups costs will be much higher than what they are today.
  14. While your insurance would cover you for medical that occurs during the cruise, you would not be covered for cancellation as your ‘cost’ was zero in terms of actual money spent. This also means you cannot use the CFAR again on this cruise and receive another credit. (If that were possible, some folks would book cruises they intend to cancel just to extend their credit beyond the expiration).
  15. Just a small bit of extra advice...if the cruise is selling quickly, you may want to ask your TA to make a booking for two in that room. Once capacity is reached in a section, you cannot add a second person to the booking. ETA-I see Bobbie was posting the same thing at the same time...😁 Also, if you are booking under a special promo, you may want to lock in the rates for the second person at this time. It is easy to modify the second name on the booking before final payment date. Ask your TA to explain the nuances, but it is usually easier/better to go from two down to one rather than go from one up to two.
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