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  1. I can just speak- write- about Germany of course- but we have nice and good restaurants with fine food- like homecooked, with fresh ingredients which also focus on ambience- tableclothes and the like- those restaurants have nothing to do with Michelin Star restaurants with their fancy cousine- where it is more like see to be seen. Oh my quite off topic i fear. LOL We run a little cofe house- bakery chain- and our customers appericiate the ambience in them very much- according to frequency they have.
  2. I forgot- not all legs are made for wearing shorts- but i know that does not bother some people anymore! LOL! Can´t wait to see for myself in October I return to RCI after 10 years. And if i come upon guys in shorts- maybe acompanied by nice, beige sox up until the knee- at least i have something to chuckle about secretly to myself-- of course. We wont offend anyone wont we?
  3. I read here that MDR is no longer a nice restaurant- well- more´s the pitty. It used to be a nice- a very nice restaurant! If the MDR´s on boad RCI ships are no longer nice restaurants- maybe it is BECAUSE there so many men in shorts! Even so- there are shorts and shorts! I would not dream of wearing shorts in the MDR- appropriate for the windjammer maybe but not the MDR. In that I seem to be a dinnosaur- and we all know what happend to them- LOL. More and more cruise passengers prefer to cruise " Camp ground style"!
  4. That lawyer of the good Granpa is just plain greedy- there so a lot of money it for him- if the family wins that case. Which I don´t think they will- every court should dismiss this law suit without hesitation.
  5. You should provide us with the name of the port where your cruise starts.
  6. Each to his own and everyone is entitled to his own opinion!
  7. Helen- you are right- i did not know that the GF held the toddler out of the window for so many seconds. It made me really gasp, when I watched that video. And I absolutley can´t get over the fact that they even dare holding the cruise line responsible for the GF recless actions- and going so far as to sue the cruise line. With all this media interesst they make the matter worse and worse by the day. I hope he meets with a lawyer with a bit common sense - who helds HIM responsible and only HIM!
  8. Even though we all can imagine the guilt the grandfather must feel, to sue the cruise is etiher plain and simple greed or a try to shift the blame. A terrible, terrible accident - one second of not taking propper care - one moment of not paying attention and a life gone- others changed for ever. No money in the world can bring back the poor little girl. Whatever the courts decide it will never be an absolution for the grandfather.
  9. Ah- i take it on board Edge they are no longer providing the daily paper with all the going ons? If so i find that rather strange- no everyone want´s to schlepp their mobil along all day long. As for sitting in the Martini Bar sipping ones Martini, sitting alone, reading or playing with ones mobil- why not- as long it does not disturb others. Facetime and Skype are privat matters and should be carried out accordingly - in the privacy of ones cabin.
  10. I am also not a big fan of using ones mobil during a cruise- during any vacation. I use the Internet minutes too- to send pictures- to chat- but just at certain times- most of the time the mobil is also on vacation in the cabin. The " train" of the age of the smart phones- I refuse to name any brand- is not to be stopped- no matter how hard we complain.
  11. Thanks - i will check in the cabin then.
  12. I heard they have changed the furniture on those balcony´s already. But still they look rather like a very, very, extremly sorry escuse of balcony furniture! My dearest friends talked me into booking Apex for June. I was quite unsure if i ever would set foot on board of one of X´s newest baby´s- there we are- and to the excitement of exploring a brand new ship took over- against all the missgivings I had! So i go with an open mind- and look forward to my first cruise on board the Apex.
  13. I see- thank you- so no more Elite Lounge every evening from 5 to 7 .
  14. I am sure it was answered here already, but does anyone know if the Elite cocktail hour was in held in a special lounge or via vouchers in all bars and such?
  15. Splendid i so like his miday messages from the brdige. Thanks Silkroad
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