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  1. Newly discounted cruises were posted today. There were lots of dates. Perhaps this implies that cruises are not filling at the current "regular" rates.
  2. We started cruising DCL with a 7 year old in 1998. Needless to say, that 7 year old is now much older, and we've explored other lines. There are things that are by far the best on DCL, things that have gone up and down over the years (food), and things that are basically the same as other lines. The one thing that has gone up and up are the prices. We LOVE DCL, but we did 14 nights in a window suite on Princess for less than what 7 nights in a cat 6 on DCL would have cost. We cruised in Japan, which we can't do on DCL. Yes, we'd happily do DCL again if and when we can find an itinerary we are interested in at a price we are willing to pay.
  3. The easiest way to explain this is that they take a "usual" cruise and add the TCM features. Yes, spa, restaurants, etc. are all the same. The Oceaneer's Lab and Club are open to adults during open house hours. I've not seen them have "adult only" hours on short cruises as they do on trans-Atlantic crossings.
  4. Pirate and princess costumes are for sale in the gift shops. Save a lot of money and buy them at home before you depart. Watch sales around and right after halloween. There are no costume rentals as far as I know. There are formal rentals.
  5. I totally agree with the above--the earlier you book the better the price. Occasionally if a cruise is not filling, DCL will offer "restricted" rates. First, DO read the list of restrictions--they are significant. And they rarely beat day 1 prices, although on occasion they do. DCL is not like many other lines....there are no "fire sales" or wild price swings, no special days to book with a certain TA to get a discount. In other words, none of the tricks. That brings up another issue. If you use a TA who does a lot of DCL booking, you will often get a small onboard credit from that agency as a "thanks for booking" gift.
  6. I totally agree. All the announcements I've read have said either "bigger than" or "a little bigger than" without specifics. This doesn't sound significant. However, I still prefer the size of the classics.
  7. It depends on the length of the cruise, number of kids on board, etc. But this isn't one of the things that many reservations are held back. The concierge will hold a few that will be released on day 2 if any suite guests don't pick them up. Other than that, most are gone by the time you board. THe only suggestion I have is to keep checking on line--there are people who decide against doing it and cancel. It doesn't hurt to check after boarding, but don't count on it. Good grief, why is this 2001-2007 post suddenly at the top of the list???
  8. It depends on your family. We don't buy the photos now that we are adults cruising. When daughter was younger, I'd buy a few. But there are always character attendants who will take photos with your camera. There are a few where only the professionals will film (the captain's night photo with him, for instance). If you have kids and want a zillion shots on a thumb drive, it is not a bad deal. THe price depends on the length of the cruise. Compared to the cost of the cruise, it isn't much. DO check the drive to be sure you have all of your photos. I have one special photo of daughter--I took it at about the same time the ship's photog took one. Mine is better! One good thing about the disc/drive package is that they do take photos in the Oceaneer's Club. If there is a photo of just your child or your child with character (no other kids in the photo), it should be in your collection. Bottom line--it isn't a good deal for me. It is if you want 100 pictures of your cruise.
  9. I'm seriously not impressed. Rapunzel is good. The Lighthouse Point thing is NOT a private island as Castaway is--it is an inhabited island that DCL will likely be leasing a piece of. Princess is also on this island and has had some major issues where they have been unable to stop due to protests, labor disputes, or whatever. I suspect DCL has worked out a serious contract with the government, but they did that at Nassau as well. It lasted for a while, and now Nassau is as cruddy as it ever was. Yes, the situation at Nassau is different, but there were agreements as to safety, police presence downtown, hair braiders and others without fixed shops having rules about accosting DCL guests, etc. It also implies that the new ships will be doing the PC/Bahamas/Caribbean stuff. Been there, done that. I was seriously hoping for some new itineraries when the new ships came on line, whether they were done by the new or existing ships. Maybe the Magic will do Asia. The Japanese are crazy about all things Disney; those cruises would fill! And, frankly I like the smaller ships. I've known for years that the new ones would be larger than the Fantasy, but that's not a positive in my book. I'm waiting for the first negative review that says, "I WISH I wasn't on this ship."
  10. Glad it all worked out for you. Enjoy your cruise....and think of all the fun things you can do with the money you didn't spend on that gold KTTW card!
  11. Don't EVER believe what the CMs on the phone say. As above, many of them have never even been to the port to set foot on one of the ships (this really surprised me when one told me!) All they can do is to access their computer and tell you what their computer says....and they may not appreciate the differences among the various ships, the updates since dry docks, etc. Some of their answers are correct, especially on the common questions. We used to joke that if we didn't get the answer we wanted, we could hang up and re-dial; a different CM would give a different answer! They are good people and they are trying, but their information is limited!
  12. Personal opinion--NO WAY would I pay for concierge given your situation. Um....NO DCL cruise goes to Coco Cay. But you don't need a cabana on any island, so not biggie. Character meet and greets and breakfast--I've never had problems getting breakfast tickets. Book them on line when your window opens. People have reported being able to get them after boarding, but don't depend on this. There are only a couple of meet and greets that require a ticket--again, book on line as soon as your window opens. These, we have definitely been able to add after boarding, but I don't recommend waiting. Adult dining can definitely be added on board if desired. As you noted, you can buy a huge amount of whatever you want--coffee, alcohol, etc. for the cost of concierge. Compared to other lines, the concierge/suite benefits of DCL are pretty minimal. Yes, they do have a character event just for concierge--one character, 30 minutes. That works out to a couple minutes per cabin with the character. I don't think you'll miss out on anything by not getting concierge. Look at a cat 5 and see if that will save you even more money for a small decrease in cabin space. DCL cabins are much larger than some other lines!
  13. Do check your Navigator on the embarkation day. DCL used to offer a FREE 50 mb trial but you had to sign up before midnight on embarkation day. I don't know if that offer is still in effect. At the end of your trial you can purchase a package or not--your choice. The nice thing is that the trial allows you to confirm that all your data eating stuff is turned off and you can get an idea of how much you might use. Actually, the 50 mb may last a few days-enough that people on a short cruise may have all they need!
  14. You don't "have to" pay for tips, although it is expected. You are free to tip what you feel the service is worth, be that more or less than the "suggested" amount. IF you do nothing, the suggested amount will be charged to your stateroom account. You can increase tips at Guest Services or by adding cash to the tip envelope.
  15. Unless the locks have been changed (which I doubt), there is a lock about my shoulder height or a bit lower. There is also a lock on the door handle. As above, the doors are quite heavy. When I traveled with a handicapped adult friend, she was unable to open the door due to the weight. Bottom line--I don't see any way a young child could open the door UNLESS someone else leaves it open. Even unlocked, a child will have trouble with the weight of the door.
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