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  1. teecee60- no, you do not get finaly old- well you do- i hope you get very very old. Anyhow that has nothing whatsoever to do that the music in those Martini Bar´s is far far to loud- and I am just got around the magic 50th. LOL! I almost stopped cruising with X for that very reason ( and a few other changes I do not at all like) Well for the time beeing we all have stopped cruising! The could line up all those empthy ships - beginning in the Port of Miami- so one could almost " walk" to the Bahamas! LOL! Oh well they could always start with Key West first..
  2. Social distancing is just not possible on a cruise! Doing away with the MDR? Then what- eat in your cabin? With the nice chairs and tables in the suites and cabins of the new Edge Class, where you hardly can have a cup of tea? Ms. Hoskins or whatever her name is - had nice and decorative ideas- but highly impractical for having a meal in ones cabin. They can set the tables further apart- but then there are still table which seat 4 or more passengers. Muster drill - where one sits almost in the lap of ones neigbor? Check in- with at least 6 feet in between- the lines would be a few miles long...!
  3. I totaly agree Happy Cruiser- if they go that way- most cruise lines will sail half empthy- and I do not feel sorry for them at the least!
  4. I agree- in every country there are different timelines- different health care systems- one country may be a step behind, one a step ahead- to point is not to reopen to soon- all the measurement would be in vane and for nothing then. I like to compare it to a patient getting back to work a bit to soon after recovery for an illness!
  5. Let´s just asume everyone get´s tested before boarding- and then? One turns out positve- then what- put all those around the " postive " in Quarantine? Or does anyone really think the minimum 6 feet rule can be enforced on a check in line? The postiv tested person stood in line quite a while... handing out the virus to those around him...! I do not see the use in that procedere! Austria will start to reopen quite soon- their goverment reacted quick- after held responsible to be the source for the spread through all of europe- in their skiing resorts- partying when virus was already there. Here in Germany we all hope for the end of April for things to start slowly and step by step to return to ( a new) normal!
  6. Let´s hope we do not hear the Swan song of the Seas curently
  7. The ( for me anyway) greatest ship on her last voyage for a long time! God speed and farewell! Safe journey home for all remaining passengers and crew! What an end for this years world cruise! Coming home to a world so changed!
  8. Thanks great pictures- Capt. Kate and her Bug naked are an attraction in their own way. Hope to cruise with her on the helm one day!
  9. 'Thanks for the update teabag- how long did your voyage last- when did you start? I have no acess to the posted links. Thanks and welcome home!
  10. I don´t see anything intriguing about the process- they hardly can spill their brack water while anchored or in the harbor!
  11. I do not see the situation in such dire straits. Hope dies last- so they say. Nothing and nobody can stay in Lock down for more then two month- maybe three. Corona may be around for ever- but can be handled like the influenza or flu. They are working on it!
  12. The perks are the least of my worries these days. If they keep up - nice- if not- ce la vie!
  13. .... not only MSC- Costa- Carnival- RCCL- I am not sure of the later. I avoid those big ships anyway- I don´t need a floading amusement park, also I don´t need constant entertainment!
  14. I sailed on board Nieuw Statendem in Juli- did not see such happenings- maybe I did not dine at peak times- well at least HAL has something to refine and not install something new.
  15. That is exactly what I am doing at the moment- wait and see how long it takes to get back ( well almost) to normal! All cruise lines ofer some sort of cruise with confidence now! For me - planing my voyages are half the fun- so I am doing that- planing- and keeping my eyes on cruises to use my down payment for my canceled voyage!
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