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  1. I suppose thats easy- if you turn 60 you pray frevently that everything stays that way.
  2. And they will reschedule again- who no what 2021 brings- and when cruise are going again? It is not as if at Dez. 31.2020 the switch will be turned and Covid is a thing of 2020.
  3. I just got all the information needed to get tested. Online check in was avallaible now. So monday will be the day. First a little journey about 85 or so miles to the next clinic- the test can also be made- at ones own cost - by ones own doctor. I prefer the little journey to the next Clinic. So I will start my " Live (ish) from..." in weeks time.
  4. Neither am I. LOL. For the ship - I did the manifest a few weeks back- but in order to print the seapass I have to complete the online check in.
  5. I am sure everything will turn out just fine. When were you able to do you online check in? Just a few more days for me. LOL. The tension is growing- LOL.
  6. LOL. Oh yes- the price might be a reason. For me it is the many many sea days. Most relaxing time - i never ever book a cruise with stopps in 6 different ports in 5 days.
  7. The poster means if they just recommend mask and not enforce them he will not go. Same here by they way.
  8. I am sure they are- but to what use? Where there is no work, there is no money. If the Unions plan on big compensations- the cruise lines will be broke - and that does not help them in the long run. I feel terribly sorry for all those in the cruise industry who currently out of work. They have familes- some may have mortages to pay. Terrible , terrible situation. The only hope is that crusing reasumes soon.
  9. I suppose this is the first time in the history of X/ Chandris that the crew were the first to occupy the " good cabins" and no passengers on board since delivery at all.
  10. Maybe- just maybe- X will start cruises to nowhere out of Southampton soon on board Apex- just a thought- my crystal ball is a bit cloudy this morning- so not really a clear sight...! If only Cunard would send out their Queen Mary2 to do such journeys to nowhere out of Southampton.. I would be on board in a heart beat.
  11. Great pictures- it can´t have been in ´88 though- those ships were not arround back then. LOL.
  12. Oh thats how they do it. Amazing. They could have taken a X- or Cunard- or RCG - ship- that one looks a lot like Costa- Ship - sorry then i must decline- no Costa anymore for me- one cruise with them was quite enough! I would recommend a bit longer a flight then 3 hours though. Just think- you have to get settled in you cabin- ready for dinner- not to forget the muster drill- in the flight version - of course- then there is still the matter of some Martinis to get down- one has to make use for the OBC or drinking package!
  13. And a good thing too- rules are rules- esp. in these strange times. Your planed shore excursions seem very well choosen- as you I don´t like to go on booked tours- your sounds as much independent as you can get these days.
  14. As much as i understand the desire to cruise again- I don´t see any lure for a flight to nowhere- with no purpose at all. Sitting in my - if flying coach- narrow chair- just for the fun of flying? Each his own I suppose. IMO there is a big difference between a three hour flight and 7 night cruise to nowhere- which is similar to a Transatlantic cruise- without reaching a different country.
  15. Great to hear from you Miaminice- I will follow you through- makes passing the time until I board Mein Schiff 1 at Oct.2nd a bit nicer. I am sure you could function - as the crew speaks English - the ones on MS2 I met did. I sometimes even ordered my meals in Englisch, it seemed a bit easier from them. As for the daily programms- I don´t know if they print them in English- I dout it though! But one could always ask, coulnd´t one? As for Miaminice I could not imagine sailing on a pure German ship before Covid stroke. Don´t get me wrong I have nothing against my fellow country man- but I also prefer a more international group. I am curious about the approching Covid test- I have no information as of yet from TUI regarding my test. So- Miaminice- have a great pre cruise week. Thanks for posting.
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