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  1. Barrachina Restaurant Old San Juan was born following a long family tradition in the culinary arts. Barrachina Restaurant Old San Juan was recognized as the king of “Paella”, also a traditional Spanish bartender Don Ramon Portas Mingot in 1963 created what became the world's famous drink: the Piña Colada. Ramón 'Monchito' Marrero Pérez claims to have first made it at the Caribe Hilton Hotel's Beachcomber Bar in San Juan on 15th August 1952 (the Caribe Hilton say 1954), using the then newly available Coco López cream of coconut. Matter of opinion... a claim...to research....
  2. We like to pickup snacks in our ships Logo Shop to keep in the cabin. Or will pickup snacks or goodies when in port at one of the local stores by the pier.
  3. Barrachina's restaurant in Old San Juan is the location of the original Pina Colada. They have a small restaurant we enjoyed once for lunch.
  4. I believe the best night, and this is my opinion, in the Queens Room that ROCKS the room is the Big Band Evening.. I look forward to that of on all the sailings. I even have chills thinks of it 304 days from now....."Let The Good Times Roll"....
  5. "Veteran" Cunarders have vast experience thru their Loyalty to the Cunard Line. Many passengers want to try other Lines and Ships but Cunarders are Loyal Repeaters voyage after voyage. Even taking advantage of inquiring on board and booking while on board. Even always looking forward to the next year(s) ex. 2025, 2026, 2027 sailing schedule of cruises. When on board, there is even a challenge of finding enough space for those Platinum and Diamond members at the CWC Gatherings. "We Are Cunarders, We Are Loyal"....
  6. True there are alternative locations one can dance in the room. But the anticipation to dance in and on the Queen Room dance floor is the main attraction for all to experience and should be equally shared by all those also sharing the Queen Mary 2. Those with higher skills should be considerate to those lessor and welcome them on the dance floor. I for one while dancing see some one attempting with great effort, would bow to their efforts and share the space even with a gentle gesture of acknowledgement. In plain words "We Are All On The Same Ship" aren't we?
  7. stoddaj1, sorry for some keyboard errors in spelling....
  8. We are not sure how many days you will be staying in NYC. But being in Downteown Brooklyn/Brooklyn Heights will afford you to close proximity to BCT. About 20 minutes in distance. From the above locations. The streets are straight traveling to BCT but can encounter travel depending the days you will be heading to the Terminal. There are hotels and boutique hotels in the Atlantic Avenue area and other areas in vicinity. Brooklyn is very interesting in that area but not as engrossed in tourist attractions but still interesting in content. Dumbo (Brooklyn Bridge Area) Park Area, Brooklyn Bridge Walkway, East River to Lower Manhattan. Last minute shopping on Fulton Street if needed. Also many different restaurants to along Court Street and Smith Street also Montague Street. Oh BTW, the Brooklyn Heights Esplanade viewing the East River, Bklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan.
  9. My wife and I find it challenging on the QM2 more than when we were on the QE2. Those "Harvest Moon Ball" participates can create an uneasiness on the floor and those that seem liking to perform do take up space. My DW and I love to do the Slow Dances also and wish all would follow a circle pattern. Coming up in March, we do hope to do a lot of use of the Queen Room and wonderful music that is played.
  10. Judyrem, We were in 2022 September in a QM2 PG (10021) and we only had a Tub/Shower combo. There were no separate Tub & Shower or Separate Shower in that Suite. You may want review Youtube reviews of PG and see those bathrooms videoed and how they look.
  11. Maybe because we have been sailing with Cunard since early 1980's and in Diamond Cat., we don't get emails from Cunard for Upgrades or bidding. We have always received comp upgrades to the next level. Never got phone calls from Cunard. We get comp's to PG and once on the QE2 we went to QG even at the Pier Desk. We just book what we would like, anticipate arriving at that cabin we booked and look forward to enjoy. If the Comp Upgrade Fairy visits, we appreciate the offer and enjoy. We've got about 6 comp offers in the 12 years. So we just book, wait and arrive as we expect.
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