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  1. Hi Barb! I’m in Ga too 🙂. The jump required for pinnacle shocked me - every other leap seems to be about double the previous points. I am am so excited about edge - it looks fantastic to me! Have fun!
  2. Ok I thought so - I missunderstood your post & thought your celebrity host was doing these things for you on rci sailings - I wondered if the two programs overlapped like that. have you sailed rci w your celebrity status and been comped something similar?
  3. Lolololololololol so like a snarky airport lounge? Got it - oh but clearly the main difference is the strippers - obviously! I knew I was missing something!!!
  4. Do celebrity captains club hosts provide these things on royal sailings? It sounds like a roll of the dice whether you receive them rather than a defined benefit. Have you ever had a sailing where they didn’t provide anything extra?
  5. Nice! I’m not really a mixer & mingler. I’d most likely grab a cocktail in the lounge and scoot on out - how would you describe the lounge atmosphere? I’m picturing like a airport crown lounge or is it like a swanky jazz club - do they have live music? Or is it quiet? Is there food that is unavailable elsewhere on the ship?
  6. Yes, I enjoy options & I guess I might feel differently if I was at least a diamond - but it least on paper, the diamond benefits seem lacking for the loyalty required to reach that level. The only diamond level perks that appeal to me are priority departure and diamond club lounge use. I’m beginning to see that diamonds are not always able to use the lounge because there are too many pluses and pinnacles? Is that correct? So so that leaves me with priority departure - which is nice, but probably not a game changer.
  7. Yes, I would expect the perks to decline over time. Do you think the recent surge is due to retiring/retired baby boomers? Is that the typical diamond plus & pinnacle demographic? Congrats on more cruising! I’d do it more often but my husband says no. Lol. He likes other types of travel more.
  8. Yikes! I thought for sure someone was going to say "every 1k spent on the credit card is a point" or something like that. Though a solo cruise in a suite sounds amazing to me right now, it's just not a viable option. It also seems like an extreme option at any level...a 3-day cruise alone in a suite, would get you 9 points. If I wanted to book an interior for my husband, we would get another 3 - 12 pt total? What could possibly the minimum I would be out in this senario? The cheapest way to accrue points... $1500- Idk. What if I saved the cost of a suite AND an interior room - and just bought the things I like and use? Loosing out on a plate of fruit loops and 3 free well drinks doesn't seem like much of a loss. For $1500 I could get the ultimate dining package, the ultimate drink package and possibly the key. I guess it is just something that may have to just happen...meanwhile, I'll continue comparing prices between all the other cruise lines rather than just sticking with RCI.
  9. I am gold close to platinum. I've been on Celebrity, NCL and RCI. My family enjoys cruises and I aim to take 1 a year for the foreseeable future. Cruises are our vacations and not our travel. I have two young children and I could see us taking at least one cruise for the next 15 years as a family vacation. If say, at the end of that 15 years, there was a big enough carrot as a rewards program, it would sway me to keep booking with RCI. But if the big pay off is 'saving' the equivalent to $350 and three drinks a day and a bag of free laundry and a lapel pin - then it doesn't sway me to keep building loyalty with RCI. While nice, if I reach these levels I think it would have to just organically happen for me - like - look at that! we reached diamond. The rewards are just not worth sticking around for...I'd really rather book an actually cheaper cruise on a different line - reducing the actual dollars out of my pocket (and it's always good to try new things). By the time people have reached pinnacle, what would you guess the average amount they have spent on cruising? I have no idea - is there some secret no monetary way to earn points? The RCI credit card perhaps?
  10. Thank You! This is the great kind of info I come here for 🙂 Are these current? Believe it or not, the extra $25 in the arcade is going to blow my son's mind 🙂
  11. Thank you for taking the time to provide this information. While I will never turn down free money, I am surprised to see these figures. I thought for sure there would be a percentage - like pinnacle is 30% off of the cruise - not a fixed dollar amount. I find it bizarre the big savings is just $375 off on a 10-day balcony. For example, I am nowhere near pinnacle or a whale in the casino but have already been offered a free cruise by the casino team. I thought the strategy would be "just get these people on the boat" for upper tier levels. I've got to figure that people who reach pinnacle are people who have a large amount of time and disposable income to spend on board.
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