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  1. helen haywood

    Equinox Dec 1, 2018 review

    Pay no attention to what times Celebrity suggests you board. If you arrive at the port earlier than 10 it may be busy still with debarking passengers....and I've had to wait in line inside the terminal for the security scan to begin at 10....again you may have a wait in the terminal...but you can arrive whenever you want.
  2. helen haywood

    Equinox Dec 1, 2018 review

    We were on the Silhouette’s November 18 cruise and on the 19th Christmas decorations appeared overnight and kept coming for several days until she was completely decorated stem to stern. We then sailed on this Equinox sailing so it was very strange to see not a single holiday decoration of any kind! Oh, wait, there was holiday music playing in the hallways and at the Sunset Bar...for one day and then it went back to regular music. I guess it varies ship to ship!
  3. helen haywood

    Kobe beef meat loaf on the menu tonight

    We were on Silhouette a week ago and that was on the menu. Not even the legal disclaimer of Kobe “style” meatloaf! My crazy husband ordered it. Pretty dark and dense and dry.
  4. helen haywood

    Port Everglades Parking

    Do you mean Sunday? Aren’t you on our Silhouette Cruise?
  5. helen haywood

    Reflection v Silhouette

    We just had to learn to adjust our schedules on Reflection...if we wanted a drink in the Passport, Casino, Ensemble Lounge or Martini Bars just before 6...(at least on our sailings) forget it. Totally full with the Early Seating MDR crowd. OK, so we learned to go get that drink at Sunset, OV, Pool, Mast Bar.... We learned to make MDR reservations even though we were Select Dining. We found other venues to enjoy sailaway than the Sky Lounge.
  6. helen haywood

    Reflection v Silhouette

    On the positive side, Reflection has a redesigned Sunset Bar with enhanced views of the aft wake. On the negative side, Reflection greatly diminished the beautiful soaring Sky Lounge. It is not the high wall of windows with a panoramic ocean view the other Solstice Class ships enjoy. The extra passengers Reflection carries means more crowding at certain times and venues.
  7. But for your basic cappuccinos and espressos it will do fine.
  8. I see the sense from Celebrity’s point of view in what you say. In essence then they are saying when you pay for an upgrade after final payment you will receive which ever lesser perk package applies...it may have been only one perk when you initially booked or it may now be only one whereas your original booking had two. You will either give up a perk or be denied the second one currently offered. Interesting. Add in the fact that some believe the fares are raised to cover the perks. So you’d be paying an inflated price for your upgrade without receiving a second perk. Just reinforces my personal choice to never look at pricing after final payment!
  9. helen haywood

    AQ class cruisers - tell me about your spa concierge

    I would reiterate that if you book onboard with a specially offered price to make sure you get that in writing. Both the discount and the name of the person who gave it to you. I've heard lots of horror stories about people turning up for their appointments and the discount was not honored without proof.
  10. helen haywood

    Booked our first Celebrity cruise!

    May 4, 2019.
  11. I'd like clarification on this as well. I know if you rebook or change cabins and the current promo is less perks than what you initially booked under you have to accept the current promo and thus balance if losing a perk is worth the cabin change to you. So if X makes you adhere to the perks available at the time of the change I'd think Sanger 727 would have been able to qualify for both perks as he is paying for the upgrade.
  12. helen haywood

    Sky Suite compared to MSC Suite

    Haven't sailed yet on Seaside but have three times in YC on Divina. My husband is 6'4" and we fit fine. YC is a fantastic value. I'm looking forward to trying Seaside!
  13. I couldn't remember how many Celebrity cruises we've taken either so I logged in and checked. Thirty-six to your 28. But in lowly balcony cabins so we'll never get to Zenith at this rate!
  14. Have a great trip! We'll be boarding her on the 18th!
  15. helen haywood

    Magnifying make-up mirror in cabin?

    If you are talking about a regular (non suite) cabin, no, there is not a magnifying mirror.