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  1. I’m Elite Plus on Celebrity and just turned 60. Not a youngster. LOVED Edge. Have sailed on HAL, Carnival, Costa, Royal, NCL and MSC‘S Yacht Club. I say this to contradict the opinion that Edge is for people who like “crowded and shouty.“ As for the IV, it depends on what one uses their veranda for. I don’t want to be in direct sun so I loved it. The glass was so much clearer than that on a regular balcony cabin. No problem with noise from the adjoining cabins.
  2. It’s not a top deck, but Eden has fantastic views of the wake, both inside and outside.
  3. Definitely wasn’t planning on walking. I know it may look doable as the crow flies... Thanks, Jim, I remembered that shuttle idea had been mentioned before. I’ll inquire onboard. Thanks, everyone, for your help. I’ll report back on my experience!
  4. Actually we are on the March 29 Edge Cruise; I plan ahead. 😁 I’m back to being an able bodied cruiser so no need for Special Needs. I’ll ask on Edge if they have any ideas.
  5. Happily not needing the scooter anymore!! I’d thought about offering a taxi $20 to just go the short distance. I don’t think the terminals will be near enough to each other to walk.
  6. We’re doing a B2B (sort of) where we debark Edge at terminal 25 abs embark Silhouette at some other terminal. I did check the Port Everglades app but it has both ships listed as using the same terminal...which I doubt. Could I get a cab just to go from one to the other?
  7. Silhouette still has the forward facing Sky Lounge on deck 14. Open to all.
  8. Yes, I remembered Reflection’s having the new door locks. It does seem that the new protocol only occurs after “revolution” even though it could happen earlier. I had thought Reflection might be an anomaly as she’s already supported by the app and sailing out of terminal 25. Again, thanks all.
  9. It doesn’t matter to me either way. It is nice to be able to drop off carry on bags and put passports etc in the safe to then enjoy the ship unencumbered. I have never gone to the cabin prior to the “cabins are ready” announcement on non-revolutionized ships as I thought that was not allowed/discouraged. I have found on the revolutionized ships that do allow this the Buffet is much less crowded as people aren’t occupying tables after they’ve eaten...with all their bags...waiting for the cabins are ready announcement.
  10. Thanks for the replies. It just seems odd that Edge and the revolutionized ships have the SeaPass cards at the cabin and allow you to drop off carry on bags immediately and yet Reflection does not. Do the revolutionized ships have more cabin attendants or just a different boarding day protocol?
  11. Yes. And as was pointed out several times to me (😁) if you booked thru a travel agent, use them to make the payment.
  12. I know Reflection is supported on the X app. When she’s sailing out of Terminal 25 in Ft. Lauderdale does she have the expedited boarding experience that Edge and Equinox do?
  13. Thanks! This absolutely explains it. I did book the cruise before 1/6/20 and prepaying before my sailing means I was charged the old rate.
  14. Great! Just wanted to make sure the Sky Lounge on Deck 14 hadn’t been changed.
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