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  1. And the OP is mainly talking about social distancing for the passengers. For what they are suggesting the crew would have to practice that as well and that is impossible.
  2. That has been the case in the past but evidently for the canceled cruises that Celebrity canceled you can contact them directly. I have read many reports of people who did use the link to request a refund and hearing nothing have called Celebrity who have confirmed that the request was received and is being processed. I would be curious if anyone has contacted Celebrity in this instance and was told they had to go through their travel agent. I am specifically talking about the cruises Celebrity canceled, not a person canceling a cruise on their own.
  3. I had two cruises canceled by Celebrity that were booked with two different agencies. I have heard nothing from either of them. I used the link in the Celebrity email to request a refund so I did not contact either of the agencies.
  4. Harris, may I ask what claims you made to your travel insurance company? I would have thought any claim would be rejected due to cause being a pandemic. I had insurance as well and hadn’t thought of contacting them...
  5. Also keep in mind that, unfortunately on Equinox, the Retreat Sundeck area is not handicapped accessible. Another item that was unable to be accomplished due to the shortened dry dock.
  6. I would be happier and more patient if the link I used in the email Celebrity sent me....to use for a full refund, declining the FCC, that flashed me a brief message saying I would receive an email verification....ever actually sent me anything. And I thought Celebrity said any pre-purchased items like gratuities or dining packages would be refunded much sooner than the actual cruise fare. I haven't seen that either.
  7. Just on the topic of the new restrictions on over 70 cruisers...surely Celebrity would have to agree to refund your cruise if they implemented new restrictions after you had paid in full?!
  8. That’s not new. The link was in the letter we received about a canceled March cruise. I used it for two cruises. Read the thread on reporting refund success. I canceled over a week ago and did not get an email confirmation as the link said o would. Well, not yet, anyway. I know they are swamped so there’s nothing to do but wait...
  9. Thanks everyone. I’ll wait until I have the refund and ask bank and credit card companies. Not the same institution. And I’m in the USA. I’ll post what I find out.
  10. I know it will go back to my credit card. I am looking for ways to not just have thousands sitting in my credit card account. If/when I see the refunds I’ll ask my credit card company. I thought other people might have had similar experiences where monies of an substantial sum were credited to a credit card.
  11. Banking question. If I do eventually receive the monies from two cruises that Celebrity, not I, canceled and I asked for the refund, not the FCC, is there anyway to transfer these funds from my credit card to my bank account? I don’t really want to have thousands in credit sitting on my card.
  12. Jim is correct. He works in the casino. I can see casino employees and spa employees who are not Royal (or any cruise line's) employees being sent home instead of being paid to stay on board. Now the logistics of getting them home is another thing entirely.
  13. We’re all newcomers to this. I used the link in the email from Celebrity to request a refund and decline the FCC. After completing all my info I received a message that it was being processed and I should see a refund in up to 30 days and I would get a confirmation email. Did this on Saturday and I have no confirmation yet.
  14. I don't understand the TP hoarding either. I would if I thought our fellow citizens are going to be responsible people and self quarantine if they showed symptoms and needed extra for the duration....but I don't believe our fellow citizens are that responsible. Thanks for your report. We love Equinox.
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