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  1. I agree seacruise - those wondeful memory´s one has- nobody can take them- no matter what! Those wonderful Restaurants set the Millenium Class ships apart- each was unique- even though they had- and have- the same layout! Nowadays they are all the same - sadly so- I must say! Oh I envy those memories of the old France! You made your crossing when I was not even a year old! And that was nearing the end of the era of ocean crossing of old! I read once that France never made a penny of profit- the french goverment had to put tons of money into those their prides of the ocean. One day they had to stopp that- quite understandable- but sad anyway!
  2. Oh what a pleasure it was to meet JMG twice on board Celebrity s Millenium Class. He made the intro to the Speciality Restaurants there- a film which rerun constantly at the enterance of those wonderful- sadly now gone restaurants! I just stood there sometimes and watched those interessting films. He was great talking to and extremly friendly and outgoing!
  3. @Denny 01- what cruise was that- if they offered a shore excursion to munich- was it a River Cruise? Very very depressing to visist those horror places- which show how cruel humans can be! Depressing- but interessting- lest we forget!
  4. Andrew- Blazerboy- don´t you worry- dear old aunty did her snorkeling until late in her 80´s! So there is plenty of time before the dust bin! The good old girl just popped her cloggs earlier this year- the old plum made it to her 98th birthday!
  5. What a stunning, handsome couple you make! Yea I agree- I started crusing with RCI in 1996- and have the fondest memories of those first cruises! I fear RCI has changed almost beyong recognition- well so has the reflection when I look in the mirror- lol!
  6. Oh my- nobody want´s to take risks these days. If they state the excursion to tiring... well..! Slightly over 70- a triffle early to sign into a nursing home. My parents are that age- and I consider them realtivly fit for their age! 70- today is not what it was 20, 30 years ago!
  7. Well- I stopped with the Voyager Class- and even that one was not to my liking! Vision and Radiance Class are their best ships- why? Because of the light- with every twist and turn you are connected with the sea! Voyager and bigger- well rather like sailing in big shopping Mall- to many lounges without even a window to look out to the sea!
  8. I travel solo a lot- and always have a great time- either with Cunard, Celebrity or RCI! In fact, i have to admit- i rather enjoy and treasure my solo cruising experiences!
  9. Is there a difference of benefits if you get more or less stocks?
  10. Usualy I mind my own business- as many said- it is not my job to supervise if the all regulations are obied! However if a dangerous situation is to except I sure would speak to a nearby staff member. I have to admit i do not obey all rules always- if it is not dangerous to others anyway!
  11. The Raddiance Class ships are my favorite RCI ships- wonderful natical theme- but the Schooner Bar is trademark with RCI and has the same Maritime theme through all the ships I sailed on!
  12. Oh yes on each crossing you can met either a B or even an A- Celebrity. For me- there two highlights. First when Mickey Arrison sailed on board the Queen Mary2 from Soto to NY and then again in the Fjords- also on board the Mary was Emma Samms MBE- aka Fallon Carrington! Emma Samms I talked to peronaly and found her a very nice person! Mr. Arrison and his wife mingeld and mixed with the passengers. I had the feeling he were inspecting his ship. More or less he is the owner!
  13. What a wonderful idea to keep in touch with ships and great opportunity to get very close to the ships! I usually use South Coast Chauffeurs to get to and from the ship in Soto! The Mein Schiff´s are huge succes I agree- not for me however- never- ever would i set foot on a ship with only Germans as passengers! Much more interessting to meet foreigners and talking to them...! Germans can be a pain in the backside on holiday! I did that once- on the old Berlin of Deilman - Reederei! NEVER EVER!
  14. Well twice Pearl Kaufman was as Entertainer first on board the Millenium- then a year later on board Infinity! Wonderful woman! Was reading in Michael Club - alone- nobody else was there- when she entered and asked very politly if she could practise on the Piano - there was still a Piano in the wonderful lounge back in 2006. Beeing there hearing her playing - just me sitting there- it was almost magical!
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