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  1. If you get four or five dinners out of a bottle of wine, I guarantee that the drink package isn't a good idea for you! 😄
  2. Underwatr

    QM2 2022

    The new ones. QV & QE are Panamax (just narrow enough to fit in the old locks) and QM2 is wider than her sisters. QV & QE: 106 foot beam QM2: 135 foot beam Maximum beam for the Panamax locks (from the vessel requirements doc referred to above) is 106 feet. Maximum beam for the "Neopanamax Locks" is 51.25 meters (168.14 feet).
  3. That sounds perfect based on my observations.
  4. Cunard has very little of the hard sell. I'm mostly familiar with Queen Mary 2. There are a couple of electronic displays that promote the upcharge restaurants (of which there are two on any night) and they sell cheap crap outside the shops in the Grand Lobby but that's about it. Drinks packages are now available but there isn't much promotion of them.
  5. Underwatr

    QM2 2022

    I think QM2's draft is stated as 34 feet or 10.36 meters, so maybe another foot of clearance there. Height is 236.2 feet from keel. Air draft is therefore around 202 feet +/-. Over 190 but within the extreme allowance of 205 feet. C'mon Cunard!
  6. Underwatr

    QM2 2022

    The pertinent paragraph of the Vessel Requirements document: The allowable height for any vessel transiting the Canal or entering the Port of Balboa at any state of the tide is 57.91 meters (190 feet) measured from the waterline to its highest point. With prior permission from the Transit Operations Division Executive Manager, height may be permitted to 62.5 meters (205 feet) on a case-by-case basis, with passage at low water (MLWS) at Balboa. Maximum Height Restrictions are due to the tide and the unpredictable upward movement of water from swells, surges, waves, etc., and maintenance equipment suspended beneath the bridge at Balboa. At 205 feet there would still be just a skosh of wiggle room so in all likelihood there would be more than a foot and a half of clearance when/if QM2 went under the bridge. But you know I'd be standing out on deck videoing the funnels going under.
  7. Underwatr

    QM2 2022

    Actually it can, under certain conditions of tide in accordance with the Panama Canal Regulations. The limiting factor is now the clearance under the Bridge of the Americas. QM2 is too tall for unrestricted passage but the Regulations would permit her at low tide with special arrangement. Every year I'm disappointed they haven't decided to give it a try.
  8. Ever see what men wore to a baseball game in the 1950s?
  9. There's also a new "Manage" link on the main Cunard.com page, no longer a "Booked Guests" link.
  10. Typically on that itinerary Americans make up a.plurality but not a majority of passengers. In 2018 there were over 350 more Brits than Americans (936 Americans vs 1309 British out of 2609 passengers from 34 countries - I take notes during the Captain's welcome aboard party).
  11. There are drinking water dispensers in Kings Court (buffet) but you need to fill your bottle from a provided drinking glass rather than fill the bottle directly. Or fill your bottle from the bathroom sink and chill it in the in-room fridge. I seem to recall a water dispenser in the gym but I don't spend much time there so I could be remembering a different ship.
  12. I had two days in England and five in Germany during/between cruises in June. Everything went on credit cards. The only issue was parking at a Pay-and-Display lot in England but eventually I found one where I could pay through a phone app.
  13. My first thought of the meaning of 'nabes' was something synonymous with 'rubes' but then I figured it meant neighbors. That is, unless you hold your neighbors in low regard. 😉
  14. I'd estimate that the $40 wines on Cunard's wine list can be had for under $15 at home, so maybe it's a wash to a slight financial benefit to bring it on. Since I typically pay for $40-50 wines that I bring along it's still cost effective to do so, but on the other hand the Cunard label reds at around $40 are pleasant enough.
  15. I've seen water bottle fill stations but not on QM2 or any other cruise ship...
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