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  1. Do you know if the sanctuary was fully booked for your cruise ?
  2. Jeanandjim Such a great review. They are the best bar staff on any ship.
  3. After dinner...8 or 9 ish .but just ask Whinn or Reisa when they plan to do it that night....
  4. $16.00 each but in a very large glass
  5. JeanandJim THANK YOU!!!!!!! OMG So happy right NOW!!!!
  6. Hendrick is there - black bottle - just cannot see the label...
  7. The gin cart usually came out later in the evening. but was GREAT - I really want the menu so my husband can make them at home for me Below is a picture of the card with all the goodies
  8. We were on the Sky for the last 2 weeks. We enjoyed Take 5. Whinn the bartender is great. He does a gin cart sometimes with special Gin and Tonics. We forgot to take a pic of the menu. Does anyone have a picture of the menu. Going to try to make a home
  9. Can any give me the details on the rental of the cabana in the sanctuary of the Sky. Is It 220 per day for 4 people or 2 people? Do you only get 2 Sun beds? What is included?? There are 4 of us and wondering if the Cabana is a better deal than 4 Sun beds in the sanctuary. I know is would be 40 per day per person for the beds Thank you
  10. We have anytime dining on all cruises. We decide each morning depending on port or sea day activities , what time we want to dine. We call the dine line right at 8:00 AM or little after and normally can get a reservation for a table for 2 with out a problem for 7 or 7:30. No, you do not get the same waiter BUT if you walk up and there is a line and you made a reservation, go around the line and tell me person at the front you have a reservation. They normally take you right away to your table . We like it and it works for us
  11. Totally agree about Take 5. Whinn and Raisa are two of the best bartenders we have ever encountered on any princess ship. We get back on the sky 1/11 and take 5 will be one of the 1st stops
  12. We were on the sky in November on the transatlantic and a few things were not quite finished, wondering if they got done yet 1. TVs programmed on the treadmills in the Gym 2. Add more chairs to the Sanctuary 3. Elite gift bags being given Thanks to anyone who can answer that has been on the Sky in the pas few weeks in the Caribbean
  13. Dockhl Thanks for all the info and pics - they are beautiful. We are very excited to see these cities even more now. We also stop in Lisbon , but have a walking tour there. So hopefully will enjoy that too.
  14. We completed the british isles on the crown princess this year amd loved it. It was 12 days from/to Southhampton. Very port intensive. Great service. Also did a few days in London at the Tower Hotel. Crown is not too big.
  15. So we got our medallions for the Sky departing on 11/17. My husband's plastic case to hold the medallion is cracked at the top. We leave for Barcelona in 4 days, can we get a holder at embarkation for free or will it cost us ? Thanks
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