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  1. In the submarine force we called it EB Green (after Electric Boat shipyard).
  2. Even the Suites/VIP lounge area at the Red Hook terminal is best described as spartan. If you have any desire to see anything in New York (including the up-and-coming neighborhood just outside of the terminal area fence) I'd encourage that rather than waiting in the terminal.
  3. For the time being I've booked a Hertz car from Newark Airport to home for about $125, and will drive to from home to Brooklyn for $107 and change. I need to look into cab fare but I think it will price out less than the $100 that a Cunard transfer will cost for the two of us.
  4. Enterprise prices out about twice Hertz ($233 vs $110 or so) Hertz out of Manhattan isn't twice as much as out of Newark, Airport but of course the cab fare will be higher to Newark.
  5. I was laboring under a false assumption that one-way rentals had drop fees and/or mileage charges that made them impractical. Now I realize that two one-way rentals from central Pennsylvania are cheaper than even 12 nights of parking at Red Hook. The westbound crossing from Hamburg arrives in New York on a Sunday, when the Brooklyn Hertz locations are either closed or only open limited hours. I need to do more research on other rental agencies. Hertz out of Newark Airport is reasonable, except for getting to Newark...
  6. Unlike the cruise parking lot in Manhattan, the cruise parking lot in Brooklyn, New York does not cap monthly parking rates. For our upcoming cruise I'd have to pay about $600 for parking. I've discovered that two one-way Hertz rentals is far cheaper than parking at the pier, and cheaper even than taking the train when I consider the cost or parking at the train station or getting a ride there.
  7. But the booking isn't in the name on the BC. If the name on the booking can also be changed (for a fee) that solution might be the only one that works, though.
  8. True for most lines (particularly mass-market lines targeting American passengers) but not universally so. Cunard serves 18 year olds outside of US waters even on itineraries departing from the US. However, I wouldnt recommend Cunard for an 18-20 year old who just wants to drink onboard.
  9. You may not be aware that your font choice has poor legibility on many devices. Or maybe it's not important?
  10. On Cunard the rooms are always ready when you board.
  11. Typically our luggage arrives at our room ahead of us or within 15 minutes. Once or twice it has arrived around 4 PM but none the worse for its journey.
  12. Avoid dramamine (dimenhydrinate). It will make you more sleepy.
  13. There are two more North American outlets in the corner behind where the kettle now resides.
  14. The scanners in Brooklyn have a larger opening than you may be used to in airports. I have a wine carrier and it goes through the scanner with the bottles upright without any difficulty.
  15. IME an "inside passage" cruise that goes on the west side of Vancouver Island isn't unusual. Typically they mean the route once north of Vancouver.
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