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  1. thanks LuvCruzn4Evr appreciate the info!
  2. When you go on the Celebrity Web Site; and you want to use your FCC, you have two choices---1) make a reservation with the FCC, or, 2) make a reservation then apply the FCC. For those who have used their FCC, is there any advantage of one over the other. Thanks all!
  3. If you go on Celebrity's website; you can book a cruise [for 2022] that goes out of Ft. Lauderdale. Hoping they open up U.S. ports for cruising in 2022.
  4. That’s it! Aruba here we come!, Thanks all, I enjoyed reading all great comments and reasons!
  5. Hello Fellow Cruisers Putting aside the cost; not considering it for a decision, if you had a choice of a short (ex: 4 nights) or a longer (9 nights) which would you prefer? With the present cruise industry situation; the reason why I'm asking is, that if you are on a short cruise and something happens, [you have an accident, or medical condition or an outbreak], you're closer to home than if you were on a longer cruise. What do ya think? What's your opinion? Thanks!
  6. If you're going on a riverboat cruise, there is no pool.
  7. We recently sailed on Princess and reserved The Sanctuary, also no pool, but, we were able to walk to one of two pool, one was on the same deck as the Sanctuary the other, one deck down, BUT, there were elevators for those who had trouble with the stairs.
  8. typo, meant to say no pool !
  9. We are hoping and planning for a Caribbean cruise in the March/April time-frame [2022]. We love the warm weather. Forgot about this year and hoping that things will get back to some sort of "normal" for 2022.
  10. That's great to hear; may include one of those two ships in our future plans! Thanks for the info!
  11. NYC may have been LaGuardia airport
  12. We're waiting to use our FCC which expires Dec, this year, also looking for March, 2022. Hope things get better by then!
  13. Since 2003 we have always given extra gratuities to our crew members. We have never removed the automatic gratuities from our account. When cruising resumes, [mostly likely 2022 for us], we will definitely take care of the hard working crew staff.
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