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  1. Wow what a great report - That helps with information for sure !!
  2. I am keeping myself busy with planning our Alaska cruise tour for 2022. We are going in May. We will be staying at the Mt. McKinley Wilderness Lodge for 2 nights and about a day and 1/2 and then staying at Denali Lodge for about the same amount. At the Denali lodge we have the Natural History Tour included. What I am wondering for those who have stayed at the lodges , What did you do ? What Tours did you take ? We will be 3 couples, 1 from the US and two from the UK. My husband and I have been to Alaska before but the couples from the UK have not. So looking for something interesting,
  3. Remember Cruise lines are NOT registered in the USA - Florida cannot mandate what they do ... so I think the lines can say all passengers and crew must be vaccinated. If FL wants the travel $$ cruises brings , they will probably change their mind on vaxs
  4. The CDC states the test cruises have to be with non-paying passengers and not people dependent on the cruise line for a job
  5. With all the new CDC rules and guidance, I have yet to see if you can volunteer for the test cruises . Has anyone heard or seen anything on this ? I would volunteer for sure, I am fully vaccinated and would love to 'test' a cruise for free...
  6. Go into Personalizer and log in, click on manage booking for the cruise Click on boarding pass and travel summary Click on print travel summary - that document will list everything you are getting as a package on the cruise . it is all listed under special services
  7. I see that for Alaska in 2022, both the Sapphire and Majestic will be in rotation. Have not been on either ship. Opinions on either ship. We like the Grand and the Royal, Regal and Sky. Just wondering which ship might be better or should we pick the date with the Grand ?
  8. Any idea when 2022 Transatlantic itineraries will be out?? Looking for a Mediterranean type crossing
  9. I was looking at the deck plans online. It appears they added back crooners but removed wines. Interesting... I liked vines. Did I miss it ??
  10. Does anyone have any photos or reviews of Caribe on the Regal C401. Thanks
  11. I have two cruises booked in 2021, one in February and one in August. I normally go in about once a week to check prices etc. All last week and this week, I keep getting 'Pricing Not Available' . It is frustrating , I do not want to have to email my vacation planner every time I want to check prices. Anyone else having these issues??
  12. We loved the sky. Took 2 cruises on it. Loved Take 5.
  13. We have a 14 day circle the Caribbean scheduled for February 21st, 2021. I am wondering what everyone's opinion is on whether this cruise will actually happen or will be cancelled ? I know some of the islands are opening BUT with major restrictions. For example, Aruba is opening but with the following restrictions below I am wondering with these types of restrictions, HOW the heck the cruise ships are going to handle them if they continue through next year. Opinions .. GO.. ======================== Requirements for entry in Aruba– Mandatory ED card* t
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