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  1. Good to hear that Celebrity may be back to their former standards. For a while after Blu opened, service and food quality in the main restaurants dropped substantially. We haven't cruised them in years.
  2. Unfortunately, we've noticed a decline on several lines, along with "upsells" if you want what used to be the standard. As you noted, DCL quality isn't what it used to be, but it is still better than many other lines! I like DCL, but I can't justify paying two to three times what another line costs for a similar cruise.
  3. Thanks...Each line has things they do better than other lines. My logic is to take advantage of what they do best. For DCL, that's beautiful, well maintained ships with great entertainment. We stuck to just DCL for many years, but started exploring other lines when their prices went up significantly. What we found were other reasons, in addition to price, to choose other lines.
  4. I totally agree that it is worse on the newer ships than on the classics. Most of my experience is on the Magic, and this particular element has not been good. This is actually one of the reasons we've explored other lines after many years of "DCL only." Now we are "DCL IF they can give us something worth the cost and the kid issues." I like kids, but "adult only" areas should be just that. They shouldn't be "adult only except for ......."
  5. The 18-20 club is spotty. We've seen good groups where it was excellent and we've had cruises where my daughter was the only one who showed up on the first two nights. There is a member of the cruise staff appointed to host the meets, and as above, they will arrange whatever activities the group wants--luncheons, game times, etc. The key is to show up at the meet on the first night.
  6. We've done DCL with kids and as adults only. My biggest "gripe" is that they enforce SOME adult only areas and not others. Yes, adult dining (Palo and Remy), Serenity Bay, night club area after 9pm, and fitness center are enforced. The Cove Cafe and areas around the Quiet Cove pool are not well enforced....I wish that they were. I also wish there was an area of each dining room where families without children were seated. Yes, they do have "adult only" tables, but they are scattered throughout the room. Sorry, but thru the years we've noticed a lot less supervision of children on board. It is NOT ok to allow kids to run around the dining room. They are a danger to themselves, servers, and other guests. It is NOT ok to throw food. (my adult daughter was issues a "free laundry" ticket when an urchin at a nearby table missed his intended target and got chocolate goo on her). It is not OK for them to steal items from server's stations (or stateroom host carts)! It is not ok to keep your screaming or crying child in the dining room, although I can see debate on this one. Sorry--I removed my child from a shoreside restaurant at the age of 6 when she just would not "settle down" and was annoying other diners. I asked the server to have our food packed "to go" when it came up, and took it and her home. Funny, we never had another behavior issue in any restaurant! Since these sorts of activities happen regularly in the dining rooms....I'd like to see a section for "adults only."
  7. I'm really curious--do you know whether your TA actually contacted DCL and got that information or whether she was speaking off the "top of her head?" I question it because what you were told is not the normal policy. DO enjoy your cruise . Take precautions and don't worry. However, as above, this is a reason that everyone should consider travel insurance. Another point--my medical insurance specifically excludes any coverage outside the US. People might want to check their policies. I would not be happy to lose the cost of a cruise, but the cost of medical care should something happen on a cruise could be really awful!
  8. Sea days. If I'm paying DCL rates, I like to take advantage of the ship. If I want a floating hotel, I can do a much cheaper line to visit ports.
  9. Prices just keep going up on DCL. I was shocked to see a one week DCL cruise in Alaska at a "last minute" VGT rate costing almost exactly the same as I paid for 14 nights in a suite on another line in 2018. True, we felt a moment of sadness while sitting in the specialty restaurant and saw the Wonder sail by as we enjoyed our "included" dinner. Granted, we got a really good deal in 2018. Yes, we like DCL better.....but not that much better! I don't see rates coming down unless DCL finds that they can't fill their ships at the current rates. As long as they are sailing full or nearly so, why lower prices?
  10. I think the fuss is to be clear...only the Fantasy has Star Wars days at sea. The Magic has Marvel day at sea and Marvel Academy (an area of the Oceaneer's Club that is present on the ship all the time. It is a great place to visit during "open house" hours).
  11. You are correct that everyone needs proof of citizenship. However, that is not required to be in the form of a passport (a certified birth certificate qualifies). What I mean in my post was that there was no ADDITIONAL documentation required to take a minor who was not my child other than the "minor authorization form." Someone above had posted that they required a passport, which is not correct. The appropriate birth certificate worked fine for our friend. She of course needed the standard documents--proof if ID and proof of citizenship.
  12. I have done DCL as a solo, but it was many years ago before the outrageous prices. I chose an inside cabin to save money, knowing there were plenty of public spaces where I could enjoy the air. Yes, a balcony is nicer, but the price is not. Yes, there will be kids everywhere. IMHO, the one place that DCL has not performed as promised is the restriction of kids in adult only areas. SOME areas, like the fitness center, are well controlled. Other areas, like the adult pool and Cove Cafe area are not controlled, allowing children to walk/run/skate/scream their way thru with or without parents (this happens on ALL DCL ships), kids come into the adult area to "touch base" with mom, etc. Like you, I am not anti-kid. But I can't go to the Oceaneer's Club; they shouldn't be able to come to the "adult" areas! And I really didn't appreciate the one cruising thru on his "heelie" shoes (yes, they are against rules too), and slammed into me while I was sitting in a chair outside the Cove Cafe drinking hot tea. He then skated off without so much as a "sorry." Not cool! They do a good job of restricting in adult only restaurants and nightclubs after 9pm.
  13. IF you have filled in all the computer info (flight info, DCL transportation) and it still asks for a PAT, just pick one. You will be admitted to the terminal as soon as the DCL bus gets you there.
  14. Basically you can use any form of public transportation to get from FLL to the port in Miami. Rent a car, use a shuttle, taxi, Uber, etc. Why would you do it? Cost and or convenience of the flights. Check out what is available into both airports and make your choice.
  15. 4 night. The difference is time to enjoy the ship. A 3 night cruise is 2 1/2 days, and they are all port days. The cost to get to port is the same, whether the cruise is 3 nights or 14 nights. A 4 night cruise is A LOT nicer than a 3 night. I could write paragraphs on the differences....bottom line is that if you can afford 4 nights, do it.
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