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  1. On Saturday the 4th of July I saw what I assume to be the port fees/taxes credit for a June 6th cruise Celebrity canceled on April 16th for which I accepted a FCC. My experience with refunds has been that I receive them roughly one month after the sail date not the cancellation date. No FCC yet.
  2. I recently canceled two Apex sailings for November and December. They were booked with NRD. My TA said I would receive the entire deposit amounts as a FCC. This wasn’t the norm but a change Celebrity has made during these current conditions.
  3. Let me rephrase. If these measures are implemented and the cruise price does not go down to reflect less service, then I won’t be interested in paying the same for less. I had a reservation at a 5 star resort once...and they lost a star and didn’t change their prices. I canceled my reservation. Just my personal opinion.
  4. If these measures were to be implemented I'd expect the price of the cruise to go down versus full service cruises prices in the past.
  5. I received five credits back on April 29 for a canceled by X cruise sailing March 29 that I requested a refund for on March 16. Those credits were $148.68 short. I called X on April 30 and was told the remaining amount was being processed. When I hadn't seen anything I called again on May 12 and was told a notification on this booking showed an amount being processed on April 23. I just saw the final credit on May 23. So all the monies I requested in refunds are now received. In spite of this I'm going to cancel a Equinox sailing on September 14 as final payment is due mid June and cancellations of sailings are currently through the end of July. I'd have to pay in full six weeks before there is even a possibility of X sailing again and what that entails. And the September cruise is an 11 day visiting 7 ports....I don't believe it will happen, at least not in its current itinerary and I don't want to have to chase down another refund.
  6. Attorneys will be winners. If they don't get any money they get free publicity.
  7. It's really not that people such as the OP really think (of course they dream of a different world!) that a cruise on June 28 will take place....it's that in the absence of Celebrity officially cancelling it one is in limbo.
  8. Yes, we were scheduled to do a B2B on Edge March 29 followed by Silhouette on April 5. I'm so sorry this happened to you! I should add that I did call Celebrity a week or so after I'd followed the email link to cancel when I had not received any email confirmation as Celebrity's pop-up form said I would. I wanted to be sure my electronic request hadn't gone into the ether. A nice young man was able to confirm that my two requests for refunds were being processed.
  9. Today I see credits for our April 5th sailing that Celebrity notified me they cancelled on March 13. I used the link in the email and requested a refund on March 14. I had booked via a travel agent; I did not involve them in the refund request. That balance is exactly what was due. However, for a March 29 cruise Celebrity cancelled on March 13 that I requested a refund for on March 16....for that one I received several credits on April 29 but they were $148.68 short. After a couple of weeks I called Celebrity and they told me they could not discuss the refund with me as I booked via a travel agent. I sent my TA an email today and hopefully that will be resolved too. So much for the theory that they only process refunds on Wednesdays and Sundays.
  10. Today I called Celebrity again about my refund from the canceled Edge March 29, 2020 sailing. I used the link in the Celebrity email to request a refund back on March 14. On April 29 I saw five credits on my credit card however they added up to being about $150 short of what I was owed. I called on April 30 and was told the remaining credit was being processed. Not seeing anything I called back today. This time the X representative told me that as I booked with a travel agent she could not discuss the refund with me. I politely and calmly said I'd called X on April 30 and spoke to Anthony who was able to look into my refund and told me that the remaining amount was being processed. She then looked at my booking and told me she saw a note that on April 23 a single sum credit had been initiated. I asked how long she thought that would take and she gave me the 30 to 45 day answer. I said I understood people were being quoted that length of time for a full refund of a cruise but was she saying it could take that long for the remainder of a refund to be issued and she said yes.
  11. If I booked via a TA do I have to call them or can I call X directly to do this? I know normally one must go through the TA, but when X canceled my cruises I was able to use the link myself to request a refund instead of FCC so I just wondered.
  12. The only refund I've received (in five sums which is short $148.68 from what it should be) posted as "Pending" on Wednesday, April 29th.
  13. Does anyone have confirmation that Celebrity only posts credits on Wednesday and Sunday? Has anyone gotten credits on other days of the week? This is the first I've heard of this...
  14. So if people have received partial refunds, how much longer did the rest take to appear? Yesterday I received five separate credits towards one cruise....a $148.68 is missing. Did most of you get the remainder the next day? Several days later?
  15. Yesterday I saw five credits from Celebrity posted to my credit card. For our March 29, 2020 Edge sailing that X canceled on March 13th and for which I requested a refund via the email link on March 16. The numbers are $148.68 shy of being a total refund. One of the numbers posted was $148.68. The only identifiable amount listed that I could figure out was the taxes and fees were exact. I will call X today and ask. I requested a refund for a Silhouette sailing on April 5, 2020 on March 14 and haven't seen that refund(s) yet. So interesting that the refund came in first for the first cruise by date, not by date of my requesting the refund. I will say I was shocked and thrilled. I actually never expected to see a dime.
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