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  1. We arrived a little after 1 PM last Friday. We have Platinum priority, but the regular queue filled the cattle chutes and snaked around the hall before heading almost to the door. With priority we we're onboard within 20 minutes of pulling up, including unlikely adding the car and wheeling bags to the luggage drop point.
  2. The two-nighter between Southampton and Hamburg (in either direction) is a bit problematic because Cunard feels it necessary to fit in a formal night although the majority of the passengers will be disembarking the next morning. I think that affects the number of people who make the effort. I also heard that very few people were present at second seating dinner last night, and probably opted for the buffet instead.
  3. We're back on QM2. No noise in our Deck 4 stateroom over the entrance to Illuminations. I have noticed that a little further aft, over the Royal Court Theatre, the evening performances can clearly be heard in the corridor and I would imagine in the staterooms as well. This would be in rooms 4038-4054 on the port side and 4041-4057 on starboard.
  4. Yesterday they completed extending the knob shafts on the drawers in our cabin. They've also added a grab bar just inside the shower. My wife's happy, because she doesn't like the step into/out of the bathroom and the bar is helpful when stepping down getting out.
  5. That depends on your country of booking. No such distinction with a US booking.
  6. My mistake... So why would you carry on to Crystal??
  7. Possibly an aversion to paying $70+/- for a bottle.
  8. OTOH, we learn where the early-opening bar is so we can get that all-important bloody Mary for breakfast.
  9. Efficient? Southwest flies nonstop from our "home" airport to San Juan so that was our choice of method. Learn when flights go on sale for your travel dates (around 7-9 months in advance, Southwest opens about 3 months at a time) and buy when sales open. The lowest-cost "Get Away" fares sold out on our most preferred flights quickly.
  10. Yes. Further, the available computer classes now include one on the onboard use of Skype for low-cost voice and video calls.
  11. We shared a table for 8 with three lovely couples from New York to Southampton. On the continuation to Hamburg we knew that we'd get all new dinner companions (the one couple who was continuing on had a large family joining them so we knew that either we or they were going to a different table). We discovered that we were the only fluent English speakers, the rest of the table was occupied by Germans. A solo women sat down, said to my wife "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" (my wife doesn't) and then immediately went looking for someplace else to sit.. The other couples were pleasant enough even though we really couldn't communicate, and I couldn't see making noise over two nights. The head waiter came by toward the end of the second evening and sort of acknowledged that we shouldn't have been seated with German-speakers and sort of apologized (but not really).
  12. On the other hand, for a Holland America cruise out of Port Everglades we arrived around 1:30 after returning the car and went right inside, and directly onto the ship. We swung by, dropped off our bags around 12:30, then refueled and returned the car. Took a cab from FLL airport to the port (some agencies are.located closer to PE than having to go to FLL).
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