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  1. If the kids don't quiet down, then, the cruise line should change their cabin down to steerage!
  2. Is that $249 per day? So that's about $1750 for a seven-day cruise. OR... For a cruise that has 2 ports, $1245 + $198 = $1443, Am I reading that right? Please advise, thanks.
  3. Is that $249 per day? So that's about $1750 for a seven-day cruise. Am I reading that right? Please advise, thanks.
  4. Do they offer any discount if you reserve one for the entire cruise?
  5. Can you reserve a Cabana; or, are they a free for all?
  6. Play it safe and stress free-- fly day before!
  7. We've cruised since 2003 and have also noticed that the prices have escalated over the years. So, instead of cruising, we'll be flying to a resort, (ex: Sandals, Beaches, etc.) for future vacations. IMHO-- More bang for your buck!
  8. RE: Why not just pay the staff what they deserve and not expect passengers to. It they need a certain wage then just pay them and add it to the cruise cost .Did you ever wonder why you rarely see staff from the United States?
  9. Be watchful for increases on other services; it's just a matter of time!
  10. My bad, mis-read their post, I just hate it when people take it out on the crew.
  11. What about the person who cleans your bathroom and cleans up your cabin and serves you dinner.
  12. I agree with Cruise Kitty--= loved when the luggage tags arrived in the mail--it meant the cruise date is getting close!
  13. CABIN SELECTION is also important---lower deck, mid-ship.
  14. But you're hurting the people that serve you, cabin stewards, waiters, etc. Most of the staff work hard and don't make a lot via the salary they get. But don't worry folks, we make up for the stingy cruisers out there, not only do we leave the automatic gratuities on our account; but since 2003, we've always provided an envelope at the end of our cruise, (if you know what I mean). And I'm sure there are a lot of travelers out there, that do the same, Happy Cruisin' All.
  15. No...that's the total cost for the entire cruise; my wife loved it and used it every day!
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