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  1. Not NCL but good information I think. I follow Chris Wong on You Tube, he’s a casino manager on Oasis of the Seas. He plans to post a video every day for 30 days with updates on what’s happening. He says the crew will remain on the ship. Even before all of this, I found him to have interesting insight to crew life. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. I take lots of photos with my phone so it’s always with me. I bought this case so I can carry my cruise card, TDL, and a credit card Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. Now for some digital scrapbook pages. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. Here are some of my old traditional scrapbook pages from — can you guess — Disney Cruise. I hope I don’t get kicked out of the NCL forum. JoAnn Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. Thanks for your review. We are going on our first NCL voyage in November, on the Epic TA. I read all the stuff about the Epic ("so bad they never made another one") but I after reading about the even newer ships, I think I made the right choice. No suntanning for me (light skin burns) so I don't need to hang out in the crowded pool deck with 4000 of my new best friends. Race tracks and laser tag -- no thank you! I am looking forward to H2O -- let's hope they don't do anything stupid in drydock just before we board. Your description of the entertainment and food makes me wish November was already here (but on the other hand, considering the unsettled nature with Corona, I'm content to wait a little longer).
  6. Eager to read the rest as we are on the Epic transatlantic this November. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. Good morning, Mary. I am a scrapbooker, too. I don't do it with photos and scissors and glue anymore, now I use photo book companies like MixBook or Shutterfly. I used to do paper, but I would have have to get everything out on the kitchen table and my girls wanted to "help," and it was a big fiasco. Then I went to digital scrapbooking with PhotoShop, and now I just use the resources available with the photobook companies. They have lots of backgrounds, "stickers" and embellishments or you can scan your own (or find them on the internet). I do a book for every cruise or vacation. Our British Isles and French Open cruise on Celebrity two years ago was over 100 pages. If my inlaws go with us, I order two copies and have one sent to them. JoAnn
  8. Another Texan here... in San Antonio, I love the River Walk, but it's nice to escape to the King William District, look at the gorgeous old homes from the early (mostly) German settlers, and then walk back to the tourist area along a much quieter stretch of the San Antonio River. While you're there, check out Boozy's Creamery is you're so inclined at 711 S St Mary's St. Mi Tierra is great, especially for breakfast, although I love the lights at night, too. I also like to eat at Lone Star Cafe overlooking the River Walk. I always get their fried mushrooms with cream gravy.
  9. Happy birthday, Aprille! My mom used to wonder why the offspring got the special day when it was the mom who did all the work! Please do set up a blog for Ms Mary, or at least a Facebook page (I bet she’d have a ball on Twitter). Anywho, I’ll definitely subscribe, or friend or follow! Your mom puts me in mind of some Texas humor writers like Leon Hale. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  10. This is the best thing I've read on Cruise Critic in a long time. I think you should submit the manuscript to your hometown newspaper. And you can't beat the fine dining at Dairy Queen -- steak fingers and a Dr Pepper. And that Marty sounds like a swell guy. JoAnn Another Texan from Waco
  11. My experience with a disabled relative: My BIL had Downs Syndrome and lived his whole life with his parents; they are now approaching 80. They like to cruise a couple of times a year and almost always take him with them. He enjoyed the food, taking photos with the crew, swimming, taking more photos on excursions. About two years ago, that changed as he developed Alzheimer's when he was about 50. His entire personality changed, he didn't want to eat or was fed like a baby, he had strokes, was incontinent. He became angry. Yet his parents insisted he wanted to go on a cruise around the British Isles. He couldn't or wouldn't walk and they brought a wheel chair for him. (MIL had recently had hip replacement and was using a walker as well.) He had an episode on the overnight trip to Paris, vomiting all the way back to Le Havre (we were stuck in traffic for 2.5 hours to boot). He had diarrhea and the cabin (next to ours) smelled to high heaven. Although we had paid for all excursions prior to the trip, either his mother or father stayed with him most of the time, losing two fares in each port. He spent a couple of days in the ship's infirmary. I don't believe he enjoyed the trip one bit and it was no picnic for the rest of us. So, to the OP, I sympathize with your plight.
  12. Which aft cabin? We are booked in 12311 on the November transatlantic. First NCL, first transatlantic, first aft cabin. I’ll be following along to hear how you like the Epic. JoAnn
  13. Yes, the water is murky and the road to get there is a little scary. I had read all the reviews on CC and TA, and so I knew what to expect. My two teen daughters and my MIL did not and grew increasingly worried as the taxi kept driving down the extremely potholed road for what seemed forever. But we emerged at a garden like setting, were greeted by the owner and shown around the place. Our reserved area was waiting and we got chips, salsa and mai tai's for the adults. The girls loved the massages and having wifi. They said it was the best excursion.
  14. And the tacos! Don't forget the tacos! Soooooo good!
  15. I'm happy to sail with a balcony. I appreciate the steward coming in to make the bed and bring fresh towels but generally I try to make his or her job easier by straightening things up. Having to deal with a room steward, and a butler, and a concierge, would be just too taxing on my vacation time.
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