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  1. Glad it all worked out for you. Enjoy your cruise....and think of all the fun things you can do with the money you didn't spend on that gold KTTW card!
  2. Don't EVER believe what the CMs on the phone say. As above, many of them have never even been to the port to set foot on one of the ships (this really surprised me when one told me!) All they can do is to access their computer and tell you what their computer says....and they may not appreciate the differences among the various ships, the updates since dry docks, etc. Some of their answers are correct, especially on the common questions. We used to joke that if we didn't get the answer we wanted, we could hang up and re-dial; a different CM would give a different answer! They are good people and they are trying, but their information is limited!
  3. Personal opinion--NO WAY would I pay for concierge given your situation. Um....NO DCL cruise goes to Coco Cay. But you don't need a cabana on any island, so not biggie. Character meet and greets and breakfast--I've never had problems getting breakfast tickets. Book them on line when your window opens. People have reported being able to get them after boarding, but don't depend on this. There are only a couple of meet and greets that require a ticket--again, book on line as soon as your window opens. These, we have definitely been able to add after boarding, but I don't recommend waiting. Adult dining can definitely be added on board if desired. As you noted, you can buy a huge amount of whatever you want--coffee, alcohol, etc. for the cost of concierge. Compared to other lines, the concierge/suite benefits of DCL are pretty minimal. Yes, they do have a character event just for concierge--one character, 30 minutes. That works out to a couple minutes per cabin with the character. I don't think you'll miss out on anything by not getting concierge. Look at a cat 5 and see if that will save you even more money for a small decrease in cabin space. DCL cabins are much larger than some other lines!
  4. Do check your Navigator on the embarkation day. DCL used to offer a FREE 50 mb trial but you had to sign up before midnight on embarkation day. I don't know if that offer is still in effect. At the end of your trial you can purchase a package or not--your choice. The nice thing is that the trial allows you to confirm that all your data eating stuff is turned off and you can get an idea of how much you might use. Actually, the 50 mb may last a few days-enough that people on a short cruise may have all they need!
  5. You don't "have to" pay for tips, although it is expected. You are free to tip what you feel the service is worth, be that more or less than the "suggested" amount. IF you do nothing, the suggested amount will be charged to your stateroom account. You can increase tips at Guest Services or by adding cash to the tip envelope.
  6. Unless the locks have been changed (which I doubt), there is a lock about my shoulder height or a bit lower. There is also a lock on the door handle. As above, the doors are quite heavy. When I traveled with a handicapped adult friend, she was unable to open the door due to the weight. Bottom line--I don't see any way a young child could open the door UNLESS someone else leaves it open. Even unlocked, a child will have trouble with the weight of the door.
  7. I have no issue with the competitors shirts, etc. Just didn't want people to think they could talk their way into the return cruiser gift if they were not a return cruiser. (or had one in the cabin as the gift is one per cabin).
  8. I've never seen it be unavailable on line in advance, but then I've never booked for a large group either. However, if it does happen, go to the "port adventures" desk at boarding. They handle the ticketed activities. Keep checking on line in advance. People DO cancel things, which then become available to others.
  9. I've never had a problem getting a Remy reservation, even if we didn't decide until we were on board. I suspect it doesn't fill up because it is expensive. As to dining in the MDRs, we've had great experiences and far less good experiences. We've found the MDRs to be much better on the "classic" ships, in part because the dining rooms are far less crowded. If there is a problem with your MDR experience, speak to the head server. Adult only dining is a major step up! Another option is eating dinner at Cabanas (if they are still doing this). It is a casual, no reservation needed restaurant at dinner, but is not available on the first or last nights. Both the food and the service was better than our usual MDR experience, probably because the food is cooked when you order rather than being mass produced.
  10. Cedric and sophie had it right....you can fly into any of the airports. It really depends on which has to most convenient flights from your point of origin. We specifically chose a hotel near the airport that DID offer a shuttle to the hotel. You can easily filter for these on line. I think we paid about $200 for the night, but not sure. I do know it was not as high as others are quoting here, but it was nothing fancy--all we needed was a place to sleep and have breakfast in the morning. The next day we got a "super shuttle." I'd used the company before, but honestly our NY experience was the worst I've ever had with them. I would not recommend them. Don't know if Uber is a possibility. DCL will not be offering shuttles from hotels unless you book the hotel package thru them. Do call DCL to find that cost when booked thru them--it is often different than booking directly thru the hotel.
  11. The key is as above--let the restaurant know about your food needs at least a day ahead and either Palo or Remy will accommodate you.
  12. This won't work. When taking a DCL shuttle to the port, your luggage goes separately, hours earlier. You can take only "carry on" luggage on the bus with you. It doesn't work like Magical Express where you CAN check in your luggage at the resort or can carry it on the bus. Also, if you take ME to the airport, the drop off point is not near where you would get a shuttle to the port! Yes, you could lie about a plane connection and take ME to the airport...and get a shuttle for your cruise line from the airport (if the cruise line offers one). That's a real pain. Again, cost of private towncar transportation from WDW to PC is about the cost of DCL transfers for 4; cost of renting a car is about the same as shuttle for 2. Why go thru all the hassle to save relatively little money?
  13. Have you ever seen this happen ON DCL? I agree that on Princess and some other lines, there are lots of bags around, hosts use them for supplies on their carts, etc. The bags on DCL are much higher quality and come to your name with a personal tag on them. We've also been on DCL cruises where we were asked to sign a form indicating that we had received the "return cruiser" gift. They are not in excess numbers, left on host carts, etc., and I've never seen them be available to cabins that were not designated to receive them. In fact, when we had one stolen as asked at Guest Services. We could not even purchase a replacement.
  14. As above, you can purchase one way transfers. The best way to/from the airport is what works best for each family situation. We used to stay off property (hotel was much cheaper and included breakfast) and rent a car. Now that I'm often traveling with a mobility challenged family member, we find the convenience of the Hyatt MCL usually outweighs the cost.
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