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  1. Pulling up a chair! So far I have no interest in sailing on Edge but you may be capable of changing my mind!
  2. Well, there are a few differences in Reflection from Equinox. On Reflection the Sky Lounge is half the size as suites were added on her port side. Reflection replaced the glass blowing area with the Lawn Club Grille and added The Porch on that deck as well. Reflection reconfigured the Sunset Bar to an oval in the middle of the area with stools all around and moved the staircase to Oceanview to behind the bar. Also tiered seating areas there. The pool is on the same deck as Oceanview on Reflection. Cabins are the same on both ships although Reflection has more cabins.
  3. On my balcony and suddenly a pod of dolphins appeared and swam alongside us...leaping up out of the water and twisting in acrobatic spins before crashing back down...and doing it all again. It absolutely looked like they were simply doing it for fun...it looked like they were all grinning.
  4. I love Equinox!! I was so thrilled that they were unable to add the suites that would have cut the Sky Lounge in two! I loved when Celebrity decided to keep her sailing year round from Florida! I was thrilled when she moved from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale. I think she is beautiful. I could wish for some new shows....but that's only because I'm blessed to be a frequent repeat sailor on her.
  5. That’s why I wrote sparkling wine aka “champagne.”
  6. The second quote you included was not saying all beer and wine onboard is under $9 but that all frozen drinks, wine and beer that is priced below $9 is included in the Classic Package. I drink Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay and sparkling wine (aka “champagne”) very happily with the Classic Package.
  7. I find it odd too. But some people report they smell smoke from several decks away even when sailing. Some people have very sensitive noses...and of course, it’s also possible someone was smoking on their balcony.
  8. I think you may be thinking of an M Class ship. On the S Class (which Equinox is) smoking is permitted on deck 5, midship, port side and on deck 14, Mast Bar, starboard side and Sunset Bar, deck 14 aft port side. The deck 5 location can change from port side to starboard if a fueling barge is on the port side.
  9. Sorry to tell you Equinox’s shows are Topper, Elysium and Life. And various guest acts.
  10. If the Sunset Bar on the S Class ships is denuded of shade following their "revolutions" then my favorite place will definitely lose its appeal for me!
  11. Thanks, vtcruising! That’s great news if the Sky Lounge is left as it is!! As for the Buffet, I didn’t think the S Class ships needed any refreshing.
  12. Are you saying that Silhouette will NOT have the Sky Lounge halved to add suites on the port side of the ship?
  13. Nimiq, we were also on this cruise. Yes, the Ensemble Lounge had music most nights. Generally jazz. At the World Class bar they do not serve anything other than their drink menu. The Passport bar on Equinox has a long wooden table just off the dance floor that has eight chairs around it.
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