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  1. Bird in hand worth two in bush. Take the cash, leave the excess FCC option on the table, ESPECIALLY for anyone who’s future travel ability is questionable.
  2. Final payment date and cancelation date are two separate events. Astro was answering a cancelation date question; this is separate from the final payment due date answer in the FAQ.
  3. Your packages are part of a booking promotion and are paid as part of the fare. LeeW was referring to separately booked packages, through the Personalizer, much like one books excursions or spa treatments. Those can be separately canceled. As your ‘packages’ are not separately booked but are a promotional part of your fare, they will be included in the penalty calculation if you cancel. The split between refund - FCC - penalty will depend on the date of cancelation.
  4. No. Final payment date is separate from cancelation date. The final payment date is 60 days for sailings in June or July, it reverts to 90 days for August and later sailings. So, a July 30 cruise and an August 30 cruise both have essentially the same final payment date; around May 31. in order to receive FCC for cancellation penalty amounts, one must cancel by the stated limit for that cruise date range. For May, June, July Cruises the limit is up to 48 hours prior. For August -October cruises, the limit is 30 days prior. Note that all June, July , August cruises have not yet reached final payment date, so any of these cancelled now would get a refund of deposit, assuming a standard refundable deposit was made. If final payment date is reached, then the penalty policy comes into play.
  5. Yes to the insurance question. The ‘booked by April 30’ clause is one of several Princess’ parameter for WHICH bookings qualify for this special new cancel policy. The policy varies depending on when the cruise sails and when it was booked, as well as when one cancels. The 30 day limit means that one must cancel By 30 days prior to get the ‘extra’ perk of receiving the FCC. (Other earlier sailing dates have/had 72 or 48 hours prior to sailing limits) If one cancels after the stated limit, you do not get the automatic FCC, (but may qualify for CFAR FCC if using the insurance.) The ‘new’ 60 vs. ‘old’ 90 day final payment due date is based on month of sailing.
  6. Do you usually use Princess insurance? If so, then you are not seeing much difference because the insurance gave you FCC for your cancellation penalty charge. Now with the revised policy for specific cruise dates, anyone-even those who did not purchase insurance-gets the same deal, up to the specified days prior. (And people who bought the Princess insurance get that back under this new policy; under old rules that cost was not refunded or credited)
  7. The cancellation fee is the penalty amount listed in the Passage Contract. This has not changed for your cruise date. https://www.princess.com/legal/passage_contract/pcl.html What has changed is that in the past, you just plain lost the penalty amount (unless you could claim insurance, but that is separate from Princess new policy). Now, with the new policies based on COVID and cruise date, you will get the value of the penalty amount returned to you as FCC. As long as you cancel your cruise before the 30 day limit. The split between refund/FCC depends on the penalty level you are in when you cancel. The only way to receive a full refund for your date is to cancel prior to final payment and have no booking limits on your deposit.
  8. Please take the philosophical life discussion to the Floataway Lounge and leave this thread to its original intent of discussion about the status of Alaska cruises. Thank you.
  9. March 17 WAS the policy when I wrote that response. Two hours ago Princess expanded it yet again and dated it today: https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/temporary-cancellation-policy.html
  10. You will need to go through your TA to cancel. Who either does not know the newest (March17) cancellation policy or is misleading you. Either way, your TA is not being completely forthright with you about what percentage is cancelation penalty->FCC and what percentage is refund. Reason enough to call them on it or seek a new TA. Since you know you will cancel, do you wish to parlay your cruise cost into a higher value in FCC or do you prefer 90% cash with 10% in FCC? If the latter, you are on Day 62 today, (19th). You have through day 58 (Mon) to cancel at above rates. On day 57 it becomes 50%50%.
  11. People keep confusing 100% of the penalty amount with 100% of the fare. Moonstruck has another day or two to cancel and receive cash for all but the deposit penalty, which will be given in FCC. At 57 days prior to sailing the penalty amount becomes 50% of the fare.
  12. Contact your bank and ask if the number of the old card is linked to your new card within their system. Cannot speak to debit cards specifically, but in the past when I had a re-issued credit card due to number theft, an issued refund was automatically transferred to my new card.
  13. I’m able to see pricing again, now. Perhaps it’s just the usual weekend IT gremlins and not something else.
  14. Most situations are in the FAQ on the Princess website. https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/temporary-cancellation-policy.html Go down to the FAQ at the bottom of the page, ~#11 and read from there.
  15. I thought so too, but if you click past the number of passengers, you cannot select a room type.
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