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  1. I live about 30 miles SE of Seattle. The Seattle area has had quite an outbreak and unfortunately it has hit senior care centers particularly hard. My husband is retired and I am able to work from home, so we are doing OK. We only go out to go to the grocery store or take a drive. We miss the grandkids. We have a 2 year old granddaughter and a 4 month old grandson. If the weather were better we could spend time in the backyard with them, but since it's cold & rainy we can't really visit.
  2. Husband & I have sailed with several cruise lines: Princess, Norwegiian, RCL, and Oceania. We LOVED Oceania - did a 12 day Baltic Cruise with them in 2017 on the Marina. Now we are spoiled. The food & service were excellent. We had a Concierge stateroom and really enjoyed the Concierge lounge with coffee & snacks all day long. It was a nice place to read newspapers, watch the news and generally hang out. We also liked the fact that it was Club Casual for dinner. We never had to dress up. We do wish the entertainment was better, but it was not that big a deal. Our itinerary was very port-intensive with only one sea day. And we really needed that day to rest and do laundry, etc. We would love to cruise with them again - sooner rather than later.
  3. We were on the Crown for a 10-Day Caribbean cruise from Dec 27-Jan 6th, and we missed a port (Grenada) due to the generator problem. It was very disappointing because we were really looking forward to that port. Interesting that they have not been able to fix the generator problem on the Crown.
  4. Yes, we travel light. We each have 1 piece of wheeled luggage, and one backpack/carry on.
  5. Thank you. We will take your advice and ask early in the cruise if we can disembark in the first group.
  6. We will be on the December 27th sailing of the Crown, a 10-Day Caribbean itinerary. We get back into port on Monday, January 6th at 7:00am, and we have an 11:00 am flight out of Fort Lauderdale Airport. Will we be able to self disembark and carry our own luggage off the ship? We did that a few years ago on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Does Princess allow that?
  7. Since you booked through EZ Air, you should contact Princess first and ask about changing your flight time. We booked our flight ourselves through Delta for our upcoming cruise. The itinerary changed, and I didn't like it, so I called Delta. They have a policy that if your flights change by more than 90 minutes, they will allow you to change your flight to something you would prefer. The time on our flight had indeed changed by more that 90 minutes, so they worked with me to find a flight I would prefer. Our flight is actually better now than when I originally booked, so it worked out well for us, and there was no charge for the change.
  8. Thank you for the review. We, too, will be on board the Crown on December 27th. Looking forward to reading more.
  9. We like to travel that way, too. Sometimes a cruise is a good way to reach some of the more "out of the way" port towns or islands you might not get to if you travel on your own.
  10. Loved your review. We did a Baltic cruise on a different cruise line last year and I thoroughly enjoyed reliving our trip through your review. We'll be on the Crown in December, but in the Caribbean.... Thank you for all the effort you put into your review. Your pictures are extraordinary!
  11. We were on the Oceania Marina for a 12-Day Baltic Cruise. The Marina is a lovely ship, but is not large compared to the Enchanted Princess. Oceania is known for their excellent food. It's true that you get a certain number of reservations in the specialty restaurants on board, but we had no trouble getting into them on additional nights - you just need to stop at the desk in the lobby in the morning and ask if they have any openings for that evening. The Marina does have some shops, but not nearly the selection you will find on a larger ship, so if shopping is something you're looking for, Princess will be the better option. Oceania is not known for their entertainment. So if you want lots of shows and other entertainment, then Princess may be the better option. I think it's all a matter of what is important to you. Do you value entertainment & shopping? (choose Princess) Do you value excellent food (choose Oceania!).
  12. Thanks for the great review. It sounds like you really maximized your time in London - you saw & did a lot!
  13. What day of the week? Sunday morning, probably not a problem. A weekday, take a later flight.
  14. I'm glad you enjoyed your Oceania cruise and that you realize the limitations of cruising, which is usually just one (maybe two) days in port. We did a Baltic Cruise on Oceania that started in Stockholm. We flew to Copenhagen, spent a few days there, then went to Stockholm and stayed there for 4 days before boarding our cruise. Then the ship docked for two night in St. Petersburg, Russia, which gave us 3 full days of sightseeing there, and we disembarked in Amsterdam. We spent 3 days in Ams, and flew home from there. So it was a good mix of seeing some new cities, cruising, and getting a flavor for some small Baltic ports. We were on the Marina, which is a slightly larger ship, more dining options, and more shopping options. You may want to give Oceania another try with a larger ship.
  15. Yes, many of the Baltic countries prefer that you use a credit card - especially Sweden and Denmark. In Russia they will take US dollars, Euros, or credit cards.
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