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  1. Thanks for posting those great pictures. To my delight I saw that the prommenade deck of QA is indeed NOT blocked by the liveboats- well at least it looks like it when looking at the picture on post 28. Can´t wait to see for sure if that is the case.
  2. Can´t wait to see the first pictures of the refurb of Connie! One of my favorite Milli- Class ships- oh well I like them- really. LOL.
  3. Thanks for taking us along. It has been 20 years since we sailed Radiance. I was a big fan of RCI- when there ships started to get " out of hand"- means bigger and bigger- biggest- they where just no longer for me. I stopped after Voyager of the Seas- even that I found to big. LOL. Radiance Class ships are my favorite with Royal. Colony Club esp. is a great place to read. I am now sailing X or Cunard. Always fond memories of my fist - back then- biggest ships out there, which was Grandeur and all the Vision Class ships- they where called " Megaliners" back then...!
  4. Thank you for taking us along. My last voyage on Vision was back in 1999- a Transcanal cruise. Very fond memories. Interessting to see the changes inside. She looks very well kept.
  5. One never ceast to learn. I had no idea what a "Miami Vice" is- other then the series of the 80´s when we all wanted look like good Don and dressed the part. A drink and nice looking one too, thx.
  6. I never have had any issues with kids running wild with Cunard- different Story with Royal- but there it is something one suspects- they are more built for family´s than any ship of Cunard. The kids are not to blame- it´s the parents who are responsible - which has to do with the different upbringing - some parents really should " run a tighter ship " with their kids- but thats it is not a topic for CC- lol.
  7. Thank you for that wonderful review and the nice pictures. I had to read twice when I read that the Captain took the stage- never heard of Capt. Kirk. Silhouette being my favorite S- Class vessel- sailed her many times.
  8. I agree- why should that not be posted here? There other topics coming to mind that I deem not worth posting- lol.
  9. Once on a voyage to New York a fellow traveller - around my age ( mid 50s) - told me - that he knows this ship is gods anteroom- but he so loves to travel on board Mary. That came to mind when read that article. I just answered - well we both are not really spring chickens anymore- LOL and both of us had a good laugh about it. The truth is that many many people thing ship voyages are for the nearly departed. I have never heard of the guy who wrote that articel but I liked the articel nevetheless. About his garments- well if you want meet exentrics- the Mary is the ship to go. And yes- I am triffle exentric as well. LOL. What a delicate bunch of humans are out there- one word wrong and one is put either in that or in that cupboard ( sexism- ageism...and so on my ) !
  10. I did not know the Sun -but now I do. LOL. What a sensation- people paniced- I dout that anyone above could smell anything. Good that we have the first hand report to put things in order. Se.. sales ( sensation I mean of course😁) Good that we have a firt hand report. The only thing that I can imagine is that wake up call. We had that once just the night before entering NY- at around 1am or so. Medical evacuation. The first thing Cap. Hasmi told us was that everything with ship was fine. He just wanted to explain why we stopped ( which I did not even notice before) .
  11. What a wonderful entertaining topic that has become- very funny, indeed. Even though I can imagine why bring that thing to get more outlets- but the other... hm- maybe cruise lines should printing that they offer cruises and not time on a camp ground. Well handcuffs... but that´s a different story alltogether...!
  12. Sloopy maintenance possibly- the " Edgesation" or whatever they called is was years ago- even before Covid struck.
  13. I know that may not go down well with fans of the old QE2. I sailed her once- because I absoulley needed to sail on board the Legend once- well before QM2 was on the horizon. What a gasthly ship- strange layout, confusing staircases. They tried very hard to convert the ugly, plastic, horendous interior of the 60´s to change into something more " liner like"! Alone that Queens Room- in the first livery- puh... then the midships lounge in it´s first appreance...! The location of the Queens Room- long curtains at the side to shield it from the inside promenade. I could go on and on..! This one week was quite enough. So yes- I rather like what I saw of QA so far- and I have not yet forgiven Cunard for taking away the promenade deck- lol.
  14. One should ignore those hypocrites for bashing around for being curious. Curiosity is in the human nature- otherwise we would still live in the tree´s! I - myself are always curious. LOL. Hope they could help the poor passenger who needed the blood.
  15. This rendering of the Carinthia Lounge is really stunning- great views - which Cunard ships are famous for. I need to figure out a voyage with as many sea days as possible- if not a TA.
  16. Thanks NE John- I just wanted to write exactly that- Winter Garden was rather gloomy and uninviting- in fact the only lounge I really did not like when I first sailed Mary in 2008. TJ- oh yes- my favorite X- ships are also Millenium Class- also they have a propper promenade deck- if not going around - always great to walk along an be " in touch" with the Sea. The chairs have all been replaced- and that was high time they did that. I thought maybe they would reupholster them- but I saw they exchanged them all.
  17. Thank you so much for sharing those wonderful pictures of my favorite ship. I, too, came from Celebrity ( starting with them in 2001) - I much prefer the quite and classy athmosphere on board Cunard ships- esp. of course QM2. I still put in the occaisonall voyage with X- but Cunard is now ny choice. For the first time I saw that they really did a great job in the last dry dock, esp. the Dining Room chairs and Carinthia have been in dire need of an update- and they got it- nicely done, too.
  18. I absolutley do NOT GO GREEN! Yes- I want my stateroom service twice a day. Yes I want my towels changed daily. I don´t care about any points or whatever. When I am a honest Green Person- I do not go on cruises. In my book this "' Go Green" nonsense is just to save the cruise line some bucks and has nil consequences for anything " Green"! I also tip the stateroom attendant extra- if it is earned- if not- it´s just the standart tip.
  19. I am sailing Connie in September, as I read she goes right into drydock after the upcoming TA. Cańt wait so see what they have in store for her. Just debarked Infinity two days ago- and they a pretty good job of refurbishing her. I expect they will do the same for Connie. Have a good last few days on board.
  20. Seeing is believing- I only believe in another Titanic- when I can see options for booking cabins- and even then only when I see her ready to take the first passengers. They also need a Molly Brown..!
  21. I am just back this friday from the Infinity Best of Greek cruise- I will write a longer review when I have settled back in. All I can say- Infinity - as mentioned above was just leaving dry dock a few weeks ago. Yes- they did a great job to keep the Infy looking nice- very nice indeed. This was my fourth time on board Infiy- 2007, 2014, 2021 and the last ten days. All new upholstery- in every lounge - in every bar- new color shemes. New carpets- new paint job outside- no blue hull though. The only place where she shows her age are the public bathrooms and the bathrooms in the cabins. Those in the cabins- even though kept spotless clean, are really in dire need of renovation. Not likely to happen anytime soon though- if ever - I am not sure how long the will keep Milli- Class in the fleet.
  22. Currently on board and all I can say so far - Infinity is in great shape after her recent drydock! More when I am back
  23. I agree, no North - Atlantic in an open live boat. That I think to myself quite often, when walking the Decks of QM2 or any other Cunarder, but esp. QM2, what a wonderful thing- Britannia Class passengers can enjoy surroundings that would have been reservered for first class passengers about a 100 years and more ago. Great pictures what a nice Edwardian Style she had ( for the first class passengers anyway) - thanks.
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