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  1. thanks Marshacruises, that's what I thought and why I kept passing it by. But the nice people here on CruiseCritic identified it!
  2. Sorry to read about your loss; please accept our condolences. There are good stories and bad stories; praises and complaints; but, it's great to hear how a big company did such a great gesture and, I'm sure there are a lot of other great stories and gestures that are not posted here.
  3. Thank you all for the input, Boy, just missed it, never saw it, and I went over all the decks twice, got all the others, except BLU! Thank you again, Happy Crusin' !
  4. Sorry--- On the Equinox!
  5. Where are they hiding the Blu Dinning Room? Didn't see it on the latest deck plans from Celebrity, unless they forgot to add it.
  6. RE: The only real downer was the Suite Sun Deck. It really is a shame the refurb was cut short because that area NEEDS water. We went up there a couple of times and walked right back out. I guess if you just want a quiet place to bake it is fine but there is no bar (but there is service) and no pool or hot tub or shower or sprinkler.... We will be on the Equinox next March and are thinking about the Retreat Sun Deck-- I'm going to try this, hope it works out...going to bring a collapsible canvas insulated tot-bag; with cold drinks and bring it with us up to the Sun Deck.
  7. FANTASTIC REVIEW; one of the best I've seen since being on CruiseCritic. Thanks for sharing; very well done!
  8. Thank you vtcruising; great information and great photos. And I agree, it's a great way to start a cruise. Happing Cruisin'.
  9. No commercial has ever influenced me to make a purchase; but...we consider some of them quite entertaining. Have you notice that a lot of commercials, for whatever product or service, are using some of the old tunes? Some have really taken the time to make a great commercial, [great marketing department] others, are just plain stupid. Celebrity has done a good job with it's latest ad.
  10. Are you kidding? Do you think the CEO of a major cruise line is going to call you and discuss noise in a dining room? Really? Should have just spoke to the cruise staff about this issue. Next time consider eating meals in your cabin; it's nice a quiet there.
  11. We have 4 perks for our upcoming cruise in March on the Celebrity Equinox. I was never able to see the perks whenever I accessed my reservation on the Celebrity Web Site. I had to call to get verification and requested that they send me an e-mail with the perks listed; which they did.
  12. Naw! Looks good at first but, in reality, the green stuff is much better. The staff doesn't make a lot in wages and they DEPEND on the tips, both the automatic gratuities and the "extra" at the end of the cruise. IMHO----Those "gifts" look and sound a bit tacky. For us it's always been a three figure amount in a plain envelop with a thank-you card.
  13. We have cruised in AFT cabins on several ships; always loved the choice---it's quiet, no noise from people running in the halls, love the view out the back; you can see more with an AFT cabin than one that's on the side of the ship, maybe a long walk to the restaurants; shops, etc. but, that may be an advantage---burn off some calories!! Vibrations? Slight, not a problem.
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