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  1. Yes, one more Q: I havn't been able to find any overwiev of the C cabins on Edge class on Celebritys site. Have they hide them to good for me or isn't it any? I suppose that it will be different from the S- and M cabins?
  2. Thanks for all input. 😊 I will follow your advices and start to find out more about these Infinity verandas that are totally new to me. This is really appreciated and I'm glad for any kind of help.
  3. Hi! Long time since I was here but now I just have to plan a cruise and start to look forward to a cruise again. Hope that everything is well with you all! We are looking on a cruise sometime in the future on Apex or Edge. We have been on S and M class ships before and are quite familiar with the deckplans and cabins on these classes. But the Edge class is a total mystery.... Have checked out the spreedsheet on this class but are still very confused.... Maybe someone could be kind enough to help? We are interested in a consegiere cabin, starbord side, midship w
  4. Ok, do you have the email to them because I can't telephone from Sweden. I do not have an agent by the way.
  5. Thanks, but is it a glitch? Would appreciate to know if the P cabins are avalible for me to book to the price quoted initially on the web site.
  6. Oj. Thanks at least I havn't been misraken then.. But strange that there are differences. I thouht that everyone should be treated the same way... 😶 The money we pay are the same, but not the possibilities apperantly..
  7. Sorry, it's 14 november.... 😁 Have now tried to make a booking in a cabin that - regarding the deck plan of 2020 is a P1. But when I come to the end of the booking I have booked a suite!!! Come on Azamara, I do expect that the website should be - at least - half as good as the on board experience...
  8. Is there a way to get in direkt contact with you or someone else, I have just found other things that doesnt work....
  9. Thanks for suggestions, I will try but the price showed indicated just Veranda staterooms, no P1, P2 or P3...
  10. Hi Have tried to book a cruise on Azamara website. I choose pricing&offerings and see that veranda plus staterooms are avalible. I click "book now" on veranda plus but when I come to step 2, choose stateroom, the veranda plus stateroom isn't an option?! This is a cruise in november 2020. Can't telephone any for help, are from Sweden and here Azamara doesn't have any support...
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