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  1. Can anyone tell me which dining room we will be using for Your Time dining on Liberty. Sailing in a few weeks. Thank you!
  2. Never received a survey, despite several crew members begging us to give good reviews.
  3. We did it on Celebrity. It's a great way to really see everything. Enjoy!
  4. Thanks for sharing. Only been on two MSC cruises. The first one was a 4-day and we liked it OK. Really enjoyed Ocean Cay. The second one was Seaside and was a 7 day. Not really a fan. Did not like the ridiculous elevator situation. We felt the included dining options were limited. Food was hit and miss, although the service was OK. Entertainment was pretty good. The theater isn't very big and was always exceptionally cold. I mean, REALLY cold! Not really any options to go couples dancing, unless you include dance classes. The price was definitely attractive, but we'l probably stick with RCCL, NCL, Celebrity.
  5. We were on Symphony on a TA this year and the comedian on board made a joke that I still laugh at. It will be difficult to relay what he said because it was a bit off color. I will try though ... He was talking about how amazing that ship was and he overheard a fellow passenger just stand in the promenade with his hands on his hips and exclaim, "This Ship is a MF !" The comedian said, what a great name for a ship ... MF of the Seas. Still cracks me up every time I think of it!
  6. We used our one hour Gold perk at the spa last week. We were not particularly impressed and certainly didn't think it was worth paying extra for. The hot tub was nice, but as stated before, the heated lounge hairs were always occupied. There were only 3 of them. The ladies dressing area was uninspiring. I've been on cruises where just the regular locker room was nicer. We felt the the hot-and-cold spritzer thing was just silly and totally a gimmick.
  7. I respectfully disagree. You cannot make theater reservations with the app. You can't look forward in the week to see what shows are coming up. You can't look at the dinner menu.
  8. Thanks for the review. We are in Seaside right now. My only comment would be the Peter Punk show seemed more like a kids show and it was like watching an entire season of America’s Got Talent. 😀
  9. Thank you. Especially for the photo! Yes, we totally understand about using the ships excursion, not a private vender. The excursion I’m talking about is from Carnival. I’m really hoping to hear from anyone who may have taken this excursion, as opposed to calling Carnival. I know some of Carnivals descriptions of their excursions can be a little, shall we say, “ embellished .” Good suggestion about contacting a local vender though for insight. Thank you
  10. We will be on the Luminosa in March, 2024 and are very interested in the snorkel excursion from Airlie Beach. We understand we will be traveling during stinger season and the excursion states that 'stinger suits will be provided.' I have tried to find some reviews of this excursion, but not having much luck. I would really like to hear from anyone who has taken this excursion from Carnival. My questions include: What kind of boat is used to travel to the reef? What sizes do the stinger suits come in? DH is an experienced snorkeler but is a big man weighing 290 pounds. Would there be a suit to fit him? Is it dangerous to snorkel without the suit? The excursion states that we would travel to a pontoon where we would snorkel from. What is the pontoon like? I have seen advise that since this is a tender port, it is best to take the ship's excursion because the tender process can be quite lengthly and we only have a limited amount to time in port. Thanks so much to anyone who can help.
  11. Greetings. We are on this cruise, as well as the two cruises before (March 17 to Caledonia and March 24 Arlie beach.) We are from the US and decided to do the 4-day back-to-back for a couple of reasons. One, in case of bad weather, we'll have two chances for the the Arlie Beach Great Barrier Reef snorkel excursion; and 2) we will be leaving on two Royal Caribbean cruises starting April 3. As a local Brisbaner, any thoughts on getting to Lone Pine Koala while we are in town? The river boat ride to the park sounds really nice, but the time frame of getting to boarding location of the boat don't work out very well with getting on and off Luminosa. We will be flying into Brisbane 2 days early, but we're pretty sure we'll need some time to rest immediately after arrival, after flying over from the states. Have you been to Lone Pine and what is your opinion?
  12. We've been to MSC's island only once before and really enjoyed it. DH loves to snorkel and we would appreciate hearing about which areas may be better than others.
  13. What is the cost for the zipline?
  14. OMG, yes. We've only been on one MSC ship, one of the smaller ones, but we do have a cruise on Seaside coming up soon. The production shows, while entertaining, became laughable because the dancers used almost the same choreography in every show. It was almost like seeing the same show with different costumes and songs.
  15. I feel your pain. We had this happen on our August cruise on Millie. The late seating always seems to be the one available because no one wants it. (I exaggerate). But, seriously, who wants to eat that late when you often need to be up and at 'em in the morning to get off the ship. We immediately requested to change our dining time and we were told we would be on a waiting list. Of course it never happened. But we found if we showed up at the Anytime line when there wasn't a line, they would get us in.
  16. I get the humor. But really, its not quite that bad. We've sailed MSC twice and, although quite different in many respects, it was actually quite nice. I would like to thank all the passengers in the YC for their subsidizing the rest of us who only sail MSC because they are the current price leader. When I'm sailing to the Bahamas, I don't need a butler.
  17. I am interested in purchasing an internet package on my upcoming 7 day cruise. I am Gold in the Voyagers Club. When I am logged in to my account, it shows a price for the basic package. Does that price already include the 10% Voyagers Club discount? Or do I get 10% of the amount shown when I go to check out?
  18. Thank you for this review. We will be on this ship in about 4 weeks. The elevator situation sounds like what we experienced on a Carnival ship a few years ago. We had the same reaction that you mentioned, about it often being full by the time it got to you. On that ship, you also had to enter how many passengers were in your party. That would SEEM to mitigate the full elevator problem, but I think often people didn't realize they had to do that. Are you saying that if you want an extra entree at dinner they charge you for it? Wow. That's a new one. Do the servers tell you how much it is? We've been on MSC only one time before. The price is pretty hard to pass up. What I remember about it was that the buffet was always terribly crowded. So much so, that you could hardly get from one end to the other. We shall see how things go. Thank you for your review.
  19. We are on the Millie right now and have no complaints whatsoever. The crew is exceptionally pleasant and cheerful and bend over backwards for any requests. Food has been great snd I especially have enjoyed the variety of options in the buffet. I believe X is still a step up from RCCI. We have cruised on most the mass market lines and still feel X is superior (RCCI, Princess, NCL, MSC, Carnival). Only Viking ocean beats it. We are not loyal to any line, but have sailed enough on various lines that we have achieved enough status on some of them to generate some significant perks. For our budget, we are very happy with X. Cruiseing isn’t like what it was 20 years ago. All the lines have cut back. For folks who can afford it, the premium lines are probably a better choice. For us, we are happy being out on the ocean and being pampered every day.
  20. We will be on Celebrity on an Alaska cruise later this month. I mistakenly booked the ship excursion called, "mountaintop Forest Excursion and Skyglider". I mistakenly thought that was the excursion that has the zipline. I have been able to cancel it and book the one that includes the zipline instead. DH does not want to do the zipline but would like to take the gondola ride with me. Is the gondola ride up basically the same on both excursions?
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