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  1. As of the last sailing at Brooklyn, there are no food and drink machines located in the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. The line did offer canned water after the final check in of document, photo and scan of Passports. It was located btw the General Assembly Hall for Non Grill Passengers and the Grill Lounge, We did not have to use the rest rooms so can not confirm about baby changing tables. The elevators in the Brooklyn Terminal are located pass the Escalators to the rear of the First Floor. It will take to you to the level equal to the top of the escalators. There you will be directed to the Gangway which is in two (incline) parts to the Bulkhead entrance of the ship.
  2. As of our Sailing on September 2022 and July 2023 we did have Muster Drills with Crew Members Dressed and at their posts with the Passengers involved except to watch the video and listen to the Captain at 430PM prior Disembarkation. The Daily Programmes has I see my copies noted towards all entries related to Food Service, "Till Drill"...... All walked around and may stop to listen to the Captain.
  3. We did experience an on board ship emergency but did not have a Muster Call. But we were informed of the emergency and updates. This was in the early 80's on the QE2.
  4. Golden Lion Pub is open on Embarkation Day if you can find space available to seat. Kings Court and Carinthia Lounge is also open and will remain till just before Muster Drill takes place. Staff and Crew participate in the Drill and close Food Services.
  5. Ours was 1PM to 230PM in Princess Grill
  6. Yes, in 2022 we sailed, we drop off bags in our cabins and refreshed ourselves. Headed to Princess and was welcomed and seated at our trip long table. We were around the 3rd ones at 5 to 1PM in the Grill.
  7. Hi Your Hotel is located at 36 and 7th Avenue St Pat's, Store Windows, Radio City and Tree is located Around 49 - 57 Street on 5th Avenue and 49 - 50 on 6th Avenue - Avenue of the Americans Bit of a Stroll If you are interested in the Radio City Show - Tickets should be obtained early on when they go on sale
  8. You may want to see the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show near the Tree..Windows on 5th Avenue and St. Patricks Cathedral to name a few....
  9. Interesting Question for an Interesting Time Period.....
  10. You may wish to contact Cunard Onboard Services by email and state your needs. They will contact on board staff and a contact you can work with. We've had close to a dozen excellent M&G's all enjoyed.
  11. As of our past sailing we saw 8AM to 8PM on Deck 7, Forward as stated in the Daily Program.
  12. Being a continuous occupy of BC cabins, we have never had a problem with the Deck 13 cabins or the forward section of Deck 12 with obstruction of full sun to the balcony. Yes, those cabins on Deck 12 from the Sun Deck staircase by the Pavillon Pool and far-est cabins to around ex. 12028 does have lip from the Sun Deck Partition.. But from ex. 12028 to Forward are open to full sun. Except when you get closer to the front, you will be obstructed by the Bridge Wing sticking out. We are careful when booking cabins on Deck 12 when booking. And because Deck is so far to the front, we opt to past them up for stays. Also, the walkway above Deck 13 never bothered us during our 14 day sailing even with people standing up there. Your choice....
  13. I enjoy the alcove on the starboard side of QM2 Library past the Bookstore. Nice and quiet to reading and settle in.
  14. BTW..... My heaven too! But becareful not to fall asleep with the motion and sounds...
  15. Living by the VZ Bridge, I remember when sailing back into NYC on the QE2, we use to come in heading to Manhattan, going under the bridge around 5AM for a 730 arrival along the Hudson. Lately we once a year and half ago in the Fall heading to Red Hook Brooklyn on the QM2 we came under the bridge around 330 - 4AM and docked at 6AM. So you also have remember you have to deal with the tides of the locations and time of the year.
  16. My DW is not keen with the water on board and prefers bottled water. We get bottled water for the restaurant which of the bottle is not finished will be held to the following day with no problems. I have no opinion on the water and use it as if it was what is used at home.
  17. We like the Queen Mary 2 and all it offers since 2006. She is 20 year old but still has the atmosphere and class we are attracted to.
  18. We enjoy- St Thomas Barbados St Maarten Curacao
  19. Now I know which one you are speaking of. On last September's 2022 NE/CAN I had it in the Golden Lion. It was elegant and tasty and very super. A true picture I remember. We also like the Belgian Hot Chocolate in the package also on the run.
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