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  1. One Christmas we disembarked with something like $1.85 in remaining OBC. I was quite happy with our skill at using it up. Sometimes we've had to visit the onboard shops.
  2. Cunard care (like most travel insurance) has a pre-existing condition exclusion, and in my experience it isn't actually paid for until final payment. I've always bought insurance with a pre-existing condition waiver, but then again DW generally always had an active pre-existing condition.
  3. The credit will be from Carnival, usable on Carnival. It shouldn't mention your travel agent. No point in transferring the booking at this point. Travel agents often ask for your final payment a few days ahead of the line's deadline as a courtesy to make sure you remember and don't have issues with the card on the day of payment. Since final payment is DUE TODAY, you should still meet the refundability of it being before final payment, even though you've paid in full. It's not a function of whether you've paid - it's a function of the date. If your original booking was refundable until final payment date you should get all your money back if you cancel TODAY.
  4. It depends on the type of booking and which country, but in the US, prior to final payment you may get everything back, including the deposit (although some lines now make the deposit nonrefundable about 30 days before final payment). But some "saver" fares might have a deposit that's nonrefundable from the outset. I'm not aware of any line that will charge you more than the deposit in penalties if that's all you've paid to date. After final payment the cancellation penalty increases incrementally as sailing date nears, starting at the deposit amount/25% of the fare, then increasing to 50%, 75% and then 100% penalty just a couple of weeks before sailing. I don't know Carnival's specific rules regarding deposits and refunds, but read your contract and call your travel agent immediately.
  5. Easy enough to confirm. That's Viking Ocean's business model.
  6. PSA: The CDC recommends the pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccination for adults 65 and over.
  7. The quickest answer is yes. Or no. 🙂 Prices might go down at the last minute as Cunard attempts to fill the ship. Or they might go up if the sailing is very popular. If the sailing is undersold you may find a wide selection of rooms and categories; if it's popular only the less desirable locations may be available. I think you may be able to see the trend at the 60 to 75 day mark. Once your partner gets his OK to travel (which is the important bit of the story for both of you) you'll be able to assess and decide to book or not. Good luck.
  8. The ship was named after Mary of Teck, the wife of George V. Legend has it that Cunard wanted to name the ship Victoria, but after asking the king for permission to name the ship “after Britain’s greatest queen”, he replied that his wife would be delighted. Remarkable things you didn't know about the ocean liner Queen Mary
  9. Having been to Alaska on ms Amsterdam, I think it's crazy not to have a covered pool on that route.
  10. There is if the Winter Garden is rejiggered (assuming one has the opportunity to start from scratch). I was on ms Eurodam about 18 months ago and her similarity to QE/QV was apparent, especially in the Lido & midships area (much less so in the flow of public spaces on lower decks). If they wanted to have a functional roof over the midship pool it could be built at Fincantieri. But it does raise the question of why I've never seen the roof open on the QM2's midships pool...
  11. I'll see your Queen Anne and raise you another Cunard-leaked page that suggests it may be named Halifax (as the ship is designated on a briefing slide as the first of the "Halifax Class"). But it's probably Queen Anne, I agree
  12. I doubt that their shiny new bauble will be placed so far from Southampton right off the bat, but perhaps if people vote with their wallets and feet to register their opinion about the new ship's worthiness to have the title of Cunarder, the ship might end up exclusively in Far East service. I think it's fairly clear that one ship will spend most of it's time in the far east.
  13. After some more reading, allow me to clarify While the law recognizes that miniature horses can be valuable as a service animal, there's a distinction in the law between dogs and horses in whether the animal must be accommodated (in the case of a dog) or reasonable modifications must be made to accommodate the animal (in the case of the horse). The law shortcuts the distinction by stating (yes, it says this), ""Service animal" means any dog..." (28 CFR § 35.104) and then later stating how horses are to be reasonably treated the same as a service animal in places of public accommodation (28 CFR § 35.136).
  14. Straight from the horse's mouth (except that horses are no longer considered eligible to be service animals, but I digress): Service Animals - ada.gov
  15. Externally similar to Konigsdam, although you can expect Cunard to do a better job on the public spaces than HAL does. I hope they put a sliding roof over the midships. After being on a couple of HAL ships that had one it seems like on oversight on QE and QV.
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