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  1. We were just on the Royal in an aft cabin, and when we put our hands on the rail, we got the black soot. Plus that, there was an outdoor type mat right inside our balcony door, and the carpet looked dirty with black soot. If we went outside barefoot, our feet turned black-there were no outside mats, and the metal deck was very hot. We still had a great time though. This was the second week of our back to back to Mexico. The first week we were right in the middle. The aft is great, but a very loong walk.
  2. We have found that they take the OBC first to pay for our excursions. We have to call them to change the payment to a credit card. Have fun in Alaska, one of our favorite destinations.
  3. Your review was wonderful, and we love the Golden. We are on her May 30 going to Alaska. As a retired teacher, and living in Phoenix, Alaska is the 49th state, with Arizona being the 48th. You are a great ambassador for Princess!
  4. osofish2


    Are you on the May 30 roll call? We will definitely need to get together. Thanks for checking. I also posted on the general forum because I was so worried there wouldn't be a table. Would love to talk. Ron and Linda
  5. Does anyone know for sure that there is or is not a craps table on the Golden. I can only talk my DH into these cruises if he has a Craps table available. We are doing the LA round trip to Alaska on May 30, 2020, and looking forward to spending time in the casino.
  6. osofish2


    Ditto from my DH to go!!! Wonder if someone can let us know for sure? Sailing May 30.
  7. Yes! a day later. We're set for our Halloween cruise.
  8. I called the number listed here in the forum, and it took a while for them to figure out where to transfer me, and Porsche answered the phone and took my order for two cards. Right now I have received everything via email!
  9. Well guess what just arrived in our email-2 $50 gift cards! Thank you Porsche, thank you Princess.
  10. A little update-no $50 gift cards in 24 hours. We got an email this morning that they were being processed, and will be sent to us (via email) in 3 to 5 days. Will keep waiting!
  11. Thanks to your information, I called and got Porsche in about 4 minutes. She was great, and we have our 2 emailed cards. She said the gift cards would come in 24 hours, so we will see. I told her she was on Cruise Critic, as a great representative, and she was tickled.
  12. We have bought flowers at the farmer's market before. They came in a large bucket for the price of a small bunch at home. No problem taking them on the ship-but you can't take them off.
  13. One of my favorites is their yogurt and granola parfait. It tastes like dessert for breakfast!
  14. Prices are online now!! We just booked a window suite. Now the wait begins. We have been on the Golden several times before also.
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