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  1. Agree with this. My advice is to get in line early. The bottleneck seems to be getting from the gangway of the ship to the customs terminal. The escalators seem to get backed up. They are using the facial recognition process in NYC so that is speeding things up at the customs checkpoint.
  2. Was not open in January on Breakaway, Port Canaveral. Options were garden cafe or dining room. In fact, debarkation required you to walk through O Sheehan's towards the theater lobby on Deck 7, which is where they had the photo recognition customs clearance. Everything happened onboard and once you had the green light from the facial recognition computer, you were free to debark the vessel and walk straight out of the terminal after claiming luggage.
  3. Not permitted, nor should you want it to be permitted. Think that through. There is no way for NCL to control sanitation when everyone and their brother is bringing their own supplies to the garden cafe. NCL swaps tongs out every couple of hours. I'd wear gloves if I was overly concerned.
  4. Not to mention it would reduce overcrowding in the overcrowded Garden Cafe. Carnival does a nice job of this with the "free" Guy Fieri Pig and Anchor joint.
  5. They'll probably have to get underway from the anchorage at some point before the 26th. I think they have to be out in the open water to produce fresh water.
  6. Probably not "mourning", but maybe "moored". This is consistent with prior NCL behavior. Say all the right things...you are concerned about safety, you are monitoring things, but operate at ANY cost in the name of $$$$. Force people into Singapore as cases continue to increase slightly and airlines slash flights to Singapore due to lack of demand stemming from concerns about the virus. Only cancel when a government prudently steps in forces them to cease their careless actions. Yes, this is Norwegian Cruise Lines.
  7. Not likely to be true. Typically, FBI is notified. Ship clearance can be delayed. Media everywhere. Haven't heard or seen any of this reported.
  8. Why do you say? I'm helping him fill a stateroom that otherwise has a really high probability of going unsold and generating zero onboard revenue for at least 7 days. Well, it still generates zero onboard revenue with me in it, but at least he gets $399 base fare or so. I'm contributing to his crew wages, too, via DSC. In exchange, he takes me to some cool places, I eat his food (even though I think it has declined in quality), and enjoy his onboard entertainment . . . .incidentally, all the costs associated with me sailing have been incurred long before I booked, Fuel cost is fixed, entertainment has been hired and the cost is what it is. Food might be more variable. Oh and tell Mr. Del Rio to redirect any anger towards his Director of Inventory Maximization and Pricing. Had they performed their job at a high level, they would not have to engage in the dreaded cabin dumping. 🙂
  9. That's awesome. Better to do 15 days to get the full $250. 14 days only $100. And you are a solo guest paying for 2 people to get the full $250. Yes, you can use the $250 on cruise next. So, if you buy 2 for $500 you'll end with $250 back from NCL and $250 back for your shareholder benefit, for a grand total of FREE. Now that's a FREE AT SEA perk!
  10. So, now we can pay to eat the same food we could get at our local Denny's. Thanks, but no thanks.
  11. Wow, just wow. Why am I not surprised. NCL is bottom of the barrel cheap. I don't know that I've dealt with a more repulsive and offensive business.
  12. I think that is true. There are some reports of passengers that cancelled their Jade 17th cruise prior to NCL getting around to cancelling. Of course, those passengers are appealing to NCL for refunds, but expectedly, NCL is refusing, stating the passenger cancelled. So, this may explain part of NCLs delayed communication strategy. If you find yourself with no insurance or inadequate insurance, it may be advisable to do nothing until NCL makes an announcement. You can be a no show at the port and still get your port fees back.
  13. Right, the problem is that NCL can't control external factors, such as contracting the virus in a port of call, in the homeport of Singapore, or an airport en route to the ship. Symptoms can take days to present themselves. Therefore, NCL can force their crew to deep clean the ship for days, but that won't prevent someone from boarding ill. Ditto with screening in Singapore. Not everyone with a fever has Coronavirus and not every one that registers a normal temperature is healthy. Their medical screening doesn't really ensure people with the virus don't sail, so don't be fooled by that. Looks like Jade has departed Singapore and is currently en route to Malaysia.
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