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  1. RELAX, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! The crew is fantastic and treats everyone with respect and great service. You may bump into a snob or two on the cruise, (never from any crew member), but if you do, that's their problem! So, relax, enjoy your cruise!
  2. Was just wondering if anyone was ok with this [repulsive] idea; why, because on a previous cruise we saw someone using their utensils to help themselves pick up food in the buffet.
  3. Once you cruise in a suite---you will never go back to an non-suite! You will be spoiled!
  4. Why would you assume that everyone walking out of a washroom has failed to wash their hands properly?...Why? because I've been in a washroom and observed someone doing his business and simply walked out of the washroom, that's why!!
  5. If you like to eat in the buffet; would you bring your own [small] tongs?
  6. Should’ve at least had a shower so you could cool off a bit!
  7. On prior cruises, I've actually seen guys do their business and simply walk out of the men's room, ugh!
  8. I agree with MEcruzr ; great points to consider and keep in mind! Also, spray with Lysol, put TV remotes in a zip lock bag; [you can still operate it].
  9. Relax, be cool, enjoy your cruise, and please, don't use up all the sunshine! We'll be doing the Equinox in a few weeks!
  10. Is it possible to get the same table [for two] each night in Blu? Or no reservations in Blu for the same table every night?
  11. I betcha you wouldn't have to worry about chair hogs in the Retreat Sun Deck, ! Also, OK, no pool, but at least a shower would be a nice touch!
  12. You are going to get a whole bunch of various replies here on CC; everyone is entitled to their opinion regarding tipping. My take on this issue is this-- the automatic gratuities [which we never remove] are a starting point for tipping. If someone has gone above and beyond with service, they get an envelop at the end of the cruise which will contain a three figure amount. If, for whatever reason the service was not up to snuff, or someone had an attitude, the automatic gratuities are the ending point. Just MHO.
  13. A BIG FAT NO! We're always diligent when on vacation but, next cruise will be more diligent, washing hands, using Lysol, anti-bacteria wipes on everything! Like one other poster said, bringing extra RXs just in case!
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