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  1. Great question - I wish I had thought of it before I traded our mini bar for the unlimited coffee on our 3rd cruise of the B2B2B. I think it would have worked since the room card does not change unless you change rooms which we didn’t.
  2. Agree. We used old cards solely for the first cruise of our B2B2B to get us till the second cruise when we became elite. Then we traded the mini bar for the unlimited coffee which was added to our room card. The IC wouldn’t let us use our Medallion but instead needed our room card.
  3. Yes - that appears to be the case. Last night and this morning the distant you needed to be from the door was about 5 feet and be there for about 2 seconds. It appeared they had fine tuned it a little from the prior distances of 20 to 30 feet. After lunch the distance was more like 10+ feet. Also last night while sitting next to the door (inside) I noticed the lock was clicking randomly every few seconds like someone was unlocking it. This morning I was not noticing this sound. Also - the coffee card is on our room card now. We are on B2B cruises and the unused punches were carried forward to the 2nd cruise. I now have 27 punches left. I get the card mainly for the unlimited coffee since the coffee card is free for Elite paxs.
  4. Just tried an experiment to see how far from our cabin door the medallion would work. The farthest I could see was six cabins and at six cabins the door was unlocked. I’ll try again with my wife’s help.
  5. We were very disappointed until today. Hope it continues to work!
  6. Seeing a lot of activity installing panels at the cabin doors today. We got on the Regal on 10/20 and we were given a Medallion at checkin but it hasn’t worked very well. It usually took several tries by touching the screen with our medallion each time to get in but today the door unlocked before we took it out of our pocket. Just prior they had worked on our cabin lock.
  7. I did try each time with it on and off and it didn’t matter with the slow speeds. It does matter greatly at home. Today the internet speed is great!! I normally try to check at the same time of day (08:00 am)but do check additional times later in the day
  8. Internet today is better today at 08:30 AM
  9. We are currently off the coast of North Carolina headed south to the Caribbean. When can I expect the Internet speed to increase?
  10. Internet speed today is less than 1 Mbps. Also Medallions aren’t opening doors. They have taken ours yesterday to test and still haven’t returned them.
  11. Didn’t help much. i did watch a college football game yesterday without any issues. It’s free so I’m not complaining!
  12. I have noticed that I can’t view my ship account if I use a VPN. Speed was not affected using the VPN.
  13. Even though the speed is slower than expected it’s not an issue except that a few access points were down. I have been able to watch TV on my iPad using YouTube TV.
  14. This morning it’s even slower. I was told by the Internet person that it’s 200 Mbps downstream which is shared by everyone and that my speed is determined by how many are online. He was not surprised by my results. Unlimited is Great! I will ask about how long it’s going to remain free next time he’s at his desk.
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