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  1. My wife and I are going to enjoy our Long Beach, beautiful beach this summer! 😉
  2. with all this crap going on with several cruise ships; a week+ at a Sandals resort in the Caribbean starting to sound really nice!
  3. ONLY if the cruise line cancels the cruise; if you decided to cancel, no refund for you, only a FCC.
  4. If you decided to cancel your cruise 48 hours before sail date, you were offered a credit for a future cruise. If you decided to still go on the cruise and then it was cancelled, then you had the offer of a refund. But if you cancelled and took the credit, you're locked into the credit, can't change. The refund was for those who decided to still go on the cruise, but it was cancelled.
  5. you can't get a refund if you accepted the credit; you can't cancel the credit and accept the refund.
  6. RE: Remember not one US citizen has died.--- CHECK YOUR FACTS!
  7. Also had a surprise with the FCC; Celebrity led me to believe I was getting a credit for 100% of cost for a cancelled cruise to be used for a future cruise. But, the credit is adjusted for taxes, port fees, etc.
  8. Jim, sorry to hear about your crappy situation, it’s Sunday morning (3/15) and someone may have already suggested this or you may have already made plans BUT, if you haven’t—rent a car and drive down US 1 to Key West! You will love the “adventure”, stop along the way to Mrs. Mac’s, or Henretta’s or Chads. Great restaurants. If you have never been to Key West, it will be a hoot! We’ve been there a few times, good luck Jim, hope our paths cross in the future.
  9. I saw the same thing for our 3/14 cruise, same cruise next March, same cabin, same perks, quite an increase in price, but, we'll still go!!!
  10. How about that yo-yo who got on a JetBlue plane after he got a positive medical result. They should take him behind the barn and shoot him!!
  11. CANCELLED! WHY? Because when we go on a cruise, our biggest concerns are, where can I get a good cup of coffee, what shows should we attend, sit at the pool deck or go up one deck NOT to be concerned if that person who just coughed has the virus, or, is that hand rail disinfected, or are we going to be quarantined, etc.. We cancelled and will book a nice [bigger] cruise in 2021 when we can relax and enjoy ourselves! Case Closed!
  12. Celebrity has been very good responding to this very bad situation. They are most likely overloaded! We're not giving up with Celebrity and look forward to sailing again in 2021!
  13. RE: The Celebrity Staff: For them it's like standing under a waterfall trying to dry your hair! They are overloaded! Have patience!
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