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  1. REALLY???????????????????????????/ Did your Mom teach you when you were little that if you can't say something nice, don't say ANYTHING at all! Or better yet, just move on!
  2. I am considering this a Public Service announcement for those of you out there that LOVE straws. We just returned from 10 days on the Equinox and the paper straws they are using are WORTHLESS! Not only do they collapse and you cannot get your drink to suck up thru them, but they disintegrate and make your drink taste AWFUL!! Now I know, that we should all just be happy we are on a cruise and blah, blah, blah -- but if you are a straw LOVER like me - this is a BIG deal! SOoooooo - either take a supply of plastic straws in your purse or take a metal straw with you as you will need it. I know they are trying to save the planet and the oceans by using these awful paper straws, but it is a joke -- they use disposable PLASTIC container filled jams jellies on the dining room table and THOUSANDS of plastic water bottles on the ship. I am through with my rant --- but I wish someone had told m e before we left so I could have taken appropriate action!
  3. We are elite. Booked an IE guarantee. Ours is not due till 9/12, so we have not paid yet!
  4. We originally booked thru Princess, but we transferred to a TA later for better price and more OBC
  5. Add us to the Island haters! They RUINED her when they cut her up and added all the extra cabins! Never again!!!!
  6. We booked an inside guarantee for the 2020 World cruise and have been upgraded TWICE for free! First to a nice Oceanview and over the weekend we were upgraded to an obstructed balcony! We booked our cruise when it was available only to elites to book. The cabin we have now is $10K more per person than what we paid so we are REALLY happy with our guarantee cabin!! Watch your cruise personalizer and pray to the upgrade Gods!
  7. I bring a few things with me as their gluten free bread (to me) is awful unless toasted. I bring some crackers with me and my favorite gluten free granola. The gluten free desserts are hit and miss, but that is ok. The gluten free pizza is excellent and has to be ordered 24 hours in advance. You can pick it up and take it to the buffet to eat with friends. The chefs in the buffet are very knowledgeable as to what is OK and what is not. I always ask if in doubt!
  8. Eating in the dining room is the easiest to assure you are getting gluten free. They only have white bread and it is very very dry. I am not sure what brand it is, but is not very good unless it is toasted. They have NO crackers or cookies, so you might want to bring her favorite along. They do have blueberry muffins, but they are also not very good either. They did make a "chefs choice" gluten free dessert for me each night and they were hit and miss. I do not like rice pudding, tapioca or creme brûlée's , so I passed on all of these. I now bring my own crackers with me and put them in tiny ziplock baggies and keep them in my purse. If you want a pizza, pre-order the crust 24 hours in advance at the pizzeria. It has been excellent on every ship. They also have excellent gluten free pasta. The pasta tasted like a rice/corn blend. If you have any other questions, please ask!
  9. Doing this cruise next year and looking forward to reading your blog!
  10. Plan on going 60 minutes before any show in Princess theater. We had early dining and would race straight to the theater just to get a seat. Bring your phone to read or play games. We also had trouble in the buffet at lunch time finding open tables. We just shared with anyone just to have a place to eat. I hope your experience is better, but we will never book her again. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Never again on the Island!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Just a tip - take a stain stick with you - they look like a deodorant stick. I pre-spot everything before I send it in. I also take a picture of each piece and I know the day I sent it in by the picture date. I have never lost an item yet. I have also never had any damage or shrinkage. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. Husband just renewed his, new one came in ten days after we mailed it. We did go to bank and get a cashiers check for $110 made out to Department of State instead of sending personal check. I am sure this sped things up. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. They are fixed, but my CPAP has always fit on the nightstand. If you needed to you could always put it on the floor by the bed if yours is oversized. We bring an extension cord. Ask your room steward for distilled water, they will bring a gallon no charge. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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