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  1. Maybe because we live in a big city and our super supermarkets shelves are filled with a very large wide variety of cereals and breakfast choices even in the freezer that we are use to these choices. You know we here hear about those across the Pond eating the Med Diet as their everyday diet choices.
  2. Interesting but not for us. We are accustom to the traditional menus offered on board. Quite a bit to consume in a evening dinner time.
  3. rka I too wasn't into Wheaties, Cheerios, Kix but Chex ok. Cheerios lately with a glaze of fruit covering like Strawberries like and Blueberries.. They originally tasted like cardboard....DRY! I do like properly made Oatmeal and i use Brown Sugar from Barbados Tourist Pier we even have it sent to us. Also Fine Maple Sugar from a Country Store in Vermont. Adds favor to that white wet stuff. European Cereal is oddd to Americans. I honestly ever seen them ordered by other tables on board even on long sailings. Not sure who is interested consuming them.
  4. In our many sailings experiences, our cabin which is in Club Britannia Class is always ready. On our boarding once the ship is ready and announced for embarkation boarding, going directly to the cabin our room is ready to enter. Our steward/stewardess is also in the hallway awaiting to greet us. By the way......This is at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Redhook Brooklyn, NY......
  5. rka, I know what you mean trying items on Carib cruises. I like either Coconut Ice Cream or Sorbet. Also Guava is very tasty of pureed right and frozen like a granita.
  6. rka, Sorry not really into rices dishes unless I am familiar with them and especially not for breakfast. I have tried many of the varieties of cereals dry or hot on Cunard ships which are quite european. Most dry needed warm or hot milk to be added. I think I am too american to take a liking to them.
  7. Showing our preference to the area of the ship we prefer to sail at and not in the aft. We had the pleasure to view many times the aft of other cruisers and was not really interested in viewing the wash of the ship. Unless on other ships there is another view. Granted some views of where you were can be interesting but respectfully not for us.
  8. What we experienced was land based. Never heard of it being offered on cruise. Land based was one selection for each course with 'accompanied wine. And a total of 8 courses. Menu could be asked and reviewed earlier in the afternoon and then make reservation since selections from from Farm to Table prepared.
  9. I know we have spoken about so many different food and dishes on this forum from A to Z. On the Cunard QM2 we still enjoy the same fish we had on the QE2.. Could be the ship does bring selections from their TA crossing also. Also we enjoyed fish on our past Caribbean sailings. We would we ask on any sailing the Maitre D what selections are in store on board and how they can he prepared. We have enjoyed Plaice, Fish & Chips, Langoustines w Scampi Sauce table side prep. Even Florida Shrimp with Scampi Pernod Sauce. The one prep we always enjoy is the Dover Sole w Meuniere Sauce table side and deboned by the Asst. Captain. It's a thrill to enjoy a fish or seafood on board.
  10. We know of the concept on land based restaurants. Quite a number of dishes with a moderate amount of food with a paired wine selected for the dish. And we were offered to try one once but we are diners that like a traditional menu and make our own choices. If you are interesting in trying different selections with accompanied wines, why not try it and see you like it. Sound very culinary adventure.
  11. We like to try some of the items that we wouldn't get or make at home. With certain limitations, I am willing to try different cuisines and dishes with their preparations. There will be some items that i will like and will attempt to copy at home to enjoy.
  12. 11 months and 1 week And we are counting and looking forward to that day. We are looking forward and starting to even planning different aspects.
  13. That is a very good point with the balcony for the fresh air exchange even though they did change the air systems on most ships. We do have one on the next sailing next September and always look forward to the outside to see the sea, in and out of ports and especially the night sky. So now you bought another feature to our cabin to light since this c19 thing will be lasting for awhile.
  14. We were blessed to have been upgraded to a Deck Cabin on the QE2 with the Promenade Window. The Windows were from floor to ceiling and curtained. There was another curtain for night that were like light blocking. We enjoyed seeing the outside during the morning without walkers disturbing us. Even in the afternoon no problem. We know of others that had windows on other ships that were oversized Portholes. They too enjoyed the cabin.
  15. We like to sail on Cunard and know the ships very well. We do prefer the QM2. Sailing we prefer midship and one of the middle decks. We also have preferred a certain cat called Club Britannia. Those cabins on primary to the 12 Deck and some on the bow Deck 13. Surprising we were on a NE/Canada sailing and had mild conditions with no ill effects to waves and roughness. But did experience once in the past and needed some help with meds for one night. Yes we also are aware of the weather those times of year and where we go.
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