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  1. We've always "ordered" the luggage tags and received them at home. Loved to get them because when we received them, it meant that the cruise is getting close!!
  2. Ah yes, the new Retreat Sun Deck...I betcha this is a first-come-first-served issue! No reserving of lounge chairs like on the Princess Sanctuary! Correct?
  3. I just reviewed some photos of the Retreat on the Celebrity Equinox; it looks like it's all indoor. Is this area an outdoor area or simply indoor/covered? Thanks all.
  4. Can you reserve your own lounge chair in the Retreat, like you can on The Sanctuary on Princess Cruise Lines?
  5. Is this similar to The Sanctuary on Princess Ship where you can reserve a lounge chair?
  6. They must be "pushing" this cabin; I just cancelled a cruise when I found out that 6254 is obstructed; don't know what the degree of obstruction is, but I don't want any.
  7. This happened to me a few years back, riding on the LIRR going home; somehow I changed the 3-digit combination on my attaché case. Not paying attention, I did not know what I changed it to. I set the combination to 000 and changed it one digit at a time, (000, 001, 002, etc.). Yes, it took quite a while to hit the correct combination, but I did it.
  8. Look for the KYSS bag; that's what it's called; (Keep Your Stuff Safe), has a chain and a combination lock, that when wrapped around your chair or chairs, will lock the bag so nothing can be removed, nor the bag removed from the chairs. I recall they come in three sizes, small, medium and large.
  9. What's the easiest way (other than calling Celebrity), to determine if a selected cabin is indeed an obstructed cabin. I didn't see any indication on the Celebrity website, but only after I searched on another website did we find out that the cabin that we selected was obstructed with window washing equipment. Is there an indication of such that I simply missed? Thanks all.
  10. Tried a search but didn't come up with any results; what's the difference between Aqua Class A1 and A2? Is it just location on the ship? Thanks.
  11. Pickels

    Aqua Class

    Not true; just was looking at the Celebrity website this morning, (6/6/19) and there is reference to Aqua Suites. So now, I'm confused!
  12. On both the Equinox and Silhouette, there was a red carpet for getting back on the ship for suite guests; I only used it for a "photo op", agree with TeeRick-- unnecessary.
  13. On the Regal Princess, our last 7-day cruise, we spent a total of $420 for the entire cruise. What a pleasure of not having to worry about chair hogs, nor being concerned that when we went to lunch, or a dip in the pool, that someone would be taking our lounge chair. And the personal service throughout the cruise was amazing. Coffee, tea or ice water, a cool washcloth, etc. It was worth every penny, way to go Princess!
  14. We have cruise Princess on the Regal Princess and loved the availability of The Sanctuary. Does anyone know what other Princess cruise ships have the Sanctuary? thanks in advance!
  15. I said it before, and I'll say it again, (even though I'll get arguments on the subject), I always work directly with the cruise line, airlines, hotels, etc. If there's a problem or issue, I feel I get better results when working directly with the company. No middle man or third person.
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