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  1. Probably, but as of right now, I can book a Greece cruise on Apex for July 17, 7 days. Apparently they need more cash flow before they drop the hammer and cancel for US citizens.
  2. When we venture beyond the port, we have always used a professional guide. Am so hoping that by Oct 2022, that will be an option. Thank you!!
  3. Perhaps on a previous cruise, the OP, may have met Captain him/her/it. Maybe had a dinner or a bridge tour and developed a good relationship.
  4. Apex, 2022, Oct 11 Haifa, 6am-7pm and Jerusalem Oct 12 7am & 13 8pm
  5. Sukkot -- Sept. 20-27 (work places and schools closed -- lots of traffic and people every where). I have a cruise to Israel, Oct 2022, and Sukkot falls during that time. I realize the traffic etc, but are the major sites still open?
  6. Will be interested to see how Celebrity handles this. Greece is re-opening w/o the need to quarantine, just need proof of the vaccine. I wonder if Celebrity will allow folks to wander on their own or make then use their charters.
  7. He did not say that he was not flying in the day before, he specifically referenced not doing sightseeing before the cruise
  8. and there is risk with backing the car out of the garage, and exposure at the supermarket. Need to get on with living though.
  9. the scooter people really (some, not all, but many) need to learn some manners. My toes can't take it again
  10. but you may have no choice but to do ship excursions in the future, time will tell. So the $225 may be of use.
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