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  1. Life is risky & unpredictable ,who knows what disasters might be occurring in 2022.
  2. I am ready to cruise again even though I'm a little apprehensive. Last Feb. I contracted influenza A on board Princess. I have cruised for 23 years & never been sick on a ship before & also never saw so many sick people. I was not aware of covid-19 at the time. However, life is short & I'm ready to roll the dice how about you?
  3. like to hear recent cruise experience
  4. I was recently on Regal for 2 weeks when we picked up passengers 2nd week people were coughing all over the place.I got influenza A,it was very bad I stayed in the cabin,I had brought meds with me for cough etc. til I could get off & go to emergency care.I did not want to be put off the ship in Mexico.I had to get hotel in FL. as I was too sick to fly home.25 cruises & I never been sick .
  5. ok update my TA booked 14 day ,which is same as b2b 7day cruises, so it makes no sense as far as their alcohol policy so my 14 day booking is considered one cruise.
  6. Thanks,I actually stay at the Hyatt near there,guess the bus always takes the long way to the port.
  7. is there a store close enough to walk to at port everglades?
  8. ok I was told 2 bottles total as they are counting this as a 14 day cruise but it is a b2b.
  9. 2 bottles total she said ,will see in 50 days
  10. I did the 14 day booking even tho the ship comes back to FLL after 7 days then heads out for the next seven.
  11. no I was told 2 bottles,then corkage fee would apply.
  12. I thought they kept any alcohol you bought in port til you disembarked.I have never bought. 4 bottles in 2 weeks is enough.
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