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    We requested the refund of two FCDs on March 26. We were told that they would be refunded to our credit card in 30 days. They were refunded to our credit card this week. So it took approximately 70 days. Good luck to all of you who have requested refunds. Hopefully everyone will get them soon.
  2. We have changed cabins in our booking and changed cabins on the ship. I would first try to change your cabin in your existing booking. Your travel agent or Cunard should be able to tell you which cabins are available for both segments of your voyage. If you are simply changing the booking from one cabin to another within the same class, that should not change anything about your booking. Again, your agent or Cunard should be able to tell you all the options available. This is a very easy thing to do and there should be cabins available since your cruise is for next year. We have also changed cabins on a voyage. It was a little inconvenient but not that bad. If you can book cabins on the same deck that helps tremendously. Sometimes you even keep the same cabin attendant. We were fortunate that they moved our clothes on the hangers. Our experience was that Cunard tried to make things as easy as possible. Good luck with whatever option you choose. Have a fabulous voyage.
  3. I agree!! Reading through the Log Book is great fun! I love seeing the Cruise Critic names. It brings back so many wonderful memories. Lesley, I hope you had an amazing voyage!! Beth
  4. Oh, Lesley!!! Thanks so much for checking on the Log Book. What great news that it is right where it should be and that the librarian is familiar with it.
  5. Please ask about the Log Book while you are on QV. If you find it in the library, sign it and encourage other Cruise Critic members to do the same. After your voyage, please reply to this thread and let us know if you found the book. If not, someone may want to start a new log book on the QV.
  6. Today, something reminded me of the Cruise Critic Log Book on the QM2. The last post on this thread was 2017. Has anyone signed the book recently? Those of you who have followed the story of the book, know that it was lost for a while. Thankfully it was found and returned to the library. One of our very thoughtful Cruise Critic members placed a label on the book asking that if found, it should be returned to the library. Hopefully it is still there. The next time you sail on the QM2, go to the library and ask for the book. You can sign it and read the notes that others have left.
  7. Would love to know how long Captain Wells will be on the ship before his next break.
  8. Bluemarble, thanks for posting the link to the shareholder benefit request form. We filled it out and mailed it (along with our proof of stock ownership) to the California address two weeks ago. Today, I contacted our TA to make sure it had been received. She sent an updated booking showing that the shareholder benefit is now included in our OBC. So our experience using the form and mailing it to California was successful. I agree with others that it would be extremely helpful if Cunard would send an email showing that they received the form.
  9. Thanks so much Bluemarble. This is very helpful information. We have always used a car service to get to LaGuardia. Because we have a large amount of OBC, we were considering the Cunard transfer. The spa may be calling my name!!😁
  10. What is the cost of a Cunard transfer from Red Hook in Brooklyn to LaGuardia airport at the end of a cruise? Have you purchased a transfer onboard? Were you pleased with the service?
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