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  1. Sorry to hear about all the problems; that's why I always deal directly with the cruise line, air line and hotels/resorts. Since 2003, NEVER had a problem!
  2. We sailed on Celebrity's Equinox and Silhouette and had two fabulous cruises; you will not be disappointed.
  3. How tricky is it to get from the front of the ship to the very rear of the ship. I understand it's an up and over and down; you can't walk on the same deck to get from front to aft. True?
  4. B2B cruisers get first crack on he second leg of their cruise; some say "foul- not fair to others".
  5. Forgot to ask---did you reserve a cabana? Maybe that's why the cost was so high; please advise, thanks.
  6. I agree with geoherb, it's great to read a review that has positives and negatives. One question: RE: So we paid around $650-700 for the Sanctuary. Blah! Did I read that right, you had to pay $650 to $700 for two people for the entire week? How long was your cruise?
  7. On the last two cruises, one on Celebrity Equinox, second on Silhouette, they had the reserved seating for suite cruisers roped off and you would be escorted by a staff member; those not suite cruisers would be turned away. BUT, about 10-15 minutes before show time, the rope would be removed, and the area open to all cruisers; which I think is only fair..
  8. Is the Allegro, (aft location), the only MDR that has Traditional Dinning? Thanks all!
  9. I added a small strip of blue masking tape on the edge to ensure that the holder doesn't pop open.
  10. HATS OFF (and yes I'm yelling) to the Ocean Navigator staff and the Princess staff who helped with the Ocean Ready App. Got our Medallions delivered, the App has been updated and correct and we are ready to cruise on the Regal in a couple of weeks. GREAT JOB Princess can't wait to board! Thank you!
  11. No, no, absolutely not yelling---another poster said that font was easy to read, I forgot CAPS indicates yelling, me bad! Sorry!
  12. Oops, yes---Allegro aft.
  13. Sailing on Regal next month; can't wait... Does anyone know if it's out of the question to ask for and get the same table for two in one of the main dining rooms? It's not that we're anti-social, but I have a hard time engaging in conversation due to hearing loss. We have Traditional Dining in Alfredo's. Thanks all.
  14. ABSOLUTELY, ALWAYS, ALWAYS FLY THE DAY BEFORE, it happened to us back in 2004 or 2005, we had an 8:00 flight out of New York for a cruise out of Florida at 4:00; hey, plenty of time right? Wrong? Due to several delays, we arrived at the port at a little after 3:00. Too close, never did that again!
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