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  1. I am at Amelia and I noticed two blue houses next to each other with a fence and plantings around both (large) houses. Wonder if those are his?!
  2. Thought of you when I heard the news as well. My prayers are with you.
  3. Well, appropriate to this discussion, I’d suggest “Start Me Up” by the Stones. “If you start me up I’ll never stop...”. 😎
  4. That wasn’t so much a pose as an entreaty to share my breakfast...
  5. Jimbo, I think Cody and Lucy are cousins of my cats Diana and Menise!
  6. Thanks. Guess I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed! In a million years it never occurred to me such a project would be done in the peak tourist season. Nor 24/7 !! Each time I’m only staying 3-4 nights and chose condos specifically for a beach view. I’ll hope for the best! Appreciate your quick response.
  7. Bob, apologies to Dani for going off topic, I’ve been reading about the Amelia beach renourishment project. It sounds as though it will be going on in the areas (Sea Dunes and Turtle Dunes) that we’re visiting this May and July. Do you have any idea how this affects beach access or noise etc?
  8. No, no! The cat is their “pet” in their car who isn’t allowed out. Love the Golden puppies...puppy breath...💕
  9. I reread C.S. Lewis’ Till We Have Faces once a decade and always have a different interpretation.
  10. Those are just beautiful!! My favorite stones are the ocean colored ones...blue topaz, aquamarine etc.
  11. We returned from a short trip out of town to find our new oven conversing with us in French! The power had glitched while we were away...but I’m surprised a Kitchen Aid would default to French! Isn’t everything made in China?
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