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  1. Lori- thank you so much for digging up your review of 2016- I am boarding Silhouette in 2,5 weeks time for a Transatlantic- can´t wait- did a TA on her before- but your pictures and your reports got me super excited! I even choose my meals - almost anyway- LOL!
  2. Hilda- you sound like a tuff lady- you will celebrate your 100th birthday on board- I am sure of it! Keep the old flagg flying- as the late Queen Mother used to say!
  3. Sascol- I agree - I agree totaly. And we really don´t need straws. Anyway I dont get the problem- there are alternative staws- they do not last that long- of course- but either drink up or order a new composable straw. As I can read- some are going along with the idea of the " Faked News" of that " popular" man who shows such tender love and care for our planet!
  4. Thank you A- sixth- thats the point- she is staying in her own cabin. LOL. It will work out somehow!
  5. Oh how i would love to stay in this PS- looks absolutly stunning. Yes- there are some minor things which could have more comfortable- this recliner with the low back- looks not very comfy- where the heck should one put ones head...! But other than that... I suppose I would never leave my suite during the duration of the voyage!
  6. ....... or the German chef- Lutz Koch- who introduced hisself to has after he got notice that we were Germans- not many on American Ships in them days! We were about 9 or 10 Germans out of 2000 passenger. LOL!
  7. Oh I remember one waitress very well- Beata- I met her at least on three or four cruises. One cruise when the Headwaiter noticed we were familiar and even huged each other when running into another, he moved her to our table- so we spent great evenings in dinning room! She was promoted Head waitress then.
  8. Thanks- I will just bring her- and see what happens! We are not about to sneak free drinks. IMO if you can afford a cruise you can afford a drink. LOL.
  9. Ah - just noticed- my kindle is already there- wating for me!
  10. Thank you for those great pictures of Meridan and the best Spec. Restaurant ever- THE OLYMPIC! The smoke staks on Meridan remind me a lot of those of the S- Class- Ships! So let´s all be gratefull that we all could experience X of those olden days, those golden days! I can´t wait to board Silhouette- I am prepared for changes- this time i hope for the better! LOL! One thing I know for sure- nothing- aside from a sudden illness - or accidents - will ruin my Transatlantic voyage! For the first time my bow tie and tie´s stay at home- the suit will be get into the suitcase. Curious to see what they make of " evening chic"! So let´s get back on the bright site and share our great memories! Nr.2.bmp
  11. Thanks a lot for all your kind posts - now I am even more excited. Hshag- a thousand thanks for all those wonderful pictures- can´t wait to board in three weeks time! Thanks!
  12. Oh what a wonderful gesture... Partying the whole corridor long...!
  13. Wine O - yes you are right, Milli never was a nonsmoking ship. Oh those complains all the time- highly allergic- yes sorry for those who have it! Those who complain most are usualy those who smoked in their cars, windows closed, kids in the back seat - not even buckled up, in the 70´s until up to the 80s! And wondres over wonders some of those kids are still alive...! From " sinners'" to saints! I am good person - I don´t smoke... ! Argh!
  14. Jersey- Girl - are you the one shaking hands with the Captain? Behind you is DH i presume! Great picture of the two of you!
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