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  1. For a 2021 voyage I've booked one of the forward-most "obstructed" staterooms on Deck 8. The amount of obstruction seems to be no problem to me.
  2. On Deck 11 aft, be aware of the increased overhang of the deck above in the aft section (roughly anywhere aft of the B lifts). This may be desirable or not depending on whether you want sun on your balcony. I opt for forward staterooms on 11 to avoid the overhang.
  3. The transfer is really oriented toward people who are flying out of EWR - at least that's been my assumption when I've booked the transfer. Depending on how much luggage you're lugging the change in levels (down then further up) to get from the curb to the AirTrain can be a hassle but we survived it
  4. We were dropped at departure level also. Since we were headed to the car rental facility we went up to the AirTrain from the first terminal the bus stopped at (the AirTrain stops at all terminals - I don't know if there's a designated stop that's just "AirTrain").
  5. On QM2's promenade hey have wooden chests that hold cushions for the deck chairs. One of the deck crew's jobs when I was on over Christmas was to sand down and revarnish the chests.
  6. Ships rust. It's an inescapable consequence of steel floating in salt water. What they can do is clean and paint, clean and paint... There are some areas, such as the interior of a sheltered balcony, that get painted less often than, say, the exterior hull near the waterline. So rust can be more visible from within your balcony than it might be from a further distance.
  7. Well, if you don't know the difference between a sirloin and a strip steak you could find yourself disappointed with a steak but that could happen anywhere. Art classes are free but there is a $35 (horrors!) charge for the supplies if you didn't bring the kit you bought last time. All reports are that the kit is worth $35.
  8. From Cunard's Facebook page this morning: This morning Cunard was notified by our internet service provider, Virgin Media that there had been a major outage and as a result large parts of England are currently without access to broadband. This has impacted Cunard's head office in Southampton.The operations of our ships have not been impacted.Currently there is some impact to guests’ ability to book directly with us. Guests with existing bookings will unfortunately not be able to access My Cunard at this time.We are hopeful that the service will be fully restored as soon as possible and in the meantime we would like to apologise for any inconvenience to guests.
  9. Despite my having given a counterexample to your intuition.
  10. We've missed a Carbbean port on QM2 (Antigua) and port fees immediately appeared as refundable onboard credit in our account.
  11. Would you drive in the UK? We've rented a car for the day (Hertz is located close by near Ikea) and driven to Corfe Castle on an in-transit day.
  12. Case in point: Carnival 2020 was cancelled in Venice. Currently 3089 confirmed cases and 107 deaths in Italy (but 276 recovered...)..
  13. It used to be that airlines served water form onboard tanks which weren't adequately sanitized and could make you sick Shipboard water isn't airline water.
  14. I'm not sure we're at the "buy" point yet...
  15. Offtopic: I can't believe how good that QM2 backdrop looks on camera. It's a shame they ruined it with that megasupermoon. It's too big, it's oriented wrong... But the ship itself looks much better there than when you walk past the backdrop.
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