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  1. I have heard of it but not used it yet. But, shhhh!!, these are 40 year old sofas I am looking forward to replacing...😁
  2. If you enlarge the photo you will see some kneading damage... A kitten was recently added to the mix and the chair is now draped in protective towels. I’d forgotten the kitten proofing requirements... Clear mantels and table tops, close off certain rooms, no defrosting on the counters, resign yourself to either replacing sofas or embracing shabby chic...
  3. Our beloved cat, Amelia the Beautiful, died last year. We travel so much (um, excuse me, now past tense 😢) that we thought we’d be better off not getting another cat. It was bittersweet packing for our last cruise this past January and not getting the cold shoulder when the suitcases came out. By May I was so shriveled by loneliness with zero social life , activities or travel that I went to the shelter and adopted two cats. I am now a Happy Crazy Cat lady taking too many photos and videos.
  4. Mine did have a 42 gallon tank. But no limit at that time. I think it went up over $90. To prevent a heart attack I never let the tank get below 3/4 full...
  5. I’ve pumped my own gas for years...but the first time I went to put some in my Suburban...the pump kept pumping and pumping and pumping... I thought “There must be a hole in the gas tank! I must be pouring gas onto the pavement!” Didn’t realize the Suburban has a tank twice as large as the cars I’d been driving. And gas prices were higher then than now!! $$$$
  6. I think a lot of things that might not affect us as much normally, certainly do at this terribly stressful time. The saying “No good deed goes unpunished” is certainly true. Also “An act of generosity rarely ends a man’s responsibilities towards another; it tends to begin them.” I, too, have an ungrateful family member. I finally had to make the difficult decision to cut off contact. However, this isn’t an elderly person. For everyone who is looking after others, especially those who are ungrateful, I truly sympathize. Sometimes offering sympathy is all one can do.
  7. I also canceled two cruises booked with a TA thru the TA. They were both NR. The TA told me I would receive FCCs. A couple of weeks later the complete deposits for both appeared on my credit card. Fine with me.
  8. If you’ve never seen an overweight person on a ship I’d love to sail with you!! I’ve seen countless such people on Carnival, HAL, NCL, MSC, Royal and Celebrity.
  9. When we got our first color TV we all sat down to watch The Wizard of Oz. My father was very upset and thought he’d bought a defective model. We never realized the first part of the movie is in black and white!
  10. John’s thread in Floataway Lounge is now unlocked.
  11. Maybe I missed it, how was the Muster Drill handled? And thanks again for the review. Sadly here in the USA I don’t expect cruising to start again for some time so I loved walking in your shoes.
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