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  1. Exactly- same here- and when I can not make it up the gangway- somebody has to shove my wheelchair. I even managed to cruise in July and October 2020- a totaly new experience- but a relaxing and memorable one nevertheless.
  2. Thank you, tony and Happy Cruiser for the clarification. So the YC it will be- if I go- which not yet decided. At the moment the numbers in Germany ( death rate and new infections) are far to high for traveling anywhere as the Country is going in an even stricter Lockdown come monday.
  3. Thank you Happy Cruiser. My Aurea suite comes with a Whirl Pool- thats why reconsidered switching from Yacht Club to Aurea. Are Aurea Passengers allowed in the Top Sail Lounge- or Restaurant? I doubt it. The reason why I avoided them ( MSC) are the many people and screaming children...!
  4. After two- unexpected, due to the virus - cruises on German ships - TUI ´s MS1 and MS2- I thought about to try MSC - Yacht Club or Aurea. - I found the layout of the Aurea Suite on board Grandiosa very nice. I am not sure I will go- but it is nice to have a few " little plans". March would be my favored month to try. The pictures of the interiour looked quite stunning. Thanks Happy Cruiser 6143- your reports from MSC are helping a great deal. X and Cunard are my favorite Cruise lines- but both will not sail for a while- well at least I do not see a silver lining on the horizon as of yet. Also
  5. Oh I remember the Cova Cafe on board Milli- Class ships well. Millenium was also my first X- Ship- loved it- before they were refitet beyond regognition. One side was non smoking- the other side of Cova was for smokers- unthinkable nowadays.
  6. The only enthusiasm i loose more by the day is that of this year- 2020- which thank god is drawing to a close pretty soon. With all the vaccines for that dreadfull virus in sight 2021 might be better. My enthusiasm for cruising- not in the least.
  7. In my book it is a very sorry state of affairs, when passengers need to bring their own cleaning materials to get rid of nasty odors in the bathroom ( or anywhere in the cabin- for that matter) . I never experienced any smell ( other then fellow passengers who tend to overdose on their perfume, or ähem other....) on any ship on board Milli Class ships though. I would have called in the housekeeper - if a drop of water into floor drainwould not suffice.
  8. I think they knew what they recommended, knowing their fellow country men. LOL
  9. I don´t really know. The numbers went up during the last two weeks- as did the new cases- despite our Lockdown light- as they called it. Since today we are again in a strict Lockdown- as in March- at least until Jan.10th.
  10. I agree with the OP- Mask will be mandatory at least the next year. I have no problem cruising with a mask- in fact I took two cruises this year- masks of course were mandatory. TUI Cruises is sailing since July without a hitch- even though they are now sailing with only one ship, since Covid hit Europe in the second wave. I did a four night cruise out of Germany in July and a 7 night cruise in October - everybody doned their masks when walking the ship - inside. On the outer decks only when social distancing could be adhered. Walking into a bar, restaurant.. etc. you wear your
  11. I just read in our newspapers that at the start of the shots - sometime in the next 10 days- that 50% are unwilling to get vaccinated. It just made me smile- if they wanna travel- anywhere in the not so distant future - they have to get their shot- otherwise it is staying home and keep complaining about everyhting and everyone. LOL.
  12. Best post I read in while. Seems our predeccors where made of a much stronger cloth. Neither the Baby Boomers nor the following generations had to suffer what those before had to endure. So we are just not used to have to cut back- to adjust- to deny oneself the slightest bit. Quite understandable- for decades everything went up up up- more more more.. - very hard to face what a Pandemic can create in our days. Well, there is still hope- LOL- they made through the whole of the 20th century- and we will make through Covid. For an example - I just read in one of our newspapers the
  13. Dear OP, i love to read something positiv in these streanous and uncertain times. So refreshing to read something like that. I don´t blame you to retire from this post. I rarely post these days. Not always nececcary to put in my two cents. LOL. Many loyal X- cruisers are very - well how to state it- unsatisfied- to say the least, how they ( X) handled the cancelations of almost a whole year. Nothing was therir fault- nothing was their doing. I was a very loyal X cruiser in the past- making it up to Elit plus- but since a few years I switched occaisonaly to Cunard. While X still
  14. No- not a death knell- I suppose she goes to Pullmantours - but not to scrapers as of yet- that I very much dout.
  15. Not surprising- they have figure out new voyages- which adhere to the new rules. So they have to start from scratch so to speak. If cruising is happening before March- they come up with new destinations and voyages.
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