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  1. Yes. Lowest prices 3 to 10 days prior to sailing for sailaway rates. The 16 day Panama canal on Joy that left yesterday was down to $499. There is a 12 day on Joy coming up at $419. 14 day Southern Caribbean from NYC on Dawn at $799....this one should go even lower. Lots of 4 and 5 day cruises at $129.
  2. Yes true for US passengers. Easy peasy. No questions asked. Just go to guest services and it is done. Of course, only do it if you have a legit reason that was not able to get resolved onboard. Cheers.
  3. Agree. Some people continue to spread false info here. If you want to make an adjustment to the DSC, do it onboard on the final day of the cruise. It is super simple to do and the matter is closed before you debark the vessel. I can't think of a reason to delay this until after the cruise.
  4. Sucks for the passengers onboard, but safety first. Sounds like they're getting 25% plus port charge refunds. I could understand being disappointed, but not angry.
  5. Wow! You're missing out. Lots of last minute cruise deals over the past two years. Multiple ports, multiple ships.
  6. This has been NCLs policy for at least two years. Overpriced in advance, cabin dumping at the last minute.
  7. All true. I've sailed NCL 6 times over the past few years. I've never booked a cruise more than 10 days before sailing. Their pricing model is just like you describe. They'll start out way overpriced and end up dumping cabins a week before. As more of us figure this out, they'll have lots of unsold inventory which could cause prices to fall further in advance of the cruise. I'm planning to cruise NCL in November,but won't book anything until a week or so before.
  8. I think it varies by ship. Epic in January 2019 had it in buffet. Jade, Dawn, Gem did not.
  9. I wouldn't pay $46. But, I do use my platinum voucher from time to time. I like the smoked salmon, sushi, artichokes, etc. As for meats, I preorder no salt meats the night before. I stay away from the sausage and chicken but like the filets and the lamb.
  10. Good grief, lighten up Queen. My goal is to secure a low price. Pretty hard to do after the ship has sailed. Of course, price drops have occurred. Maybe $20 here are $30. But never the hundreds of dollars that I see floating around here frequently. I don't even blink an eye at that. My recent 9 day went to $349 5 days before sailing so I booked it. It ended up at $299 3 days before. Oh well. $349 assigned the highest category inside stateroom midship, staterooms above and below. A steal ..
  11. Dawn has both inside and outside stations depending on stateroom location. Muster station Y is definitely outside cause that was my station. My stateroom was a midship interior on deck 10. Arrangements can be made for mobility issues. Just talk to staff in advance and they'll direct you.
  12. Yes. Always keep checking. You can learn about how NCL's pricing model works. It is different from other lines. Then use that knowledge to score awesome deals and cruise more frequently.
  13. Yes, mine is lower. Rock bottom pricing. I know rock bottom when I see it.
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