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  1. J posted a copy of the turnaround day patters on her blog—second page of that states that pax who boarded in LA do NOT have to attend the muster drill in Auckland today. It probably varies based on both length of cruise and port country.
  2. My apologies; I should have been more specific. The early Grand class, Grand, Golden, Star have the ‘two cushion’ sofas. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/1782989-star-princess-mini-suite-e729-photos/?tab=comments#comment-37407996 The later iterations, starting perhaps with the Crown? have the larger three cushion sofas.
  3. It doesn’t show the dimensions easily, but here is a photo from another thread, post 6. It’s basically two couch cushions wide.
  4. The loveseat in our deluxe balcony on Royal did fold out into a single bed. I believe it is about the same size as the loveseats in the minisuites on the Grand class ships.
  5. I agree that the western side is ‘more’ interesting. But just marginally so; I would not make my cabin selection based on that factor. If you are mobile, there is plenty of opportunity to capture the view (such as it is) from both sides of the public decks. Our best photos were of Port Tawfiq at sunrise (we went north) and the later sandstorm approaching that enveloped everything in minutes.
  6. Ruby is slightly newer, Golden has one less deck of passengers. Other than that they are much the same.
  7. Yes it was, we were midship deck 8 on Sapphire. Usually WiFi can be received in the cabins. Once we had to prop the door open, that was on Coral far forward, not sure of deck.
  8. Sapphire will not receive medallion class Wi-Fi until July 27, 2020. We were on the same cruise you are considering last spring, the Wi-Fi in my opinion, is nowhere close to being reliable enough to run a business.
  9. When you finish the medallion check in you are given a digital boarding pass that you can printout OR save a photo Or both.
  10. If you use the same past passenger numbers on both bookings it automagically knows.
  11. You can complete the Medallion App and order as soon as you make final payment. You do not need to wait for final payment due date.
  12. We did this trip in March of 2016. I second what others said above so won’t repeat it. Great Barrier Reef and Uluru were both bucket list items and highlights for us. We had bug nets from a prior trip; very glad we brought them along. Did the added dinner in the outback (under the stars, sunset cocktails with Uluru view, no bugs) in addition to the included sunrise and sunset viewings. Thought the trip was well worth it, they schedule a lot more into the daily activities than we could/would have doing it on our own. Yes, it’s a tiring trip. But satisfyingly so. Our tour did not include Darwin, we did it post cruise, ended in Sydney where we added two more days on our own before returning home.
  13. To do that itinerary in 14 days or less you will need to look at flying to Hawaii or Tahiti, sailing between the two and flying back from the other. Norwegian Jewel does that in April/May and September/October. Fall of 2021 not released yet, but spring (March/April) 2021 is open for booking. Princess does not do that short itinerary; you would have to do the 28 day trip on Princess.
  14. Your choice. Prices could go up or down, even with the history of price hikes. You have up to 45 days before your cruise, if you want to keep checking. And if you are fine with what you paid, you can stop checking and leave it alone and spend your time doing something else.😁
  15. I think it is a corporate ‘mandate’ sort of thing. John Heald went on about it last year on his blog, making fun of the new terminology.
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