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  1. Many thanks to the recent posters! Really appreciate it!
  2. Hmmmm. We are booked for June 20 out of Port Canaveral, no word yet about cancellation. I’ve been kinda expecting that to happen though, being that every other cruise line having already been cancelled. I will say though, when our April cruise was cancelled, we got our FFC fairly quickly.
  3. Thanks so much for all who responded! Yes, this was all very helpful. We will be on one of the Welcome Back cruises to Iceland in July. I just got in to MVJ today and filled out the passenger information form. I see that none of the restaurant reservations are available but it might be because we are in a lowly V1 cabin. ( 😀 ). The information about the excursion opportunities being typically one free one per port was about what I expected. I'm not too worried about the restaurant situation. And like Jim stated above, I can't imagine how I'll feel on any given day as to what I want
  4. We are excited to be booked on our first Viking cruise this Fall. I understand that with Viking, an excursion at each port is included in the cruise price, and that there are additional ones you can purchase for a fee. Can someone help me with how that works? Is there typically just one free one and the rest are not? Or are there several free ones to choose from? Also, I've been seeing on my roll call that people are busy making dinner reservations before the cruise. Is it necessary to make a reservation, or is that just for a specialty restaurant. We are experienced c
  5. Cruises out of Southampton are still not showing anything until September.
  6. I just tried to do a mock booking on our August 8 cruise on the Star out of Southampton and it looks like, as the OP stated, there is nothing available until September. I got on a 'chat' while logged in to NCL and asked about why there are no cruises being shown, this is the reply I got, "Thank you. With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to impact communities and ports around the globe, we are working to determine our next course of action. While we evaluate the opportunity to resume with sailings, we have temporarily frozen voyages that might be impacted should we need to delay sa
  7. MSC has cruises available in June out of Miami and Port Canaveral. We are booked for June 20, 2021. We are fully vaccinated but so far that has not been a requirement.
  8. We will be on our first MSC cruise this June (hopefully). With over 50 cruises under our belts, most with Royal and Celebrity but also NCL and Carnival, we also were impressed with the prices. We have secured our Status Match using our Diamond status with Royal. We're excited to try something new. The one thing I've been noticing on these boards is that apparently the YC is pretty darn amazing, but the non-YC experience can be a little hit or miss. We will be in a lowly inside on this sailing. Insides don't bother us. Especially on this little 4-day to the Bahamas. We will see how
  9. They are offering 3, 4 and 7 day cruises out of Port Canaveral and Miami in June to the Bahamas and Caribbean. We are booked on a 4-day out of Port Canaveral. Hasn't been cancelled ... yet!
  10. We have been booked on the Divina out of Port Canaveral since March 1. Our sail date is June 20. We are fully vaccinated, but there was no requirement requiring vaccination. We are hopeful the cruise will take place.
  11. HaHaHa! Yes! That was my first thought also!
  12. Free! Free! Free! All you have to do is pay more!
  13. Interesting. We are booked on an NCL August cruise starting in Southampton and ending in Iceland. No news yet on cancellation, but based on this information and other news reports, things do not look good.
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