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  1. Wondering if it is necessary to buy a travel card for just 2 days or easier to just pay by the trip. Not sure yet how we are getting from the airport to hotel.
  2. Actually I need to convert passport and document to pdf from jpg at the last step of visa.
  3. Viking is good at that, hope Celebrity will help even though they say you have to have it to board, Indonesia says you can get it when your ship arrives at the port.
  4. Yes, I did see that but on the Indonesian website it stated you could get it at the port. I could fill it out but then I could not convert to JPG .
  5. I am having trouble getting my Visa for Bali before we leave. Can I get it when we arrive in port.
  6. I can't get the VOA for Indonesia to work as I can't convert to JPG, can i get it at the Bali Cruiseport.
  7. Will Celebrity help us get the Visa onboard if we are unable to do so before we leave.
  8. If they are not, can my husband get the military benefit and can I get the stock benefit.
  9. I booked the package and the future cruise credits and OBC were good but when I looked at what you have to pay for the hotel nights AND 7 day stay it didn't work out. Of course you have a limited timeframe if you are doing 2 cruises. I have put in for a refund.
  10. I just called princess to book a cruise and the advisor told me about this package and I can use it toward the cruise I book and is good for 2 years.
  11. US passport, just in port for 1 day
  12. We are just there for the day.
  13. I forgot to ask if it is better to book the Iberostar cruise through the company or use a travel agent. I didn’t know if there were any discounts available.
  14. The information was great. We are going on the Amazon Cruise January of 25 and we are thinking of doing the Iberostar 3 night cruise.
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