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  1. Are the railings brushed aluminum or do they appear painted? If they are painted or powder coated they will still have to be maintained. But this is an interesting design change. Others have said this before, but that is a striking size difference between small and large ship. I bet those two choices will be different once she starts sailing out of Ft. Lauderdale. I would guess it will be Bud and Bud Light by then. Yeah, the card switch on a Medallion built ship seems odd. If you have a business card on hand, that also works in the slot. Take it from an infrequent business traveler, these things in hotels are just as annoying as on a ship. I put one of my business cards in the slot when I find one of these and leave it there for my entire stay. Generally works fine instead of using the room card. The Sky is a beautiful ship. Thanks for all the photos and commentary. Really excited to try her out in the near future.
  2. Selling things to you, especially on embarkation day, is a pretty big priority for Princess, and most other mainstream cruise lines. It is easy to get a coffee "card" once on board. You'll find multiple places promoting them or offering them, including waiters at dining venues outside of the IC. The old adage is to just ask and it will be sold to you. Once you have your coffee "card", you can order an espresso beverage at almost any dining venue. The waiter will go get it for you. It is important to note that espresso machines and coffee making gear are not only located at the IC, but usually out of the view of passengers in other food service venues.
  3. I did this a couple of years back for my inlaws when they were traveling with us. They had never cruised before and I didn't want them to be hit with the gratuity as a surprise. I paid for their gratuities in their booking on the Cruise Personalizer and they were responsible for their on board expenses using their credit card. It is super easy to do.
  4. Do not do laundry. The suite perk of laundry service is invaluable. Watch your onboard account. You'll see laundry being charged to your account and then credited back for every load (unless this practice has been changed recently). If it doesn't get credited back contact passenger services and they take care of it instantly, but also be patient. You may see a charge in the morning and it is gone by afternoon. I suspect that the charge and credit is an accounting and tracking need that they do to know that laundry has been processed for your cabin and then credited back based on your cabin class. I've sent items for dry cleaning while on board, typically my work wear, which also doubles for what I bring to wear on formal nights. I've sent pants, sport coats, ties, the whole gamut of dry clean only stuff to the laundry. My wife has sent her dry clean only dresses, blouses, sweaters, etc., and they have all come back just as nice as our local dry cleaner. Be sure to fill out separate laundry tickets for your dry clean only items and your regular laundry items, and bag separately. I generally ask my cabin steward for multiple laundry bags and laundry tags at the beginning of the cruise and he keeps me stocked with laundry bags and knows to expect a couple of them each morning. Delicate items should probably be bagged and tagged separately from your regular wash items, kind of like dry cleaning, and the tag marked as such. The laundry bags are kind of small, so you may find yourself using many on a daily basis. When you get your clothing back from the cleaners you'll want to examine for little sticky tags with numbers on them. They are really sticky and kind of hard to get off; but if you don't take them off they can rub you the wrong way, literally. These are the tags they use to track the items as they are washed, dried and pressed. Have fun on your cruise and be sure to use all the suite perks.
  5. Thanks so much. The Golden Princess to Alaska was our very first cruise and it was nice seeing her again in some familiar places.
  6. Our daughter is too young to use any of the Captain's Circle benefits, but it will be nice to have her Medallion reflect her actual status vs. getting a blue one. In a few years her membership benefits might be helpful.
  7. I'd be interested in reading that review. Do you have a link to it?
  8. Depending on how a flight is booked, it could have one locator code for the entire flight (typical for a RT flight which is booked as such with a particular airline), or it could have multiple locator codes. Multiple locator codes would be expected if the flight were composed of a one-way flight to the embarkation port and a one-way flight from a different disembarkation port. You might see this on a cruise that originates in one city and ends in another, or if the flights were hacked together by flying one airline to a port and a different airline from the port. Generally speaking, all flights to a port or from a port are booked through one airline, even if the carrier changes at a layover airport, and the entire inbound or outbound leg would be represented by one locator code. Plenty of airlines codeshare with each other, so you might have Delta tickets with a Delta locator code, but your actual flight might be on a partner airline which is flown as a different brand.
  9. Pagers? Yes. But I've only received one when attempting to dine during "high time" in anytime dining. Anytime dining clears up after 7pm, or if you are an early bird and show up before 5:30, you can usually avoid the pager.
  10. I’m not sure I would consider this new. From what I can tell, the cruise personalizer requires you to pay for reservations made through that platform. Your experience isn’t limited to spa reservations. It also applies to excursions. Because of this I don’t book spa services in the personalizer prior to a cruise. I’m always able to get what I wan when I’m on board. Now, when it comes to ensuring that we have a cabana on Princess Cays, I kind of have to suck it up and pre-pay.
  11. jeromep


    I've never known any special interest groups or clubs to book or charter Princess for a cruise. Typical interests I have which sponsor or hold group cruise vacations are always offering the cruise on Norwegian or Royal Caribbean; never Princess.
  12. Then the only room service food you can have is going to be from the room service menu which is in the room folio on the desk. Room service selections are limited, but pretty tasty. You can purchase Ultimate Balcony Dining, which is not inexpensive, but is served course by course. Others have commented on how great it is, and I agree. If you book a suite then the room service selection opens up to be whatever the MDR is serving that day, but only available during MDR operational hours (notably because that is when the MDR kitchen is open). Other suite dining options include Club Class in the MDR, which is a good excuse to leave your cabin and go to the dining room.
  13. jeromep


    I've learned over the years that if you ask for something they will try their hardest to accommodate. That being said, sometimes the attempt to satisfy a request often times ends up missing the mark or at least being an "A" for effort, and a "C" for being on point. I wouldn't be surprised if a taco pizza comes out looking a little strange and possibly including toppings which you wouldn't normally find on a taco pizza. It is my impression that the best taco pizzas are a convincing product because the pizzeria has seasoned taco meat and a spicy "taco sauce" on hand to make the pizza with. Without those two ingredients I'm not sure how convincing or satisfying an attempt will be.
  14. We've never called the dine line for seating times in Club Class. Consider that Club Class dining is composed only of those who have booked a CC Mini-suite or a full suite. So, there really aren't that many people on board who are CC and would be in this area of the dining room. We only call the dine line if we are reserving a speciality restaurant or calling for MDR room service (a suite perk).
  15. We had a suite on the Star in 2017 and on our cruise, embarkation lunch was in the MDR. We did Club Class for that lunch (first cruise of the season out of Vancouver and first sailing with Club Class for that ship). It was excellent. We walked the ship pretty extensively the first day and didn't notice any life in the Crown Grill until dinner time (where we used our suite perk for complimentary dinner there that evening). Suite breakfast was in Sabatini's. Also excellent. Be on the lookout for the Club Class dining room entrance on embarkation day because that is where you can avoid the crowds of the buffet (I also hate trying to get embarkation day lunch at the buffet).
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